Sunday, January 06, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 29, 2018

They might actually make it to the altar, but there are already cracks in the relationship between the foreign born A+ list former model turned host/mogul. She can be super clingy and he thinks it has been great, but thought it would slow down after he popped the question. It hasn't. It has only grown in proportion. The last guy just lashed out by cheating on her repeatedly so it would end.

Heidi Klum


Do Tell said...

She needs a girlfriend to point out what she's doing.

Mischi said...

Heidi is so German in that she is so arrogant thinking she knows everything so she wouldn't listen anyway. I know from experience.

nancer said...

heidi proves the old adage that 'no matter how hot or beautiful a woman is, some guy somewhere is sick of her shit.' (this also applies to very handsome men, IMO, so not being sexist.)

aging is going to be hard for her. don't turn into madonna, heidi!!!

sandybrook said...

He's 29, she's not. He tours with a band he will find someone closer to his age and leave her.

HeatherBee said...

She needs to say auf weidersehen to that insecurity! People need to learn their self worth!!! Boy toys, bimbos and bottles ain’t gonna fix it.

Laurita said...

Some people just won’t listen though!

Do Tell said...

Her boytoy, looking for women his age, is more likely to run into chicks who look like that cast of Girls than chicks who look like Heidi Klum.

Unknown said...

Heidi is a Cling-On!

Bleu said...

Sure. All he can get are dogs. He's in the German boyband Tokio Hotel, which has had No. 1 hits and albums over there like any other semi-talented boyband with attractive members.

plot said...


You said it! Too many German women say they can't stand German men and their habits of being prompt, diligent, who go through the arduous task of explaining when they break up, who adhere to the age old practices of German these German women date guys from all over the place...and try to turn them into German men. It NEVER works! Seal is a perfect example. German women continue to be stymied by their relationship issues but arrogantly refuse to admit their own messed up preconceptions.

It's true for German men, too. One of the most messed up relationships I witnessed was a German man who married a woman from Alabama from a deep Southern family. Holy shit was that a train wreck! No conversation ever made any sense between those two. It was the stalemate from hell.

Anyone else wonder when Heidi finds the time to actually raise that gang of kids in between her fashion show and chasing younger men all over the place for sex adventures?

Mstyles said...

Heidi has always come across as desperate.
Let's not forget she married Seal while pregnant with another man's child.
She never has exuded class or confidence.

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