Monday, January 14, 2019

Blind Item #7

This former A list tween/teen mostly movie actor is off spending more of your hard earned money on another one of his long vacations. This vacation is known for having a lot of couple swapping which seems right up his alley.


Tricia13 said...
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Dena said...

Corey Feldman?

Tricia13 said...

Zac Effron in Mexico
Not sure he was an adult though and successful?

Notagoodscreenname said...


Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

Feldman, with his Hefner-esque aspirations. The tell being "your hard earned money" from his crowdfunding endeavors.

Smalls said...

Because it says (our) hard earned money, I'm going with Feldman for him not using the money he raised for what it was intended, and taking vacations instead.

sandybrook said...

It has to be something involved with my taxes if he's spending my hard-earned money so I'm guessing SSI supplemental disability payments and Feldman. Anyone stupid enough to finance his gofundme is stupid as stupid gets.

:| raven |: said...

Feldman is such a train wreck. he can deny the MJ thing all he wants, but it f***ed him up for life.

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Troy Dyer said...


I think enty referenced this in the nicole eggert podcast

Gina Bina said...

Ew Feldman looks like a skinny old man in his 70s now, who would want to swap with that? And who's going with him, a bunny perhaps? I'm just guessing that if it's him and it is a couple swap thing then you probably need to be in a couple. Does he have a GF?

hunter said...

I spent the entire weekend reading transcripts from the Michael Jackson trials. I also read book excerpts the Jackson family tries super hard to keep off the internet.

Long story short - he hung out with Spielberg and did whatever TF he wanted. He also hated black people and never had vitiligo, he just bleached the shit out of his skin.

HeatherBee said...

Can you imagine being all excited for your couple swapping vacay and discovering that one of the swappers is Corey Feldman? Oof. All I can hear is the sound of air being let out of a balloon 🎈.

MattDaddy said...

Man, he bums me out. He used to be this brave truth-telling #MeToo type guy but damn if he didn't just slide into a yucky out of grossness.


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