Thursday, August 02, 2018

Blind Item #5

The police were given a "tip," so they followed up on the "tip" and announced they have their man. When police finally catch up to him, he will probably be dead due to "suicide." 



This is a Tajik noir fiction site, nothing real


A manhunt is underway for the suspect, Joseph James Pappas, 62, who is accused of shooting Mark Hausknecht, 65, on July 20, police said. Pappas is armed, dangerous and potentially suicidal, authorities said.

andrea said...

As if that guy would turn up anywhere... he’s probably already dead and won’t be found.

MeliticusBee said...

If you do the math, the whole Pappas story does not add up, literally.
This guy supposedly waited 20 years - to avenge the death of his mother...who was 90 at the time she died during heart surgery. He is 62.
So 20 years ago, he was 42 and his mother was 90. Making her 48 years old when he was born?

What f'ing idiot sends a 90 year old woman into heart surgery and expects her to live?
what f'ing idiot believes a 48 year old woman gave birth in 1956?

Incidentally @geeljire
You say a lot of stuff that makes sense.
Then you say something outrageous.
Then you say something that indicates you are being sarcastic.
All of it has a lot of detail which shows you know exactly what both "sides" believe.

So...which is true?

MDAnderson said...

She died at the age of 69. And yes woman can have kids naturally at 48. It happens.

Unknown said...

George W. Bush's doctors "murderer".

gfbcpa said...

Rachel Weisz is 48 years old and she is pregnant. Geena Davis had twins at age 48.

Ophelia said...

Rachel Weisz is 48??? I'll have what she's having...

MsTowlie said...

The dude following the doctor on the bike looks a lot younger than 69 in my opinion. So convenient that the suspect is “suicidal”. It seems someone really wants this story to just go away.



And so those who were given knowledge may know that it is the truth from your Lord and [therefore] believe in it, and their hearts humbly submit to it. And indeed is Allah the Guide of those who have believed to a straight path.

But those who disbelieve will not cease to be in doubt of it until the Hour comes upon them unexpectedly or there comes to them the punishment of a barren Day.

[All] sovereignty that Day is for Allah ; He will judge between them. So they who believed and did righteous deeds will be in the Gardens of Pleasure.

And they who disbelieved and denied Our signs - for those there will be a humiliating punishment.

And those who emigrated for the cause of Allah and then were killed or died - Allah will surely provide for them a good provision. And indeed, it is Allah who is the best of providers.

He will surely cause them to enter an entrance with which they will be pleased, and indeed, Allah is Knowing and Forbearing.

That [is so]. And whoever responds [to injustice] with the equivalent of that with which he was harmed and then is tyrannized - Allah will surely aid him. Indeed, Allah is Pardoning and Forgiving.

That is because Allah causes the night to enter the day and causes the day to enter the night and because Allah is Hearing and Seeing.

That is because Allah is the Truth, and that which they call upon other than Him is falsehood, and because Allah is the Most High, the Grand.

Sura al-hajj, 54-62

Amy said...

+1 she looks amazing even if it's plastic surgery, it's good quality surgery.

s.s. said...

The Bushes are scum...they turned the GOP into a bunch of backstab your own voters steal your Country dry open borders warmongering wimps just like the Dems are..hence the term Uniparty...
thank God For Trump.

Rosie riveter said...

"" "" ALLEGEDLY! "" ""

Natalie said...

Yes Jean Grey.

.robert said...

@MeliticusBee, does that sound like the actions of a sane person?

MeliticusBee said...

sure they did
I guess you believe none of the kartrashians had any plastic surgery too
Beyoncé and Kate spit out kids pretty often...except they don't, someone else does
and this was supposedly in 1956. one thousand nine hundred fifty-six A.D.

So many things about this story stink
48 year old woman gives birth in 1956
90 year old woman sent to heart surgery - at all
family member shocked and devastated that 90 year old woman didn't survive heart surgery
son waits 20 years to avenge death of beloved mother

so - that made it clear
I get that you can quote the Quran and sometimes claim to be Muslim
Still doesn't answer truth or sarcasm?
Did you start the new NSG thread?
I guess they call that taqiyah?
In any case - see you on the chans cuz I know you are there

MDAnderson said...

She was 69 when she died in 1997. So that means she had her son in her late 20s. So 2/3 of your points aren’t valid. Still shady in my opinion but not based on your points.

ToobisTheZebra said...

Corey Feldman


You have a way better chance of catching me here.

Despite claims to the contrary, I'm not that much of a chan person and probably ate at least 3 permabans from SOMETHING AWFUL DOT COM due to Lord Ambien's lax administration back in the day. Now I'm merely your friendly spirit guide in a niche industry gossip site that more people should probably read before they begin insisting their opinions are fact.

So unless I gang signed over there, it's not me posting all the CDAN stuff. (MAKE SURE TO WRITE #TEAMGEELJIRE AFTER ATTMEPTING TO IMPERSONATE #TEAMGEELJIRE) Whoever did that reveal day thread was a volunteer patriot.

MeliticusBee said...

I shall reevaluate and look for source I found yesterday that said she was 90
I still think this guy is a patsy and Dr killing was a hit which is to-be-fair, partly based on CDAN but knowing what I know about certain families - makes sense
insanity makes him a better patsy

don't pretend you don't lurk
I thought the exchange earlier in week was even more confusing than your normal banter that plays both sides

and as if you don't know - you can avoid a ban by switching ip

VikingSong said...

Gail, please learn the difference between childbirth (full blown agonising labour and vagina ripping delivery) and a c-section (which is an anesthetized operation in which the baby/babies are surgically extracted). The two are not the same experiences. Just because a wealthy celebrity "had" children when she was approaching fifty doesn't mean another woman nearing her fifties would survive actual childbirth. Have you ever endured labour or pushed a seven to ten pound baby through your birth canal? It's hell on earth and requires a lot of strength.


~once a week for half an hour tops, and mostly 4pol and mostly because it cracks me up how much money and manpower is used to try and disrupt that place


It helps to have fellow geeljires on the chans too because if one Abdi knows at least every Abdi he's related to on his father's side also knows

look for the Somali threads and say hi

OB said...

Celebs say they are preggo and look like it in photos, so it MUST be true.


nancer said...

you fuckers are insane. i live in houston and there's nothing suspicious about the story. the suspect is a former deputy constable and had a lot of guns and experience with guns. he hated this doctor and blamed him for his mother's death 20 years ago.
the doctor treated bush awhile back but wasn't one of his regular physicians. they knew each other. end of story. the doctor was a wonderful man who did a lot of great things in the community. he was loved by everyone----except for this guy.
they got LOTS of tips. but they finally got one on this man that went somewhere. that's police work. it's not some deep state plot. they found he had texted a friend and was suicidal. they found he was selling his belongings and weapons, vests, etc. they found evidence linking him to this crime. plus, he is missing.
stop with this ridiculous conspiracy theory bullshit. you all sound like raving lunatics, for fuck sake.


A plot involving key figures of the deep state does in fact qualify as a "deep state plot."

Sd Auntie said...

Those are donor eggs. Made in IvF dish. Most kids born to women past 40 have serious health issues. Not worth it. @ Gail banks

AkhaldanSolo said...

Geeljire said...

A manhunt is underway for the suspect, Joseph James Pappas, 62, who is accused of shooting Mark Hausknecht, 65, on July 20, police said. Pappas is armed, dangerous and potentially suicidal, authorities said.

I could smell a rat with this story before I even finished the title. There must be some residual attention being given to this because of Enty's blind and a solid cover story had to be disseminated. Interesting tines yo.

AkhaldanSolo said...

Ummm, Misses for fucks sake Nancy, YOUR Entylawyer, the REASON you visit this site, JUST gave a blind like a WEEK ago saying it was an EL Chapo hit, but you want to come here and refute the blind, the site, everyone here, I don't get it, why are you here?

hothotheat said...

Ivf wasn't around in 1956.

schweetyfleety said...

It’s rare, but it does happen. One of my great grandmother’s gave birth to her last child in her late 40’s. Her first had already grown up and had children of her own.

Mahogany1 said...

Kelly or 69

Poor Mick said...

I never knew that Geeljire's thoughts on Shmorky was something I could even want... I didn't think it was possible before today. What a world.

plot said...


My great grandmother had my grandmother when she was 48 or 49 and said it was her easiest delivery.

plot said...

Yep, Pappas doesn't sound like a cartel name, does it. We were assured last week this death was due to some El Chapo shit.

Jesus, Enty, do you even care anymore?


Enty opened the gates for 4chan and Qanoners (don't ask) to start posting here. Since, there are regular loonies posting here and Enty is spurring them onward.

Like I said, last week there was a big dark conspiracy surrounding this murder with (gasp!) Mexican cartels wanting the doctor dead!

It's all bullshit.

GentleBreeze said...

When I tell people about my 40 year old mother giving birth to me, I nervously add 'and I'm fine'. My brother was born three years later.

McLurky said...

Im still reeling from the conspiracy theory that @geeljire, @sandybrook, et. al. are the same people posting under different names. What if everybody is enty and enty is everybody.

Rosie riveter said...

Bitch puhleeze.
Whichever way she arrives to motherhood, she is a mother.

"..full blown agonizing labor, pushing a seven to ten pound baby through your birth canal that requires a lot of strength..."
And THEN guess what viking?
After that is when the REAL work starts. Because all THAT stuff is the easy part
Enough with making any mothers feel less than.
However you get to motherhood, good for you all.

luckythewondercat said...

Is Pappas related to the Pappas restaurant chain?

Cuddlebutt said...

Amen Rosie. Like childbirth is the end all be all. My first child had an interminably long labor. Like 48 hours. I did it. It sucked but was over relatively quickly. Now, my husband who got laid off a month later drew the shorter straw. I went back to work and he managed child and home. Spitting a kid out my twat was NOTHING compared to what he has done.

Aimless Spectator said...

"Track record"???

Also, it seems Mr. Hedge, with his grand insider knowledge, was not wise to short Tesla and then try to make sure that paid off with a bad buzz campaign, such as on this site. Read this:

But, but, but . . . "Track record".

Gemini Rising said...

Welp, you're right once again!!! Committed suicide - breaking news on MSN

Sal Salington said...

Whatever you think about the narrative spun here, enty did correctly predict it would end in suicide.

plot said...

We all could have guessed this would end in suicide. It's not a stretch.

Itttt said...

I just LOOOOOOVE how the original suspect description for the cardiologist assassin was (rightfully) both described as well as shown in some grainy ass traffic/security footage to be a typical short Latino male, mid 30s-ish, but suddenly it becomes some old ass Stephen Paddock 2.0 white guy and the "manhunt is underway".

He "obviously" held on to a TWENTY YEAR GRUDGE for his old mom dying on the OR table...I mean boy did they really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to dig up this scapegoat patsy, didn't they?

Knew instantly that they would find him dead courtesy of "suicide(d)".

Itttt said...

Not to mention turning around and landing a perfect double tap while on a moving bicycle...and at the age of 62. "Buh buh buh MUH SUSPECT WUZ FORMER DEPUTY CONSTABLE, HE HAD GUNZZZZ!!!" Laughing my fucking ass off

Fake news, nothing to see here, carry on...

A "witness" just happened to spot Pappas shortly before he was suicided, and minutes later said witness found Pappas's wallet with ID that he had purportedly oh so conveniently dropped. Laughable.

"A witness was credited with spotting Pappas shortly before the suspect killed himself.

According to Fox26 reporter Sally McDonald, writing on Twitter, “The witness who saw Joseph Pappas works for the Houston Parks Board. He first saw him around 9:20AM near the JCC and believed he looked like the suspect in dr.’s murder. Minutes later he found a wallet Pappas dropped w/ ID in it.”

Pappas had “put together an ‘extensive file’ on Dr. Mark Hausknecht before killing him and had a sheet of paper with other names on it,” CBS News reported.

Itttt said...

Asked by a reporter if there were any other links between Hausknecht and Pappas, Acevedo repeated, “He (Hausknecht) operated on his mother 20 years ago and she died during surgery.” He added at another point in the news conference, “The only tie between the doc and him is that we have confirmed his mom died on the operating table…the doctor who’s the victim in this case operated on our suspect’s mom.”

The chief did not indicate whether there was a trigger that set the suspect off more recently, but he said that multiple firearms were recovered.

“I don’t know when he decided to do this, but I’m very familiar with how this murder was committed. And there was a lot of planning that went into this. There was a lot of planning and, sadly, some skill. The shots that he took, took some skill,” said Acevedo. He declined to specify more of the evidence that police have recovered in the case.


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