Sunday, September 02, 2018

Blind Item #2

Apparently easy access to drugs and willing forgiveness of all the times she has been cheated on and will be cheated on is most important for this one named A- list singer. No other reason for her to take back the guy who disrespects her every chance he gets.


MDAnderson said...


notthisagain said...



Cuddlebutt said...

Damn. He is just so skeezy. She has an amazing body with incredible skin that is ruined by the worst tats. Talented but I can't abide obnoxious, entitled behavior. Saw him at Voodoo Fest. He was okay. Definitely would not be getting pussy or peen if not on the radio.

Karma said...

Not too smart for a sista?

jessica said...

Their mutual press tanked when they broke up. It's obvious this brings in the $$ for them. I doubt it has anything to do with personal.

KittensRUs said...

I disagree. I think she's stupid in love with him and he's perfectly happy to use that. He's a garden variety narcissist who loves that she worships him, but will always cheat because he needs more ego gratification than one woman can provide. Fans fed into the fantasy of "Him and I," it's hard not to. I admit I was happy when I saw they were back together even though I know all the above facts. I think I just really feel for her because I know how it feels to be that much in love with someone who isn't worth it.

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