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Blind Items Revealed #7

July 25, 2018

He has not been fully disgraced as of yet, but writers who worked on the set of an animated show of this showrunner said he would frequently show them child porn to give them an idea of scenes he wanted. One specifically talked about an early episode from season one of the show that basically was just a child pornographer's fantasy come to life in television animation. The hopefully soon to never work again showrunner said the episode "turned him on a lot."

Dan Harmon/Rick & Morty




Sd Auntie said...

I saw that on you tube!! Why is Harmon still around and not locked up???

Sarton Bander said...

Why is Harmon still around and not locked up???


Sd Auntie said...

Sd Auntie said...

More shows to come😑


Yeah it probably was the inception nightmare on elm street underage incest thing and that's really only the beginning

My friends begged me to watch because it was "so funny" and whatever.
I was a big Community fan and retrospectively the Dean is Dan Harmon's self insert character, it isn't actually Abed

Sd Auntie said...

Keep your kids away from this in DC!

GoogleSleuth said...

Has this actually broken anywhere yet or is this just a premature reveal? Not saying it is or isn’t true, I’m just curious. If it is true, it’ll break my heart a little, no joke.
I know the guy’s an asshole but I do love R&M. If this proves to be true then I for sure won’t anymore.

R Bee said...

There's a bloody horrible video or two of his other work which is truly sick. Also a video of a toddler touching his crotch IRL.

Flashy Vic said...

Picklerick that you "have to be smart to get it" fucking regards!


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. πŸ˜‚

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

Flashy Vic said...

"Retards" you autocorrecting, edit denying, cocksucking motherfuckers!

R Bee said...

Some tasty copyapasta there Gee. Yummy.

SteveD said...

"Fucking regards" would be a cool way to sign off in a correspondence. Sounds like something Al Swearengen would say.



Pastorius said...

Someone report Geeljire to the FBI.

Unknown said...

Another TDS/pedo connection. How surprising.

Mac said...

I am not a young edgelord hipster, and never heard of this guy or his retarded, edgy "comedy" before the stories broke on him in the last couple of weeks. I spent around 2 minutes looking at his twitter feed and Instagram photos and realized how utterly mentally ill and sick he is.
His fans should be taking good hard looks at themselves as well, as to why they found his stuff funny.

IanPhlegming said...

I found "his stuff" funny even as I recognized its most transgressive humor (not so much in "Community," a much warmer and more human show), because it was smart and kept me guessing.

Out of general principle, I won't be back for more, however. I suspect he'll be arrested soon anyway. Maybe in the coming week, considering this reveal.


Free Chevy Chase

Unknown said...

Yeah, it's interesting that this one is being revealed already, since it contains an outright accusation of a serious crime. Yeah, the disclaimer at the bottom, I know. But disclaimer or not, I think he usually waits on these.

Angela said...

You (If you are unbiased) need to realize that this "Enty" doesn't give a rat's ass about Dan Harmon or his imaginary "victims". Most likely, he didn't even know who the guy was before the campaign against him started. Maybe he casually watched Community, maybe he saw a couple of Rick & Morty episodes, but nothing more. Then, all of a sudden, Dan Harmon is at the center of a huge web of child molesting and pedophilia.

If Enty knew about it for years, and didn't even think about denouncing the guy (no other blind item published here actually fits Harmon), that makes him in a way an accomplice.
If Enty miraculously heard about two distinct stories (the one about the writers that's being "revealed" and the one about the child voice actress on Monster House) within days after the original campaign started, that would make me wonder about how fast the deepest and most horrible secrets can be shared that fast to a random stranger.

But, if Enty just created these blinds for a greater cause, that would explain the total stupidity of the two blinds.
Has anybody ever showed regular porn to the writers of some show for them to get an idea of the story they should tell? Of course, no. At worst, you show a few caps it to the animators, for them to copy a particular situation. But the writers, taking inspiration from lines in a vanilla porn movie? WTF?
Then, why would a pervert use child porn for the writers of the show, as writers on an animated show mostly contribute to dialog? Do you think that there would really be memorable plot and lines in a child porn that writers could take inspiration from?
Ditto for Harmon directing voice sessions from child actors for Monster House in 2006. Harmon was a nobody in the industry, the script had even been taken out of his hands for months, and he was just a writer, with zero authority.

Angela said...

There's actually only one explanation: Enty just wants to go on with the narrative at 4Chan and other alt-right sites about Dan Harmon, as he does about James Gunn. The idea is to give a feeling of mass through corroboration and variation. If you have a hundred sites telling the exact same story, you get the feeling that it's just copy and paste. But if some of the sources offer new "facts" and stories covering different periods of the man's life, you get the feeling that there can't be smoke without fire, and that the guys who started this campaign were definitely right.

Spoiler alert: that was the objective from the very beginning. Some hateful people have a definite agenda to libel people who are liberal blabbermouths like James Gunn, and to get them fired from their jobs, because they hate their political views. Hence the three or four different stories that miraculously surfaced on James Gunn just after scumbags like Cernovich and Posobiec had successfully trolled Disney into firing him.
Then, if you want to look "objective" and very concerned about pedophilia, you don't go from there to attack another major political enemy, you first target for a while some guy you don't even hate, like Dan Harmon. This way, the next time there's an obvious campaign to get a Trump opponent fired, you can claim that you don't do it for Trump, you do it for the kids, and that it's just a coincidence that most celebrity pedophiles are in the entertainment industry who oppose Cheeto Jesus.

The whole idea is to just shut any discussion or question about the claims. Like the other good soldier in this right-wing "army", the Enty who writes these blinds just slaps down a few self-created cards to support and promote a message. And a few guys do the exact same thing in the comments. Any voice of dissent is a voice of support for pedophiles. They just try to make you forget that the same guys have an obvious fixations on various conspiracies run by Jews, Masons, the Democrats, they write that 9/11 was an inside job, etc. So, why should you believe them when they talk about pedophilia?

IanPhlegming said...

Angela: Least read shill on CDAN.

Unknown said...

TL;DR: Waaaaaah! No fair playing by our rules!

Maggie T said...


Does this go with the blind about someone glimpsing CP on someone's phone recently, who said it didnt look downloaded?

Maggie T said...


Angela said...

So, I'll make it short.

For such a blind, you're not the confident, the lucky audience that gets a glimpse of the truth.
You're the product, the patsy, the idiot that must be fed with lies so they start repeating these lies.
Enty and a few people in the comments don't care for the truth, they don't care for the "kids", they just want you to believe that some really terrible people who started some crusade against James Gunn and now Dan Harmon are fine people who should be trusted, so you trust them (and Enty with them) the next time they make an outrageous and fake accusation for a political motive.

That's called "propaganda", baby. Syndicated gossip columns were full of it in the fifties, but then it came from some authorities or big corporation with a vested interest. Now, it comes from manbabies with neckbeards on their PC live from their mom's basement. They pose as white knights and brave soldiers, but they're just snowflakes who are hurt every time their hero is attacked.

Sd Auntie said...

Well you know what Angerla, I am a free spirit with goddamn morals. Godddamn Harmon is an unfunny jokester who make a fucking face while a toddler is touching him. he needs to be investigated and fed to the wolves. These cartoons are clearly a grooming tool aimed at young boys. This needs to be stopped and who the fuck cares about frickin politics when it involves children!

R Bee said...

That was short? Jeezo

Mac said...

Oh wow... "I need to protect pedo's Like Harmon and Gunn, because Trump and conservatives hate them, therefore I like them!"

Crazy fucking world....

Unknown said...

Note the "heads I win, tails you lose" box Angela wants to put us in. If you expose Jewish perverts, you'll be called a Nazi. If you expose a non-Jewish white pervert, you're a crafty Nazi who's hiding your Nazi-ness by sacrificing one of your own. Handy, huh?

Mac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Himmmm said...

You are making me hard....

Rosie riveter said...


Rosie riveter said...

But if Angela and plot can talk fast enough and twist and spin hard enough, they can make us believe it's OUR problem...that WE are the ones who are ignorant, slobbering fools (at best) criminal (by accusing these innocent people!) at worst.
Except it doesn't work, because we've seen the posts and Twitter feeds and know the truth.
My God it's laughable. Utterly bizarre the lengths they'll go, and come to this forum..One they Loathe, just to let us know we're the ones who are sick.
Ive rarely felt more disgusted with total strangers.

Cassandra K. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosie riveter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sd Auntie said...

I saw that video on you tube several weeks ago and was mortified. The contents of the cartoons trying to normalize sex with minors is THE propaganda not this site.Anger La who is paying you? Harmon and Gunn ?

FourthTurning said...

@Angela - I was also intrigued by the changes here. I recently read this story:

Recall Bannan is attributed with mobilizing the angry white male crowd for Trump through social media and partisan news sites. During his Hollywood- climber days, he angered these anonymous masses by making some change in a game or something. He realized their political power potential and specifically targeted them through social media, Breitbart, 4chan, Alex Jones, etc.

Here is my conspiracy theory: I believe CDAN is part of Bannon's/pro-Trumpers effort to keep Trump in power. Further, I believe this site has four goals - to generate as many clicks as possible, to excite and pander to this demographic, to completely discredit anyone in the entertainment industry who might influence voters, and to discredit "Hollywood" as an influencer period.

There is a change in ownership or perhaps greed in the original ownership of CDAN - the reason I think this? Remember the pre-meltdown Himmmm said on more than one occassion he thinks pizzagate, Alex Jones, etc are BS and the rantings of lunatics.

I know this is going to make some posters heads explode. I could not care less. This will be my only post about this and I'm not going to battle about it. I just wanted it said, because I think this is an example of the sub rosa political war being waged against non-Trump supporters on the internet.

Rosie riveter said...

Lol you Goofy fucker.

... Meanwhile, while you're over there pontificating politics and clicks...

Dan Harmon is simulating sex acts ON A BABY.
At least you aren't gonna stick around tho.
we'll totally miss you

Schneiderisnext said...

Kiddy diddling is the best blackmail.

This is how the world works.

Not for much longer

FourthTurning said...

I did want to say one more thing: my post in no way is claiming that the entertainment industry is filled with philanthropic angels. I worked there for some time and it is, indeed filled with vile people who, until recently, have had no accountability. With that said, there are completely unsupported accusations spewed on this site that appear to be politically motivated. Further, people treat these accusations as if they are fact, when, they are not.

I have no idea about this Dan Harmon guy. A cursory search of the baby video, which is appalling, revealed that it was a satire about the premise of Dexter. The point being, that in Dexter, we applaud the torture/murder of serial killers. The skit takes this idea to an extreme by allowing the rape of a baby who is identified to be a future serial killer. It is appalling and disgusting and I am not defending it. I don't know if it qualifies Dan Harmon as a pedo, however, his mind certainly went in a weird direction.

Mac said...

The only heads that are "exploding" are those like you with Trump Derangement syndrome. The rest of us are just naturally appalled by pedophilia. A society that won't protect its own children is sick beyond hope.

Mac said...

Slow clap for Rosie.

Sd Auntie said...

I'm no Trumpster lady. So speak for yourself! Look at the cartoons. It is a grooming tool

Mac said...

Sd Auntie, somehow I had you pegged as one of the good "guys" (so to speak), despite your inferior taste in music. (I am kidding!)
I am glad I was right.

Angela said...

I'm appalled by pedophilia, and I'm also appalled of people cynical enough to push fake accusations of pedophilia just to boost their cause. It trivializes an awful crime to get one guy fired

There's no video I don't want anybody to see or to comment. The Dexter parody was a bad joke that shouldn't have gone beyond its pitch, but it's just crazy to suppose from it that Harmon endorses pedophilia with babies that are future serial killers. The GIF that supposedly documents an alleged assault requires you to have this particular narrative in mind before watching it.

And yes, Dan Harmon is indeed very full of himself and quite irritating as a person (like when he assumed for years he had Asperger's after just one online test), he definitely drinks too much, he sexually harassed at least one writer in the staff of Community, and he definitely needs to work with someone more grounded to find some balance and find the great idea among the many bad ones.
But being suddenly branded a pedo by people who claim that as if it were gospel truth? That's bullshit, you know it, and you just want other people to believe that canard.

alliebabycat said...

Totally agree with you and Angela and Plot et al. This place has a VERY distinctive bias these days. And the intense swarming of certain posters model bot and troll methods.

Unknown said...

Cringela, you and those you defend are losing. You'll always be losing, because you'll always be fucking losers. Go suck a tailpipe.



Unknown said...

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

Guesser said...

@alliebabycat,you are right,except it is the defenders that are trolling,answering and excusing the inexcusable,defending the indefensible,and insulting everyone who disagree with them.

FourthTurning said...

Let's see who supports this serial sexual harasser:

Sd Auntie said...

Thanks Neal. For personal reasons I do not lean right. I'm more conservative family orientated hippy chick. Let's leave it at that.

Cree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cree said...
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mike m said...

Who are these sick f#cks who defend jokes and acts of pedaphilia?

Must be some barren assholes who don't have , or are related to, any children.

This is the chosen one propaganda to
bring this sick shit into the mainstream and acceptance.

I always wondered why the Germans were so adamant about expulsion, because they were sick of (((their))) degenerate ways and this just adds more proof to disgusting mess of the pudding

Mac said...

Angela, you are truly sick and fucked in the head to be spinning this as a mistake or something that shouldn't have gotten past the pitch. IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENDED, and it never would have if he wasn't a effing pedo. WTF is wrong with you?

All this politics and conspiracies from you and the other pedo defenders is the canard. I haven't said one thing about politics. I hate politics and despised both candidates. You would have had to put a gun to my head to make me vote for either one of them, so fuck off with that. You're the one eaten up with politics and "my side!" so much you are trying to excuse this evil crap.

Mac said...

Spot on Cree. I can't argue with anything you said, and so I simply will not.
SD Auntie, YW. That sounds alright to me. Peace.

FourthTurning said...

@Neal the arbiter of truth and all that is good. Peace.

FourthTurning said...

Yep. Feeding the trolls. Guilty as charged.

Mac said...

Yeah, ok pedo defender. Bye now. Go watch CNN so you decide how to feel about everything.

FourthTurning said...

Yes, Neil. You've done your job. More clicks. I hope you get a good check out of this. Those with a modicum of reading comprehension will discern I have in no way defended pedophilia. How are you feeling about your new rapist, spokesmodel Steven Segal?

Mac said...

Bye, you weren't going to argue, just post once right? You don't want to address anything I actually said, either. So bye... Fixate on the clicks sicko moron while actual humans care about the damage pedos do to children and society and don't try to excuse it because "my side!" political BS.

My check comes from my service to my country.

Mac said...

Steven Segal? How is he my spokeperson you retard? I don't have anything to do with that 3rd rate, pathetic, washed up creep. Seriously, you and angela need help. You cannot even function in reality.

FourthTurning said...

@Neil, yep. Your country being Russia. OfPutin is your nickname. Keep trying to play the pedo card - not working. If only people in the US were as stupid as the KGB told you. Sorry, pal. Education and independent thinking are a bitch to mindcontrol.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

Harmon's an alcoholic with a history of bad choices. Even so, it's hard to buy that he showed people at work child porn. If it happened I expect we'll see people come out about it soon, but I suspect (and hope) it didn't.
The parody video simulating child rape may be disgusting - I haven't seen it and don't intend to - but it's not evidence of anything.

Rosie riveter said...

THANKYOU! I agree Neal, I hate politics and would NEVER of voted for either party. I purposely didn't vote because I thought they were all Vile.
So there's no valid argument for this nonsense that plot and angela always bring up: that it's just an attempt to push some sort of Trump agenda? Lol that's laughable. If I'm gonna push an agenda, I can assure all of you it will not include that baffoon.
Hey. I have an idea. How bout this one: let's rid the world of evil pedophiles AND the garbage people that are *only* joking..?
You see, plot and angela the mens, we don't care if Dan Harmon isn't a ped0. He's still a piece of shit. And we don't care if your delicate sensitivities are offended by saying so. The reason this has gotten so out of hand and the reason there's such filth everywhere, is due to people like you who won't take a stand.
Seriously, you're either just as bad or morons to not see this.

FourthTurning said...

Beautiful statement @Neil, I mean, @Rosie.

Rosie riveter said...

"no evidence of anything"

and I truly hope not a parent.
Is this a bad dream? Fucking seriously, who are you idiots who say it's "no evidence of anything"
It most certainly IS EVIDENCE, of a sick individual
Omg I can't with you assholes

Mac said...

Rosie, agreed. It is pretty disturbing to me. They think they are playing 3d chess with the Russians or something by shrugging off this sick shit, or defending it. The more they go though, the more you can see they only have half a deck of cards that they are shuffling and only playing 26 card pickup. Wow.
People can get their lives destroyed over benign tweets that someone finds offensive, but this pedo shit isn't a problem at all. Nope, no evidence here, just a guy doing NAMBLA style propaganda and making pedophilia seem funny.

Rosie riveter said...

I thought you were leaving?
Really, go ahead- by all means git on now.... Shooooo

FourthTurning said...

Please - state where anyone here is defending pedophilia? I know logic is difficult and multiple online characters are difficult to keep track of, but please do provide this evidence. As trolls, I know it's your job to inflame emotions and not address facts and provoke emotions through use of inflammatory terms such as pedophilia. But, seriously, provide evidence of people supporting pedophilia.

Mac said...

I think Pearl Jam/ Eddie Vedder said it best (though it was a remake) concerning politics.
(how fucking retarded do you have to be not to see how both parties are corrupted by their quest for power? Although I do have to say, just seeing how the pretend left has melted down, even as you see here in this thread, I am thankful Trump won and not Hillary... OMG I cannot even imagine where we would be right now.)

"I am a patriot, I love my country...
And I ain't no Communist
and I ain't no Capitalist
And I ain't no Socialist
and I ain't no Imperialist
And I ain't no Democrat
Sure as fuck aint no Republican either
I only know one party
I only know on party!!!
and that is FREEDOM!

I really think these sick fucks playing politics with this are just as sick as the pedos.

Rosie riveter said...

You're a fucking idiot. There's your evidence
Lol evidence of defending pedophilia
Oh okay, they aren't.
Lolol fool

FourthTurning said...

And, where is your evidence of people defending and defending pedophilia? Eddie Vedder supports this claim, how?

Mac said...

NO you are only fighting tooth and nail to defend and justify him and his sick actions, and attacking and smearing anyone who says it is sick and wrong. No, totally not defending it at all! Idiot.

FourthTurning said...

Rosie and Neil sitting the tree...actually, it would actually be kissing a mirror...

FourthTurning said...

Neil, sit down. Fan yourself. Are you off your hormones?

Mac said...

4th turning = Plot. I recognize that idiots pattern and writing.
Always turns disingenuous after a while and act like everyone can't see everything they have written and acts like "show me how I defended this".

Anyone can read your posts and see what side you chose, idiot.

Rosie riveter said...

You're super gross, and should of stuck with just the one comment you said you'd do.
Gross icky nast
Go away.
Don't you have some Rick and morty to watch?

Mac said...

Yes idiot, I am off my hormones. That is why I find what he did inexcusable and sickening, and thinks he needs to pay the price for his sick actions. Because pedos think they ARE NORMAL, and everyone else is like them just not brave enough to take action on their desires, so to you my stance against this evil is perplexing and needs to be explained by lack of hormones.

I thought you were only going to post once, and not argue, but here you still are, but please keep revealing yourself.

FourthTurning said...

And, the name calling? Seriously, you got nothing more than ad hom attacks? Have I called you one name...but, look at you, silly, falling apart, calling names like the football beast against the tiny nerd who shows him up.

Rosie riveter said...

You're not a nerd, you're an idiot.
I like nerds

FourthTurning said...

Ouch Rosie -that kills coming from you, I mean, Neil.

Mac said...

Oy vey. LOL

I told you it was Plot. Same tactics, just wear you down with complete ignorance... Zero shame.

FourthTurning said...

Neil/Rosie - you need to look up the definition of ignorance. Signed Not Plot

Mac said...

Why when we have your posts for guidance? It is all anyone would ever need.
signed Not Rosie, not Russian, Not Trump, Not 4chan, not Q, Not Fox News, not anything else in your delusional, malfunctioning brain.

FourthTurning said...

Again - the ad hom attacks? Are you incapable of addressing factual information without resorting to - "you're an're delusional, etc." BTW, "idiot" is Rosie's go to term also. You might want to try and mix it up a little Nealosie.

Cree said...

I stand by what I said in regards to finding it disgusting that there are people trying to make rape/molestation a political issue, but I want to clear up a statement I made. I don't want to perpetuate false statements without evidence (I looked).

I thought Dan had admitted to rape, but what he admited to was manipulating, taking advantage of, and sexually harassing a female employee who worked under him. To be transparent, he apologized to her after she went public.

Make of it what you will; listen to his take, read what she wrote on twitter, and take into consideration how it took her going public for him to admit he was wrong.

I do respect the act of apologizing and admittance, but his motive for doing so makes me question the authenticity. Has this happened to one woman? I wonder, but I don't know. I do believe it speaks to his character though. Can people change? Of course. Does that mean he's a pedophile? No. What makes me question his "sexual interest" come from the things he's said and the content he's created.

ben_matlock said...

Wow, I commend your effort to change the narrative lol

Cree said...

I have a few questions I'd like to leave everyone with. Let's even ignore the BI's because it really is just hearsay until proven other wise.

If you are of the mind that all the tweets, videos, and comments are "just jokes" 100%, what would it take for you to just consider that they may not be?

Is it the intention behind these reveals that you find off putting? Is that why you wont consider anything else? What would it take. Actual footage and pictures for consideration?

Why is it hard to imagine that once called out, that a devious mind would lie about the reason for their statements?

No one made Oswalt say he was a pedo, he just came out and said it;

When is it no longer a joke? How many "jokes" do you have to make before people are "allowed" to question your comments? Why are we living in a society that is so quick to give a pass to the normalization of abuse? Should these men be thrown in jail without evidence or testimony? I don't think so. Should they be questioned and held accountable? I think yes.

Is it so out of the ordinary to suspect someone like Dan Harmon; one who would abuse his authority to sexually harass a co-worker, might also be telling the truth about his "interest" when he "jokes" about raping children? Why should I trust his judgement now when he was untrustable for so long?

There's plenty of #MeToo for adult women, but does no one find it odd that abuse of men and children is often over looked? R.kelly, Tekashi69, Brian Peck, who ever else you want to add to the list.

Excuse me for my bias. I was sexually abused as a baby and as a toddler, as were my siblings (who are much older than me) and our abuser only got a few months in prison. I've seen for myself how people choose to ignore signs of abuse so I question people when they make comments or content glorifying or making light of sexual abuse. I won't apologize for wanting things to be looked into.

Saying it's all propaganda or that we have some political agenda for thinking differently really distracts from the situation at hand.

sunaj said...

Strange how the pedophiles and rapist who are in a position of power and money always display their flair for justifying their ABOMINABLE acts against children as some reward due for their genius, talent of otherwise "specialness" that grants them the right to "taste" the forbidden fruit. Pedophiles are the lowest scum on the earth, and even other thugs kill pedophiles-Pedophiles deserve a special kind of EXECUTION

Sarton Bander said...

Oswalt is a paedophile (see above twitter link)
Oswalt does stuff for Netflix.

Seems to be a recurring theme.

Mac said...

What factual information are you presenting fourth? NONE. It isn't an "ad hom" if it is true, and you have proven over and over that you are an idiot and a pedo defender. Prove that you aren't. Go ahead, prove it.

Prove that anything you said in this thread is true. Prove I am Russian, Prove that Steven Segal is my spokesman, prove that I am Rosie, show this evidence of yours you mentally ill turd of a human being (your posts are the proof of this as well, so not an ad hom, you pearl clutching ninny.)

Mac said...

+1 Cree

Mac said...

Yes, Neil. You've done your job. More clicks. I hope you get a good check out of this.

How are you feeling about your new rapist, spokesmodel Steven Segal?

Rosie and Neil sitting the tree...actually, it would actually be kissing a mirror...

@Neil, yep. Your country being Russia. OfPutin is your nickname. Keep trying to play the pedo card - not working. If only people in the US were as stupid as the KGB told you. Sorry, pal. Education and independent thinking are a bitch to mindcontrol.

This is your factual evidence Fourth? Prove any of this as true, and how are these not "ad homs!"? That is just some of it, I could go on all day quoting you and anyone can read what you wrote over and over again... That is your amazing factual evidence? That is how you aren't defending a pedo? Get lost turd.

Mac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mac said...

"Here is my conspiracy theory: I believe CDAN is part of Bannon's/pro-Trumpers effort to keep Trump in power. Further, I believe this site has four goals - to generate as many clicks as possible, to excite and pander to this demographic, to completely discredit anyone in the entertainment industry who might influence voters, and to discredit "Hollywood" as an influencer period.

There is a change in ownership or perhaps greed in the original ownership of CDAN - the reason I think this? Remember the pre-meltdown Himmmm said on more than one occassion he thinks pizzagate, Alex Jones, etc are BS and the rantings of lunatics.

I know this is going to make some posters heads explode. I could not care less. This will be my only post about this and I'm not going to battle about it. I just wanted it said, because I think this is an example of the sub rosa political war being waged against non-Trump supporters on the internet.

And that is the "factual evidence"? That you chose to be your introduction to this thread. Where you try to shift the narrative and brush everything off as some RW/Russian/trump disinformation op to wage war on non Trump supporters and Hollywood.

That is what you call defense tactics: "Look everyone ignore what you see and hear about Dan! It is all RW and Russian Tactics. Resist Trump and support Dan! Nothing to see here"

That is your factual evidence?!?!?!?

Now kindly fuck off, or not so kindly, either way is fine!

Angela said...

Seems mostly that the Enty who writes blinds about Netflix didn't manage to sell a show to them. Which also raises a question: how fucking untalented do you have to be for Netflix to pass on a new project?

You can notice that for months the narrative here was just that they used accounting methods for asset depreciation that would mask that they were running out of cash.
I guess that didn't result in many comments from the current crowd.

Then, there are the Stranger Things rumors (or educated guesses based on public information: one actress obviously suffers from anorexia, her boyfriend is a cokehead, the redhead talked about the onscreen kiss she had to give unwillingly, Millie Bobbie Brown having terrible parents, etc.) which are more popular, but affect the production team of the show more than Netflix itself.

Last week, this Enty finally gets the message and claims that one particular show, Insatiable (which is already targeted elsewhere about the fat-shaming controversy), is a way for the executives to hide their affairs with barely legal girls. Still, it only got 39 comments.

I guess the next step will be to connect the executives with child abuse. There was already a move this week with Brown's parents forcing her to date "men that can do things for her career".
Expect the two threads to merge soon, with the Netflix executives having a hand in picking underage girls for several shows.

plot said...


" I am a free spirit with goddamn morals."

No, you are an Outrage! addict who is far from free. Dance Monkey, Dance!

plot said...


" If you expose Jewish perverts"

You imagine that is what you are doing? You expose NOTHING. You are playing an online video game that benefits no one, especially yourself of any victims of abuse.

R Bee said...

Sorry but if people are vilified for gay jokes and racist jokes, they should be equally vilified for kid rape jokes. It has to work both ways.

This isn't about agenda to me (I'm not in the US, I can't vote etc) it's about screaming for someone's head when they say XYZ against a minority but when they claim "It was a joke dude" it means eff all - you are a prejudice wank.

Make joke about raping a kid (more than once) "Oh but the guy is a genius/tortured soul AND he's anti Trump, so let him off".
Nah, not cool fam.

plot said...


None of the minions of Cernovich are going to attack Segal. He's Vlad's boy.

Anyway, he's a sexual abuser 4chan can love as one of their own.

plot said...

@mike m

"Who are these sick f#cks who defend jokes and acts of pedaphilia?"

I don't know. Who exactly are those people? I'm not seeing them around here.

Angela said...

Regarding Patton Oswalt, I subscribe to his Twitter feed, and pedophilia is definitely NOT a part of his shtick. I don't see how this tweet is anything but a joke, placed between other jokes with totally different subjects, which he posts ten times a day.

Patton Oswalt got Netflix specials because he's currently one of the most popular stand-up comedians in America today, and because Netflix buys specials from as many high profile stand up comedians it can these days, periodd.

Maybe you also want to connect him with the Mr. Show fake commercial, "Nambla: We're not killers" or with his live readings of The Big Lebowski (where Jesus Quintana's pedophilia is played for laughs), but you're going even more on a limb on this one.

Mac said...

Ohhhh, suddenly Fourth is gone and Angela and Plot are back... well, well, well...

And now it is not to care about this, or trust it because Enty has an axe to grind for not being able to sell his show? Oh boy, you turd(s) are something else.

Oh yes, I see it all now and no longer care about Dan simulating baby rape for "ground breaking" entertainment. It is all good! Thank You angela, Fourth and Plot!" Thank you for all this "factual evidence" that you are providing. Amazing stuff!

You guy(s) are working OT on this disinformation/distraction, getting scared?

plot said...


" I am thankful Trump won and not Hillary"

Why? So our environmental protections can go flying out the window? So our financial institutions can now run rampant, like 2007, and destroy your life's savings? So our public education institutions are destroyed, our abilities to sue big corporations and healthcare entities disappear and our legal system entirely corrupted?

Is the thrill of HerEmails worth it to you? Sounds like it.

Mac said...

Come on Fourth Turding, you can do it! Show us this factual evidence! Dan and the pedo's are counting on you guys. You don't want to let them down do you?

plot said...


So what is your first language, pumpkin?

Angela said...

Also, many people here seem to imply that Dan Harmon is Jewish, while there's zero evidence of it. If anything, Harmon mentions woking on jokes about Jews on Rick & Morty for which they preferred to ask the opinion of the guy from the staff who is Jewish.

It looks like people haven't even done their homework.

Mac said...

Yes, Plot and angela - I see it now! Hollywood is fighting against trump, so the least we can do is let them do their pedo stuff - FOR HILLARY!

You people are truly SICK.

What language is my first? That is your factual evidence? How does that relate to any of this?
I speak the language that allows me to understand the meaning of Distract and obfuscate, and how those are defensive tactics some pedo defenders are using in this thread.

Angela said...

Neal M wrote: "Pedo pedo pedo pedo pedo, you pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo pedo pedo".

With one more "pedo", it would make much more sense.

plot said...

@R Bee

"Sorry but if people are vilified for gay jokes and racist jokes, they should be equally vilified for kid rape jokes."

That is apparently what is happening currently. It's a fair point as well.

My question, cuz I always have one, is that comics and writers still make jokes about race and sexual preference. They may be jokes in a different tone than before, where the comic skewers his own attitudes mostly, but they are still there.

I don't know what goes on in the writers' rooms but I imagine it would bit please any of us. But I can imagine that the writers' rooms of South Park are rolling with child rape jokes as well as Family Guy's. They are probably riffing on all types of terrible subjects trying to find an angle (which mostly those shows have, since we aren't bitching about their frequent pedo or racist jokes, right?)

So it's not really the subject that earns the Outrage! it's the handling. I think I have that right, maybe not.

I don't think pedophilia is much to joke about, but have you laughed at Herbert on Family Guy? What is the difference there?

Harmon is obviously out of control and needs some rehab and therapy. That's a personal situation.

BTW, I don't believe a single word of this BI.

plot said...


"That is your factual evidence?"

Of what? I asked a question. That is not making a statement. So what's your first language, pumpkin?

"I speak the language that allows me to understand the meaning of Distract and obfuscate"

It's like giving a fish words and expecting him to know what they mean.

Your wall of "Pedos!!!!!" is more likely the obfuscation here. Watcha got to hide, cupcake?


Someone changed their avatar to something and then all of the sudden Fourth Turning showed up typing exactly like plot does, can anyone explain what I'm getting at with poorly renumerated political operatives with sordid Daily Kos pasts?


Did anyone from CDAN steal a bike recently? Asking for a friend.

Mac said...

Geeljire, yes PLOT is Fourth Turding. It is so painfully obvious.

Mac said...

Hey Angela, you dumb twit - yes, that is what this thread is about, remember? A PEDO who simulated raping a baby for laughs, who took photos of a baby touching his private parts, and showed child porn to his writers. I know you want everyone to forget that, but we aren't.

and PEDO DEFENDER with multiple ID's!

R Bee said...

@Plot I'm not really bothered what people laugh at. I thought that baby video was sick and in a completely different tone to Herbert (I don't find that funny either, tbh, not because it's a pedo joke- it's really weak and predictable).

Like I said, until there is an 'all or nothing' on comedy/free speech, there will always be one side with an agenda. Either fire Harmon and Gunn, or don't but reinstate Rosanne. Or fire them all cos all of them 'fucked up'. Simple.

ps I hate PC BS and actually chuckled at some of Gunn's tweets, but the videos of Harman are another level, in my own personal view. Not saying he does kids, they just are too sick for me.

Mac said...

Still waiting plot/fourth for this factual evidence you claimed you presented. Stop obfuscating and distracting and post it.

Mac said...

And every time you try to make this about politics, about Trump, about 4chan, about neckbeards, about FOR HILLARY, about Russia, or trills etc. and try to distract, obfuscate and derail, muddle the topic I am going to say it again - Pedo, pedo, pedo.

Sarton Bander said...

Patton Oswalt

The angry "@" tweets from my hammer toed followers opened my eyes. "Pedo-phobe" shaming hurts us all. I am a PROUD pedophile!
9:35 AM - 9 Jul 2013

IanPhlegming said...

So many comments, many of them needless arguments and insults back and forth with Plot-TWISTED and his many subplots doing all they can to get the conversation off-track. That means this blind is true. Harmon probably going to be arrested this week.

It's interesting that you cannot find ANY reference to Dan Harmon being Jewish online. Almost as if it's all been wiped.

I did learn from the Jewish Telegraph Agency that "Community" was very popular amongst the Jewish people and that Harmon co-created the Sarah Silverman program. I'm sure we're all familiar with Silverman's pedophile jokes on Twitter and her series. She is a corrosive cultural cancer.

The good Jews have got to disavow the bad Jews, in the same way good Christians and Muslims must face up to the pedophiles and phonies in their ranks.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Amazing Quotes, always chiming in at the most appropriate moment.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

You're all aware that pedophile jokes don't indicate actual pedophilia, right? Because treating that Patton Oswalt tweet as anything but an obvious joke is ridiculous.

Rosie riveter said...

You're aware that defending this as "just a joke" makes you look suspect, right?
I'm so glad you are not a parent. You and angela/plot the mens.
Dear God

Thot Crimes said...

@Angela - So you're saying that out of all the massive amount of kiddie porn you have watched, not a single one had a memorable plot or scene that piqued your interest? I find that hard to believe, but I will bow to your expertise.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

>You're aware that defending this as "just a joke" makes you look suspect, right?
Yeah, thanks McCarthy. I almost forgot about how joking about drunks also indicated I was a drunk and joking about blondes had secretly revealed my hair-color.
Idiot fascist.
Viva Carlin! Viva Bruce!

R Bee said...

Actually, these days you can only make a job about a group/minority if you are PART of said group. For example, I can only make jokes about being a mentally ill weirdo. BUT YOU CANNOT unless you are. Not black? NO JOKES ABOUT BLACKS.

My child loves joking about raping kids, not other male kids though - he's not gay, so it's not allowed...


Angela serving up a hot dose of truth to people who think their faces will burn off if they take a single sip.

I don't think I've ever watched anything Dan Harmon's done. Not Community, not Rick and Morty. Don't know what else is in his CV. But he's not my main concern here.

Enty...if indeed real Enty is still here, and not off somewhere else having sold this site to be used as you really believe the crap that gets shilled here? You call out Scientology, NXIVM, Hillsong, while propping up the QAnon Great Awakening cult that's just as scary, crazy, and destructive?

Pedophilia is sick and awful, and the way you, Enty, and others use it to push your creepy cult agenda is exploitative and disgusting. You're not trying to save any kids. You and others on the QAnon train are trying to advance an authoritarian regime by discrediting anyone who speaks out against it as OMG PEDO.

Is this why you became a lawyer, Enty? To be a propaganda tool for brainwashing that's as bad as anything you've criticized?

What exactly is the Great Awakening's role in worldwide pedophilia, anyway? There seems to be a reason why they've focused on that. Is it to cover up their own involvement by accusing others? Are they producing and promoting what they're loudly decrying?

So many questions, Enty. So few answers.


Hi Media Matters, how does the Titanic feel?

Mac said...

I wonder if there will ever come a time when some of these politico hack creeps step back and think... "Geez remember that time when I was defending creepy pedophile stuff and shrugging it off as jokes, just because of "my team"?!?!?!? WTF was wrong with me?"

Probably not, they seem like an especially obtuse group, not prone to self reflection. Some of them are also no doubt pedo's themselves, like Plot.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

Hey, you won't catch me defending Cosby, Larry Nassar, Polanski, Franco, Andy Dick, Jerry Sandusky, Denny Hastert, Mark Foley, Jimmy Saville, Jared Fogle, Anthony Weiner, ... jesus, I think of one and two others leap to mind, R. Kelly, Jeffrey Epstein, Dan Schneider etc. I'm not denying there is massive abuse and pedophilia. Hell, this site is built on us talking about it. When some evidence of Harmon or Gunn, or anyone else abusing children comes up, I'll condemn it and support their permanent incarceration in general pop.

But, you guys freaking out about movies and jokes sound like the scolds who worried about Rock and Roll destroying the country's morals.

Singing about bad shit isn't the same as doing bad shit.
Joking about bad shit isn't the same as doing bad shit.
Even wanting to do bad shit isn't the same as doing bad shit.

RedRobin said...

Here we go again with Geeljire’s (word for word)copy-paste antics.

PS. Mr. Extremely High IQ, have you considered capitalizing your ‘i’s and correcting your spelling? In the context, it should be ‘personal’ not ‘personnel’.

Also, most intelligent ladies - they prefer their men to not be misogynists, narcissists, and braggarts.

PPS. Everyone here wants the pedos put away and punished. Just because you do too, it doesn’t give you carte Blanche to be a sexist, racist, and bigoted (especially on the basis of religion).

Angela said...

"So you're saying that out of all the massive amount of kiddie porn you have watched, not a single one had a memorable plot or scene that piqued your interest? I find that hard to believe, but I will bow to your expertise."

Apart from claiming that I'm a pedo, do you really have anything to say?

I've never watched child porn or violent stuff. I wouldn't know where to look, and this stuff makes me want to puke. I've never even tried to watch anything involving Tracy Lords. But I acknowledge I've watched regular porn, including some amateur stuff. What a crime...

I've also been fighting the efforts from a few message boards to publish the actual names of porn actresses or even amateurs who did one single scene, in order to stalk and harass them (plus the family). I'm not particularly sympathetic to the porn industry, I don't fantasize on porn stars and their STDs, but finding out what the Incels think about women or how some sites deliberately leak personal information to get more publicity for some amateur who believed their fairy tale story was quite the eye opener.

Mac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mac said...

I doubt the people you are arguing with in the other forums are incels any more than the people you argue with here who find the pedo jokes and the normalizing of pedo activity is sick and reprehensible all belong to the various deplorable boxes that you randomly try to assign them to. All to justify your defense of horrible behavior because you feel it is your duty as a democrat etc. to protect "your own" against alt right. Even if it means sacrificing decency to do so. (I am sure you will forget all about this when a conservative gets snared making pro pedo comments , jokes videos and comments. Just as I am sure your ally didn’t have the same stance on jokes when it was Rosanne being destroyed. But you know what? I will be right there with you guys trying to bring down the conservative for his sick behavior as well.

Funny how it is ok for you to project all of those unproven labels onto people, but you feign outrage if anyone would dare think that your incredibly persistent defense of the indefensible springs from a place of you protecting your own proclivities and interests.
It apparently doesn’t cross your mind that most people truly would be offended and disgusted by Dan’s video, and Gunn’s comments about a video of underage girls touching themselves sexually mad him cum all over his own face (oh what a funny joke that was!)
To you it is just, what did you call Trump – the orange Cheeto, trying to bring the orange cheeto down and gunn and pedo Dan are allies in that, so...

So much of your writings here are so obviously projections. You are eaten up with politics, so anyone who finds this disgusting is wrong, must be also only doing it for politics as well, including ENTY himself. So I can only assume your latest box to stuff your "foes" into (incel) is also a projection.
Is it just children you can't get laid with anymore, or adults as well? Not surprising as disgusting as your mind seems to work to defend this crap.

Keep going though. I am done with your trash thoughts. Anyone that doesn't see what you are and what you are doing is as lost a cause as you are.

Youtoo said...

Commenting to follow...

Mac said...


I am sure you were making post after post in defense of Roseanne when her life was being destroyed over a "joke", concerning your attitudes about "just a joke" and a joke isn't the same as doing...etc. Just like you are here for Pedo Dan.
Because I am sure you are not just a hypocrite playing a side, but are totally consistent with this stance of yours.
I am sure you also stood up for the journalist fired for making a joke that used the word "fag", and all the other countless conservatives and non liberal, non celebrity people who also got snared in such predicaments over even the most minor of non PC language violations.

I am sure your history is just littered with these kinds of defense posts, as passionate as you are. Kudos to you sir!

Kimberley said...

Love you!@Neal M & Rosie Riveter! Just ignore the shills and detractors! Don't waste your breath on the likes of Angela and Plot. Funny - actually not funny, just bloody tedious) -how the comments content turns political when one or both appears isn't it?

Mac said...

Thank you Kimberly. That means more than you would know.
I know I am not truly in the minority. It is the weekend and they just wear people down until they have you 3 or 4 vs 1.

I am done, but seriously - thank you!

uberpooper said...

I've been reading this website for several years now -- since before HIMMMM. I managed to overlook the raging misogyny of occasional posters like Count J and V Barstool, but this place has morphed into nonstop ugly, and yes, it's clear that there's an agenda likely stemming from the alt right philosophy.

What the hell happened to my gossip site? I won't be clicking here again -- first and last comment.

Rosie riveter said...

Thank you Kimberley xoxo

Rosie riveter said...

This is a good point. it seems a joke is just a joke, unless it's a dreaded conservative/republican. Then the public wants the guillotine.
I'm (staunchly) neither (D) nor (R) .. I only see the right and wrong in cases like these.
Maybe because of my precious son, I will never ever think anything like this is funny. He cries when his feelings are hurt, my dear God I can never fathom anyone hurting him like this.. in the ways that some of the people here think are so funny- these jokes with innocent children as the punchline.
Maybe that's what separates us. Maybe the defenders don't have children. I don't know, and don't want to know if any of them do. I pray they don't

Angela said...

I've just found a comment by somebody who says he's a CSA survivor and who makes a point more eloquently than I could ever have (In reaction to the James Gunn jokes)

"I laughed at most of these and I'm literally a CSA survivor so what are you so offended about again?? Because you think jokes like this will hurt my feelings or trigger me?

"No, what hurts my feelings and freaks me out is people on fucking chan sites calling everyone else pedophiles when there are more pedophiles concentrated on those sites than anywhere else on the clearnet. It’s projection on a massive scale and they are literally on there trading child porn openly while screaming about how the world is run by satanic pedophiles or what the fuck ever. USE YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS and quit falling for this idiotic shaming propaganda, it’s embarrassing and pathetic. Worse than that, it’s disrespectful to and exploitative of actual victims of abuse."

Rosie riveter said...

You call THAT eloquent??
Well then, have I got a downright masterpiece for you Angela the man!
Fuck. You.
Fuck you, and your imaginary friend who wrote on a special fucking blog about how fucking terrible "the Chans" are so none of us should be offended because he isn't. Isn't he special!
Except... Wait a minute .. We weren't even TALKING ABOUT PED0S ON THE CHANS, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A SICK MAN TELLING SICK JOKES! Facts. I read them. I saw it. facts.
Fuck you and your "BUT I HAVE A BLACK FRIEND" mentality, you fucked up fucking piece of shit.
No, you don't. You care to win and you care to be right.
Lol come in here saying u gotta friend who wrote this eloquent piece lolol fuck right OUTA here with yourself
Is that eloquent enough for you??
Fucking print it out and post it on your wall, I think it's fucking glorious:

and your eloquent friend who doesn't give a shit either.

I'm out. Yall need jesus

Cree said...

@Angela I wont pretend to speak for other child sex abuse victims anymore than the "csa survior", but just because he finds the jokes funny or thinks theyre nothing, doesnt mean everyone should or will feel the same.

I agree with him with his position on 4chan though. I've seen racism, homophobia, pedos, and every thing else negative under the sun. Even if many there are that way, I doubt everyone is, same as everyone here doesnt share the same beliefs.

I do not care for the agendas of others, I choose to let people's actions and words speak for themselves. Regardless of the reason(s) for pointing out these situations, I find these "jokes" disgusting and question the people who participate in the normalization of pedophilia. People should be called out when they make these comments, those comments should be remembered, and they should be looked into.

I pray that you're right and none of these people are as disgusting as they show themselves to be, or that Dan is no longer "practicing" sexual harrassment, but I will remember theyre comments and actions forever. Hopefully all truth will come to the light in the end. And also, I hope this further deters people from attempting (indirectly or direcrly) the normalization of abuse.

The abuse of others is the most disrespectful, but so are the actions that support such abuse. When you experience something first hand, it's not "fun" or "funny" at all.

Cree said...


plot said...

@R Bee

"Either fire Harmon and Gunn, or don't but reinstate Rosanne. Or fire them all cos all of them 'fucked up'. Simple."

One reason Roseanne was fired is because after her comment, her writers walked off and so did some producers.

Here's what I think happened. Roseanne has been out of her fucking mind for a long time, believing every kkkrazy kkkonspiracy that comes down the pike. A deal was struck where Roseanne would have to cool it on Twitter if she wanted certain writers, producers and actors to work on the show. She could make her character a Trump supporter, but the shit on Twitter had to end. Everyone involved agreed. Then Rosie, allegedly on Ambien, tweets that horrible comment late one night.

That is the only way I can figure out the timing and the lack of any support, from anyone, for Rosie. That's why her excuses fell on deaf ears. She promised to channel her nutball stuff into the character and broke that promise.

I don't see the situation with Harmon and Gunn as equivalent to that at all.

plot said...


"It's interesting that you cannot find ANY reference to Dan Harmon being Jewish online. Almost as if it's all been wiped. "

You are a lunatic.

"The good Jews have got to disavow the bad Jews,"

On your orders?

I'd advise them to tell you to kiss their collective ass.

plot said...


"You're aware that defending this as "just a joke" makes you look suspect, right?"

How so? Unless you are concocting a purity test for a future witch hunt, there is no reason to assume anyone but a pedo is a pedo.

plot said...

@ R Bee


That is absolutely false.

Plenty of non-black people make jokes about black people.

Why do you refer to them as Blacks, like a non-American? I've heard Eastern Europeans do that, and New Zealanders when referring to one rugby club.

plot said...

@R Bee

I'll be honest and tell you I've never watched anything by Gunn and Harmon that I know of. I've watched some other shows which think that all sorts of nasty shit is good fun, hi-LARE-ious, Brilliant! So I wonder where the line is out of genuine curiosity. I don't especially find much that is funny in the current offerings of US animated or sitcom fare (WTF anyone thinks Big Bang Theory is anything less that offensive, I don't know.)

And YouTube and Twitter?????? JFC! Have you seen what a real cesspit those are? I mean, really...

It seems to me highly dubious when one bit is plucked out of the general dreck for Outrage!, when it's all so very bad.

plot said...


"You call THAT eloquent??
Well then, have I got a downright masterpiece for you Angela the man!
Fuck. You.
Fuck you, and your imaginary friend who wrote on a special fucking blog about how fucking terrible "the Chans" are so none of us should be offended because he isn't. Isn't he special!
Except... Wait a minute .. We weren't even TALKING ABOUT PED0S ON THE CHANS, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A SICK MAN TELLING SICK JOKES!....blahdy blahdy blah..."

You call THAT eloquent?

Do you know what the word means?

Thot Crimes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thot Crimes said...

They, (all those brackets are too boring to type any more), threw gunn to wind so quickly because he's not of their tribe.
You don't think Disney might would have fought harder for Eisner's cousin on his mother's side?

OffT: I've also determined there is a strong possibilty that @plot/MSO/Fourth Tuning/Angela (the duden) might have a future as a KF Lolcow.
Congrats to all involved.

OnT: And fuck you for calling SDAuntie names - She's the modicum of restraint here,
and normally sticks to the blinds with those of us trying to get our gossip on around here without all this crazy bullshit pedo-loving bullshit.
If she's thinking something's up, it's because you have failed.

Seacar22 said...

Amanda, just stop, honestly. Let’s stick to the issue - anybody with eyes and a degree of sense can see that Dan Harmon is a disgusting human being. There is NO defence for a man who sexualises children and whether Enty makes a blind about it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Dan has an unhealthy interest in kids. I watched a Daryl episode where he mimed raping a baby. Come on. The man’s a monster who should be behind bars or, at the very least, removed from the vicinity of any and all children.

Cree said...

My thoughts on why they didn't bother protecting Jame's Gunn is the same reason Nickoldean (allegedly) stopped protecting Dan Schneider. Regardless of *what* it is, there might be proof of *something* in relation to Jame's gun that Disney feels will come out.

It could also just be as simple as wanting to appear unbiased, regardless of the reason; if Disney doesn't feel Gunn is worth protecting, maybe there's a good reason.


This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You've really made the grade

Cree said...

James Gunn* I wish this website had an "edit" feature. To be clear, I'm not saying I know why Disney didn't feel Gunn was worth protecting. Both movies seemed to have made 100m + each in profit, so it's not like he wasn't helping to make them money. There was public support of him and yet they still refused, so what is it they know or think might come out?

Or again, is it as simple as wanting to appear unbiased? If that's the case, I think it's fair.

CJCarter said...

Alright good work everybody. I know I've asked you to put in a lot of time on this site, but I really believe it's paying off. Specially bonuses for the week are going to the folks running the following accounts:

Last thing, is one of you guys running "Plot" or is that a real person. If you are running Plot it's probably time that character "evolves." Yes, we still want conflict, but "Plot" is being played a bit too smart.
If Plot isn't one of ours, stop engaging. Focus on the dummies.

plot said...


"anybody with eyes and a degree of sense can see that Dan Harmon is a disgusting human being."

No more so than any of the guys on 4Chan who think joking about rape, sodomy, child abuse and bestiality makes them hi-LARE-ious.

Do you watch much TV? I don't but what I do see occasionally is some sick shit.

Are all those people disgusting human beings? Yeah, probably. So why single out Harmon?

"it doesn’t change the fact that Dan has an unhealthy interest in kids."

Then so does Seth McFarlane and so do Stone&Parker who write South Park, since they write pedo jokes into their shows.

It is pretty obvious that Harmon has some personal issues (which I bet include some addiction problems.) But a joke, like so many others, does not mean he has an unhealthy interest in children. He may. I don't know. I don't think anyone does at this point.

plot said...


My thoughts are that Disney had to prove to the Trumptards that they weren't firing Roseanne for supporting Trump and Gunn gave them an opportunity to prove it.

Cree said...

@Plot Hopefully we'll find out the truth one day. I've heard others say similar things to what you wrote just now.

I'm not foolish enough not to realize that Disney cares about money first (and probably only) over all else.

I liked the Roseanne series because it didn't show a perfect family, but everyone knew or had heard something about Roseanne before, she doesn't exactly come off as the most mentally sound individual. James Gunn I didn't know before hand, I have yet to see any of the Galaxy movies, but I've read that Disney likely knew of his spotted past as well. If that's the case (and I wouldnt be surprised), shame on them, but I think this goes beyond Trump fans/supporters.

I'm of the mind that you can joke about anything and you'll get away with it if it's funny, but some of these comments seemed to have no punchline or setup. A few of them just sound like statements. Another issue I think people have a problem with is who the target is of these jokes. I can't remember who said it, but I remember a few years ago a comedian joked that he was always offended that he was never "chosen" by the pedos as a kid, as if it made him feel ugly.

Even if there was some truth to the statement, it's clearly set up as a joke and delivered that way, and the comedian makes fun of himself here, not the harm of others.

I won't argue that it feels like some outrage is taken too far these days, but I think there is (hopefully) a culture shift going on right now where people are tired of what some have gotten away with for decades.

Anyone faking outrage is annoying, but there are people who are actually disgusted and I think people have the right to feel that way without people saying they have political agendas in favor of Trump.

I'm sure some do btw (have those agendas), but not all, I assure you.

I don't come to CDAN believing everything I read, I think there's a lot of fake garbage here, but I like noting interesting blinds/reveals to see if anything comes out of them irl.

Cree said...

The original series is what I was referring to btw. Some things in the new one gave me pause, but I think they could have done well with it.

Roseanne, Gunn, Oswalt, Black, Harmon are all old enough to know better and were all old enough to know better for awhile. Everyone should take this as a reminder that when you write stuff in public, people have the right to comment on what you put out. If you don't want backlash, keep it private between family and friends.

plot said...


Thank-you so much for taking the considerable time writing all that out. I totally agree with most of what you say and sympathize with those who want to change the discourse in this country about childhood sexual abuse. The key word here being "discourse", not flaming hot balls of Outrage!, most of which can and is faked.

Wow, how refreshing it is to read rational sentences and paragraphs.

I'll veer some from your positions in two aspects.

First, I gather that writer's rooms are sewers of objectionable ideas and that the get-togethers of stand-up comics are the same. I lasted 15 minutes for the movie The Aristocrats, which exemplifies all the ways comics and writers riff while on their own. It's really their own world. It's part hostility and part frustration exemplified there, because coming up with comedy bits is really really hard work. All the things comics hint at have to come out in honest form first before they can hone in on the joke that shocks but does not offend.

Your example of the comic above (the passed over child) is exactly how to develop a joke that hurts (for many of us btw), relieves and brings about the gasp of laughter. It ain't easy getting to that perfect quip like your example above. It's a tussle with lots of competing factors. The comic who is the most honest about this process is the lately vilified Louis CK. How does one reign in a joke to just the edge of offensive?

It sounds to me like Harmon lived in that world and lost sight of the goal. He, like many comics and writers, thought that what made other comics laugh, would make the public laugh. WRONG! He sounds either stupid, drugged up or simply a really bad writer to me, who does not have grasp of the formalities of comic process (actually, it's not just comics. Writers' first drafts are often a shocking display of hatred and all sorts of rancor.)

I'm leaning towards this guy being an idiot more than anything else.

2nd point below.

plot said...

There may be some people who wish to use these cases revealed by 4chan to fight what they see as the acceptance of child sexual abuse in Hollywood. That's a rather simple position to take, since most sexual abuse happens secretly inside families, not from actors or producers invading people's homes. But alright, more power to them if they think that somehow Hollywood causes sexual abuse. I can't really argue with them since I see the Hollywood tropes as having a major effect on male/female relationships in this country, and it ain't good. So, let's all be simpletons together! ; P

Where I disagree with you is that in the latest round of Outrage! there is a definite political engine that is aimed at the Midterm Elections and the legal tribulations of Trump, who is in big trouble by the way. They are trying to reconstruct Trump into a savior of children (when he is actually destroying children's lives down Mexico way) and that somehow all the sealed indictments, countywide, are going after pedos when sealed indictments are the provenience of various jurisdictions, not one prosecution. There are always sealed indictments in every state and federal court, lots of them. To imagine they are about one thing is ridiculous.

They tether their Delicious Pedo Hunt to any bit of good news for Trump that comes down the pike, real or mostly imaginary. They take any word of Q and Buh-LEIVE because it thrills them, not because any of it makes a damn bit of sense.

Enty invited this crew in. Enty, not being a lawyer clearly, has not special inside knowledge on anything. Like Q, he's making shit up to inflame. That is all. Of course, he has always published bullshit but at least the comments called him out and were funny as hell. Now, it's Buh-LEIVE or be labeled a pedo yourself. What does that sound like to you? Sounds to me like political movements that capitalized on anger and bullying to make their points, which were/are ALWAYS wrong.

If 4Chan, Cernovich and Q were so concerned with pedophiles and child sexual abuse being normalized, why are they ignoring 4chan and Voat themselves which are bursting with pedophilia jokes, rape fantasies and men who clearly believe it is their right to dominate anything physically weaker than themselves (which is kinda funny since the Chan boys aren't exactly gym goers or exercise takers.)

Why aren't they attack,ing the real meat of this problem, the real underground stew which normalizes some ugly, aberrant, shit? I'll tell you. Because THAT sexual deviancy can be utilized politically to attack anything labeled "librul" at the moment. That deviancy is powerful in it's feelings of injury (poor white boys.) That makes all the difference, it seems, when controlling the Pedo Chase narrative. And that is why I call a lot of these posters clowns and idiots.

But not you, since you responded with poise and honesty, for which I cannot thank you enough.

Here imagine an emoji heart.


Your creative writing classes really never paid off


If, at some point, for any reason, you find yourself agreeing Plotta Poundstone's perfectly punctuated purple pro-pedo prose...

You can always just Google "Podesta Art Collection" and then decipher what plot's ardent defense of it and Hollywood/DNC elite here on CDAN really means. It very likely has something to do with David Brock and Media Matters.


And unemployment and college tuitions

Cree said...

@Plot Thank you for taking the time to respond to me and to read my message. I try to keep things short, but often times I have a lot to say.

I don't disagree with you at all in regard to some people using these situations for their own political gain, my only point was that not all of us are "outraged" for political reasons. I can see the agendas and that "some" people are taking advantage of these comments and people's hurt to swing things in their favor.

As I've said before, I don't care for political genders, anyone of any belief system, background, and party can be a pedophile. Regardless of intention for pointing these comments and videos out though, I do see questionable behavior and take issue with a lot of what I have personally read these people say.

I see people turning a blind eye on both sides. I'm not a 4chan user myself, but have gone there to see for myself what is going on. The problem with the site and the benefit of the site (as well as 8chan) seems to be the fact that it in largely uncensored and unpoliced (seemingly). The people who use racism, homophobia, bigotry, ect are no friend of mine and undermine the message of people who really are anti-abuse. That being said; just because someone is ignorant, doesn't mean they can't share useful information. Their reasons may not be pure, but no one forced these people to write or do the things they've done.

Cree said...

There's a time and a place for anything and a moment when one has to take personal responsibility. CK made jokes that people laughed at, not realizing his jokes had truth to them. He was exposing himself to women without their permission all the while (seemingly) obtaining validation from unknowing crowds of people. I realize this doesn't mean it's the case with Harmon, but I don't think for a second anyone can actually argue that there isn't "something" wrong with that man.

It takes a certain kind of person to abuse their power for sexual gratification. A man who would sexually harass a co-worker and not care to stop (even when others told him he was out of line) is not a man I care to defend anymore than the people of 4chan/8chan who do or say disgusting things.

Between that, him pulling down his pants to simulate sex with an infant, and him recording a child grabbing his crotch, I find him indefensible. He has his demons, but he seems to be more than willing to share those demons onto others.

What people joke about in private, I won't comment on, but most of these comments are public. The comments of Gunn I went out to read for myself. I don't care to take the word of others when I can see for myself. I don't find people who are anti-trump any more excusable than someone pro-trump in regard to sexual comments about minors.

Allegations range from Lawrence King Jr. to Jimmy Savile, Cosby to Wienstien. Fact or fiction; there's been many claims of abuse in politics, in hollywood, all the way to the house nextdoor. Of course there will be false claims and scapegoats, but some people refuse to even entertain the idea that these things happen. Is literally everyone who makes a claim of sex rings lying? Or is there truth some where in these claims. The problem is not only proving it, but getting people to accept the fact that it can happen.

I can't prove if these men (the Oswalts, Gunns, and Harmons) are pedophiles, but I find their comments fit very well in with the comments of 4chan.

Cree said...

Political agendas* not genders.

Cree said...

Also yes, there are allegations even against Trump himself. I don't ignore those anymore than any other. I can see the hypocrisy in attacking one and not the other, but I don't allow that to stop me from listening to the accusations on all sides.

I think there is some truth to this site, but finding and knowing what's true and what's false isn't easy. Out of curiosity I once submitted a blind item (with proof). It was something to take note of for sure and it was sent in months ago. I have yet to see any reference of it pop up. The reasoning for not using it could be anything, but I do wonder what gets shared and what doesn't.

plot said...


Yeah, I've dropped a couple BIs in the comments to see what would come of them, practically wrote them as such to Enty directly, and nothing ever came of them. Also, there is a LOT of political stuff out there right now, real juicy rumors, that Enty is avoiding for some reason though I KNOW he visits some of the same boards I do for gossip.

I don't think it's hypocritical to explore the accusations launched at one side only, especially when so much chaos is now going on politically and guess who is in charge of all branches of government right now? It's not that I don't feel that HIllary or Podesta don't deserve a thorough going over, but haven't we done that already? Have there not been years and years of investigations and journalistic pieces on everything concerning the Clintons? Are we not over that yet? It's boring. It's reached the point of stupidity. There are certainly other Democrats to consider and holy shit are the Republicans full of child abusers with a litany of convictions behind them...but they don't ever get drawn into the picture formed by 4chan or Cernovich.

No one is denying that sex rings can happen. If others think like I do, it's that extraordinary claims, which can fuck up the lives of innocent people, demand extraordinary proof. The method of 4chan, to drop names and then scream, simply isn't enough. The fictional connections between real sex cults and entities Cernovich doesn't like isn't enough (especially when KNOWN pedophiles that Cernovich happens to like are avoided at all costs.)

Here's a simple one. Subway Jared has absolutely nothing to do with Anthony Wiener, NOTHING. Different MOs, different areas of the country, different attractions, yet 4chan and Enty continue to connect them because it suits the prejudices of their forgone conclusions. THAT is the kind of shit that detracts, rather than adds, to public understanding of childhood abuse and sure as shit ain't helping the victims. It's masturbation in and of itself promoting nothing of value.

The chans can't claim to be saviors of anything, revealers of anything, without also bearing the burden of proof which they continuously shrug off.

And I stand by my statement that the ugliest sexual fantasies I've seen in these times are on the Chans, which seems a-okay for the Cernovich crowd. That indicates to me that their main concern is not rooting out pedophile rings or sexual abuse. It's to control a political reaction, first and foremost.


This post brought to you by David Brock and Media Matters!

Itttt said...

This was certainly a popular post - just look at all the shilling! Quite a few truly severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome here on CDaN. All TDS, all the time for many mentally/psychologically unwell/unhinged/unbalanced raving lunatics here (see: plot, Angela, and various assorted other plot accounts).

"This way, the next time there's an obvious campaign to get a Trump opponent fired, you can claim that you don't do it for Trump, you do it for the kids, and that it's just a coincidence that most celebrity pedophiles are in the entertainment industry who oppose Cheeto Jesus."

Nice to see you making fun of someone's skin color simply because you don't like them. Dan Harmon, an "opponent" of Trump? Laughable. Harmon brought this on himself.

plot said...


You are allowed to call me many things and I really don't care. But please don't associate me in any way with David Brock (btw his new publication is called Blue State, I think.) Brock is a fat tick leeching off the hairy ass of whatever political persuasion he chooses at the moment. He arrogance and condescension, his shrillness and near religious devotion to his causes (of the moment) are offputting to say the least.

He's vile.

Thot Crimes said...

Call @plot a Sharebluian and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrieks back.

plot said...


I am injured. I never shriek.

Cree said...

@Plot I know of Cernovich loosely, but I have yet to really listen to what he has to say. While I'm always open to listening to both sides, sometimes the nonsense does get tiring. I do see a cover up or a blind eye turned to those represented by each side and I do agree that it is very telling that there are so many pedo comments on "the chans" that seem to go unchecked and ignored.

I don't doubt that in some of these "outting" cases it "takes one to know one".

As far as government allegations go, I'm not always sure what to think. If anyone had the power to cover their tracks, it would be someone at that level, with those connections. Like I've been saying, there are pedophiles everywhere; sometimes at home, nextdoor, at school, in church, at work; so of course they'll be in government and media too. Innocent until proven guilty, but "testimony" is always worth noting . Even if you don't believe something in particular it can show you something about the side accusing as well as the side being accused. Of course I know you're aware of that, but I know you're not the only one who will ever read this either.

All that said, I understand (I think) why you take the stance that you do and why you are not only cautious, but skeptical. I'm always open to hearing opposing points of views and I do think on and appreciate your comments as well as others here. Even when I disagree or am not sure, I still pay attention.

I've been a victim, I've had people call me disgusting even though I was the one who was degraded and harmed. I've seen first hand how people will only see what they choose to see and I've seen the cruelty of the world. (This does not imply you haven't) I've also seen adults that prey on other children in real life, I've seen it for myself. Even with proof and witnesses, there will be people who do not want to "rock the boat" and once again, will turn a blind eye.

It really is for these reasons alone that I'm at least willing to listen to both sides and look at the evidence for myself. It's the least I can do because I know what it feels like for people to say "keep it to yourself".

Regardless of if Harmon molests children; he is a disgusting man with questionable judgement. *If* he is guilty, then I hope he gets caught. I still can't fathom the "joke" behind simulating sex with a baby and having a toddler touch his crotch, no more than I can understand him sexually harassing his co-worker.

Lu said...

I can't believe this, the show is one of the best on tv right now, i can watch it all day long. Rick and Morty is genius show, hope they lock him up and continue the show without him

Bonby Haud said...

You remember mr jellybean? The jellybean that molested morty in the bathroom? The one where we saw a statue of him being surrounded by children?


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