Monday, January 07, 2019

Blind Item #28 - Golden Globes

I often debate with myself whether this A- list mostly television actress from a long running network hit will get another decent acting gig when the show ends. Anyway, she got into a screaming match with some woman and it was about an ex of the actress and some cheating. Why does it matter? The ex being referred to I think was the former husband but it was unclear. 


MDAnderson said...

Kaley Cuoco

Brayson87 said...

Should we really be shocked when actresses are overly dramatic?

yepthatsme said...

So who won the match? Why these half info blinds?

BestMan said...

She'll get a sitcom, this time a single mom waitress who has far more interesting friends. CBS.

Henriette said...

Yeah the Alice reboot that just keeps going on.

News said...

henry cavill!?

Cee Kay said...

I don't know what Enty's problem is with KC. I mean she's kind of whatever for me, but she's worked nonstop since 2002.

Neil said...

Could it be Ellen Pompeo?

Spike Ghost said...

yeah if it's KC i don't see why she wouldn't find any more work. She's been working consistently her whole career.
I could see Ellen Pompeo do that. I like her but she has is known to get in people's faces.

Anonymous said...

kaley was there, yes... and I
doubt she had a screaming match ..

Count Jerkula said...

Spank spank spank, Penny

Spank spank spank, Penny

Spank spank spank, Penny

Jennacheryl said...

I love K.C. kinda hoping for a spin-off lol. She was awesome when she was on John Ritter's last show as well.

Jennacheryl said...

@ count jerkula can you please chill with your comments? They are pretty immature and no one wants to read them.

Please and thank you.

bdm said...

I could see KC as having a nutritional products company or alcohol brand. She has the scratch and the name. Just buy one off of Shark tank, put your name on it and chill. Another sitcom can only be a let down, it would always be compared to BBT. But if they are willing to back the cash machine into your compound every week, why not I guess.

luckythewondercat said...

@Jennacheryl The Count has been here forever and many of us like him.

J D said...

All hail the Count! ! !! !

So it's generally like this. The plebs get Tricia, Sandy, Md,SD and Rosie and so on.

The rest of us get the Count. We get him and love him. Welcome back friend!!

cheesegrater15 said...

I hope the other woman had an umbrella. A screaming lisper is a spitting lisper.

EV said...

I agree, Count - spank spank spank

Ice Angel said...

So we are all here reading blind items about child molesters, rapists, murderers, drug addicts, alcoholics, wife beaters, etc...but we are going to clutch our pearls over the hilarious posts from the Count? C'mon. Skip and scroll.

Pollux said...

I love the Count's posts! He makes me laugh.

Sal T said...

@Jennacheryl Please don’t assume that you can speak for all of us. The Count has been a mainstay at CDAN since way back. Personally I think he’s awesome and I enjoy cdan so much more when he’s around, if you can’t hack that then maybe you should take yourself to a knitting blog or something a little slower in pace.

Please and thank you.

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