Sunday, January 13, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 14, 2018

This foreign born former A+ list celebrity in her own country who got some fame here with a sex tape is still A/A- list in her own country and is probably C+ list here. She is in danger of losing all her children if her coke use becomes known. She had given t up several boyfriends/kids ago, but is now back on.

Katie Price


Nemo said...

I doubt Pricey was ever off the coke, and if she was, she was probably still on something else. She's a stupid, selfish person.

Unknown said...

At the age of 40, even those fake boobs start to sag

yepthatsme said...

Maybe she should try to get in touch with jeff Bezos! He would definitely like her!

sandybrook said...

I don't know if any page 3 model should be called an A+ celebrity.

Lucky13 said...


I'd agree, if Katie hadn't been everywhere. Panel shows, reality shows for years, there wasn't a time when she wasn't on TV or in the print media for some reason or other.

Laura Ramona said...

She came out publicly on tv that she used pepsi..

Kimberley said...

She had a regular slot on a daily crappy TV talk show here in the U.K (and also had a line of Katie Price merchandise years ago.)
I still have a Katie Price small pink & gold cushion with a gold crown on it that I keep on my bed!
*Creeps out of the room with head hanging in shame*

Sarton Bander said...

She was very recently done for drink driving. She'd fail the drugs test if she failed the drink blood test.

Once you fail the breathaliser you do a blood test.

Nemo said...

@Sandybrook: She's A+ the same way the K-trash are. She's famous for being famous and while people may not like her, they know who she is.

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astra worthington said...

Didn’t her drug use cause her oldest son’s medical issues?

Krissie said...

Is she even on a list in the US? If I hadn't read a British tabloid once I'd have no clue who tf this is


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