Sunday, January 06, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #11

August 21, 2018

Video Music Awards

The most likely to die within the next month award went to this female B- list singer with two first names who has been doing the festival thing this summer. Some people assumed she was already dead and was doing the zombie thing.

Morgan Saint


sandybrook said...

How is she B-list and when did Saint become a first name?

Do Tell said...

Since Kimbo and her idiot husband decided it was, I guess.

sandybrook said...

So North and Chicago have to be first names too. If I ever have a kid I think I'd name it Minneapolis or Mississippi. This way I can call her Minny or Missy.

Do Tell said...

Well, maybe they took their cue from Florida Evans from Good Times.

sandybrook said...

Yeah her too.. Or Flo Rida.

rosie riveter said...

Two first names hahaha
Enty still drunk

Katelyn Quinlan-Hinton said...


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