Sunday, December 09, 2018

Blind Item #1

This A list singer is doing the same thing she did to her last boyfriend. Things didn't really work out well for him in the end. 


iamme said...

Ariana Grande?

News said...

is she A List?

Aquagirl said...

It’s gotta be Ariana.

arribaoabajo said...


Mia Irish said...

@ News - yeah, she's A-list at the moment. Big tour, Album, Grammy nod, Billboard WOTY, etc. But Pete is smart, he said that he blocked her and supposedly told her that she wasn't good for his mental state.

Honey Bunny said...

Ariana again. She needs to find a corner and stay there for awhile.

Mindflayer said...

Wow. Awww...are we Bandwagoning again?

1) If she was that bad for his health, why in you-know-name did he kept on talking about her all the time?

2) There already was waaay BEFORE the news that he blocked her (on instagram and on his phone) that SHE was the one who blocked him on her phone. The reason; he was ghosting her. I actually believe this. Why? Come on! Do you really think that Ariana is a person who is keeping on calling someone and all. (ghosting) No. Not at all. Pete is/was a "bit" clingy. If you know what I mean.

3) IF it is true, then it would be more realistic that it was because of those rabid batshit crazy "fans".

4) I am not even sure what the fuck this blind is about or what for drama "enty" is trying to create for getting more money, hits and followers. Drugs? Pete himself said that he stopped, but alas started to use again. He could not go without weed, because he liked it too much AND it was for Crohn's disease (which is painful as fuck)

Mindflayer said...

Edit: Maybe (and this is a maybe) did Pete blocked her, to hide the fact that he may have been ghosting her? If you know what I mean. (sorry, if I am a bit unclear in this)

PS: Oh. Do not get the impression that I do not like him. I DO actually. I like them both. Ari and Pete. He seems to be a cool guy. (although he may come off as a bit clingy)

Not to mention, I also know how it is to have the Chrohn disease. I had it in 1998 and it was painful as fuck. In the hospital they had cut off some of my large intestine (or was it the small intestine?) and was healed! So I really hoped that they could have helped Pete to get rid of this. If you know what I mean.

Carolyn said...

I think it's not just that she's blocking him, it's that she's defending him in public/on social media, putting nice references to him in her music video, but completely ghosting him privately. Also, possibly what she is doing is also moving on quickly?

Mindflayer said...

@Carolyn I think it is more likely that "enty" saw that Ariana is defending him and said nice things all the time and thinks:" Wow. That IS waaay too positive. Let us create drama between them, because I want to bandwagon and this is what the trolls wants to hear. If you know what I mean.

As I said before, I am not sure if Ariana is actually the type who ghost someone.

Moving on quickly? Well. As far I have seen, she is not with

Alana said...

Why is she such a prize?

hunter said...

>> Do you really think that Ariana is a person who is keeping on calling someone and all. (ghosting)

To "ghost" someone is to ignore them entirely, not to blow up their phone.

Mindflayer said...

Ooops. Sorry. Thanks. (that is what you get, when you are doing too many things at once)

Jennacheryl said...

Yeah Pete dumped her.

bellabella said...

I'm kinda confused. Except for a smidge of shade when they first broke up, Ariana and her spawn of the devil manager have been pretty quiet about Pete. They both even publicly defended him last week.

After she and Mac broke up she let her fans attack him until he wiped his socials and left social media completely for 6 weeks. She shaded him hard every chance she got. Until he died of course, then she "adored" and "loved" him smh.

So what could this "same thing" Enty speaks of be that she supposedly did to Mac that she's also doing to Pete?

Mindflayer said...

Huh? As far I can remember Mac never actually quit social media. It was Pete who actually removed his social media after being attacked.

So Outrageous said...

There is a problem with people's perception is what I'm learning. Pete was not constantly talking about her after the break up. What happens is if you tweet one thing, it gets picked up by every website, news outlet and that one thing gets repeated over and over for days. In my opinion the relationship was a big joke, and I think Pete knew it, and he knew it was not going to last. He is no fool and I guarantee you despite all his mental health issues, he is more aware than Ariana Grande.

I'm sorry but the girl is somewhat arrogant and not nice, fake. Who in their right mind thinks its ok to lick a donut that someone else is going to eat, putting all their dirty germs on it and then put it back on a tray where those germs are spread to the donuts it touches. God knows where that mouth has been.

They broke up like and the very next SNL show it was addressed. This is normal. Every single media outlet, tv station radio station, etc was talking about it and Pete is just not allowed to say anything about it?? This is ridiculous. He's a comedian give me a break. It would be stupid and a lost opportunity not to address the break-up on SNL. And he maybe mentioned her for a whole 2 weeks after they broke up. Meanwhile, Olivia Munn broke up with Aaron Rodgers how many years ago and is still talking about it.

Sorry but she's a mini-diva and not that much of a catch in my book.

So Outrageous said...

Also to be clear she said very nasty things about Pete after they split.

She could have just said "Things just didn't work out." But she gave someone in the media a few quotes about how all of her family "did not like him. They did not like him at all." And she was like "How come you guys didn't tell me how much you hated him?" What an awful thing to say about someone who you know is suicidal and has a Borderline Personality disorder. I mean your previous boyfriend just committed suicide, do you want a second to go out that way? She could have kept her mouth shut and just said she jumped into things too fast and she just wanted to focus on herself. She acted like Pete was tweeting about her every 30 seconds and he was not. He maybe said one or two things and it got repeated over and over. Sorry but she's a fake, nasty little thing.

To be honest, I think Pete was just enjoying life. I think he's kinda goofy and "kid-like" and is just enjoying life as it comes. I don't think he took the whole thing serious. I definitely don't think he thought the relationship with her was going to be a big media story like it became. Especially because no one really cared about her relationship with Mac Miller and paparazzi didn't hound them. To be honest that whole media storm around their relationship was a conundrum to me. There are other big celebrity couples out there that the media didn't follow around as much as they did Ariana and Pete. So for her to say that he was chasing fame is stupid. I simply think he saw a cute girl and thought ok " I'll shoot my shot" with her. He probably never expected her to give him a chance. She contributed as much to the media storm as he did. I mean they were photographed and hounded nearly everyday in New York. But for her to claim that he was chasing fame or something is stupid.

I feel like he's just looking for someone to make him happy. I think that he's had some dark, depressing times in his life and he's trying to be happy. Part of the reason he probably asked her to marry him is because of his mental health issues.

I do dislike her more after this Pete Davison debacle than I did before.

So Outrageous said...

She was not quiet after she broke up. She called Pete a "fame chaser" and other things. Maybe the initial plan proposed by her manager or public relations team was to say that "Ariana is taking time for herself and the relationship was going to fast." But about 3-4 days later she tweeted disparaging things about him. To be honest, I feel like she's trying to "save face." How long have her fans been up in her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook telling Pete to kill himself. Ariana said nothing until Pete publicly announced through his Twitter this week that he was not going to commit suicide. So I'm to believe that for all these weeks Ariana has not seen all those messages on her social media pages directed at Pete? If she really cared for his well being she would have said something long before without being prompted. Her manager or public relations team probably directed her to make that statement. Give me a break. She's faker than that ponytail on the top of her head.

And I have no idea why her fans are telling Pete to kill himself. But it is very telling of the mentality of the public in general. To be honest, no one forced her to break up with Mac Miller. I don't understand why her fans don't see her as culpable in any of the bad things that have happened in her relationships. I mean she jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend just like Taylor Swift. Relationships don't just happened to you; you have to be a willing participant. If the men you continue to pick as boyfriends all seem to have the same problems with alcohol, drugs, etc., then you need to take a look at yourself because your "man picking" skills are bad.

stirner max said...

Rue McLanahan and Wilford Brumley

Mahogany1 said...

Probably drugging heavy again. Doesn't Halsey have a new boyfriend?

faxmenvdes said...

oh god the ariana stans have arrived

Mindflayer said...

No. It is common sense.

"But she gave someone in the media..."

Uh. You DO know that it came from one of the most unreliable tabloids, right? It has been already busted for a long time that this was absolute false. Strike one.

She also has immediately defended him a lot of times when they were together from rabid "fans" Every time. So...Strike Two.

"He maybe said one or two..." *smirk* IF even the most uncaring tabloids starts to tell Pete to stop talking about Ariana, then you are clearly doing something wrong. If you know what I mean. Strike are out.

"..chasing fame is stupid" I can see here what she is getting at.

1) well...come honest, before he was dating Ariana he was not THAT well-known to the mainstream. (and yes, he was known, but only to those who watch SNL) During and after the breakup everyone knew him and he could not stop talking and joking about her and the breakup. It can come off as milking.

2) For someone who CLEARLY (allegedly) wants to move on, does not want to be in the spotlight after the breakup, or wanting to distance from her, he DOES talk a lot about Ariana, ah? Sorry, to say, but do not you think this completely contradicts everything.

Yes, she called him a fame chaser, but I really cannot remember that she said other things. It is probably the case of "She said something. Oh it must be a shade or something. While it could mean a complete something else. You read, what you want to read. If you know what I mean.

1) He posted about those fuckfaces, who call themselves "fans" on Instagram. Not Twitter. I do not think he has twitter or Facebook.

2) I think the "fans" were mainly only on his Instagram, but if I got the time I will check if they were on her Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as well.

Maybe it is/was the case of "What the use". If I tell them to back off, it is not okay and if do not defend him, the other fans who actually DO like Pete will not like me either. If you know what I mean.

Yeah. Those "fans" are rabid and crazy as fuck.

"She contributed as much to the media storm..."


Edit: As I said before, do not get the impression that I dislike or have any problems with this guy. I actually do like him.

They both just need to re-think of what they are about the write or say on social media and all. Being impulsive is not always okay. (I got the same problem sometimes)

PS: Sorry, if I am unclear in all this, because I was not sure how to say this correctly. Also it has been a long, tiresome day and I got a headache.


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