Monday, January 14, 2019

Your Turn

What clubs did you belong to in high school?


Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

Friends, I got the results back from my medical tests, and the doctor seems to think I’m fine to masturbate all I want again.

Or as he put it, “Candy, you could have a stroke anytime”.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

I was on the intramural co-ed volleyball team. We focking rocked it!

sandybrook said...

None. I didn't get school spirit until the very last few months of my senior year. Then came college and not only no school spirit, I totally detested it. But finished it 1/2 late. So none there either.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

@sandybrook, I hated college, too. Just recently finished paying for it, though, 16 years later!

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sandybrook said...

Joseph, fortunately I went to CUNY which didn't cost much at all so I didn't have that to pay off, only good thing about going. I feel bad for everyone that never gets out from underneath that debt. It shouldn't cost tens of thousands of dollars to go.

Moose said...

@sandybrook - it should not cost twns of thousands of dollars to go. At the same time, parents and high school counselors need to do a better job educating kids that going to a $50-60,000/year school is most likely going to result in significant, and possibly lifetime debt. I'm dumbfounded at how people don't realize the hole they are digging for themselves getting degrees from schools they cannot afford to attend.

Ann said...

GAA (Girls Athletic Assoc) in the days before women were allowed to have funding for intramural sports.

:| raven |: said...

drama club, pep club and was a cheer leader!

sandybrook said...

Going to instate state unis and or city unis should be cheaper for residents than they are, but they do cost more for people attending from out of state. And the f'n prices for books now are completely outrageous.

Smalls said...

We really didn't have clubs, per se, but I was in band, choir, was involved in all the plays/musicals (acting, orchestra, lights, sound, set building) and generally being small and awkward with everyone. Not sure if that's a club, though.

Laura Ramona said...

Art club..

Gina Bina said...

I was in the drama club, chorus, honor society, yearbook and debate.

momo said...

French Club, Science Club, Speech Club, Debate Team, Journalism, Math Club. I actually played math games. Super geeky shit. Equations, the game was called.

cebii said...

I was in band and German club.

I loved university. I paid in-state and at that time, Texas universities were mostly subsidized by oil money. You could actually work a part time job and graduate with no debt. Can do that anymore. bummer.

Do Tell said...

None. I'm not a joiner.

Mrs Meat said...

Drama club of course. I supplied it all. After that it was Girl Guides, where it took me months just to get the badge that holds your scarf together. The only badge I managed to sew on was The Entertainers badge. I discovered boys after that and left.

Kimberley said...

The Young Farmers Club. I loved doing horticulture and beekeeping. Used to get the magazine as well. I was also in the choir.

fnchrstphr said...

The Stoners

fnchrstphr said...


shakey said...


Stevie Nixed said...

None. They don't exist here in Belgium. Not that I would have joined any.

HeatherBee said...

Cheerleading, FBLA, yearbook

LA Native said...

Pot smokers, all the way! And really nice VW owners group, it was pretty big in 70's Los Angeles.

Admin User said...


It was supposed to be YMCA related but it was the stoner club.

When I was 15, I went on a Baptist church camping trip with 8 teen boy and our counselor.

He let us drink, smoke pot, generally have fun.

When I got back I told my mom and she asked if I would smoke pot again. I said yes, so she said "I'd rather you do it at home than 'in the street' (like we were mainlining heroin or something)".

I told a few friends, overnight I became the most popular kid in the 10th grade.

The jocks stopped picking on me and would come to my house in the morning before school to get high.

This was in Central Virginia in the mid-70s - pot was very illegal.

The Tri-Hi-Y was the stoner club and I was duly inducted.

Cee Kay said...

I couldn't join any clubs. I was a bus kid all the way through high school and had zero options.

Hortensia said...

Jon belonged to the poop stain club.

More Cowbell said...

Lol. I was like Tracey Flick in high school. Spanish Club, Girl's Club (a charity group), Students Against Drunk Driving, and Field Ecology. I was also on the high school newspaper and a student-body member.
Now I do nothing -- I definitely peaked early! :)

MattDaddy said...

The Late-Blooming Insecure Virgin Club. Founder and president!

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

Nice story, @Admin. The Tri-Hi-Y ending up being the stoner extracurricular is going to be my go-to mental example of the phrase, 'you can't make this stuff up"

Trapped said...

I joined every club or organization I could, that was the only way I could stay longer at school.
Beta Club
Yearbook club
Debate team
Class President
Dance Team —— HBIC
VOLLEYBALL TEAM———- it never hurt that I’m 5”11 and proud of it
Speech Club
I was everything in high school and college was the same
College Volleyball Team
Basketball Team
On deans list
I came from a large family living on 25 acres of land, it was always work to be done, but if you’re doing something in school, no Chores..
I enjoyed being young and I’ve never did drugs and had my first drink 3 yrs ago and realized I wasn’t missing anything and it’s just not my cup of tea.. Just give me an ice cold coke cola and we good..

Cuddlebutt said...

Art club. But we met once. Other than that, nothing. Never was a joiner.


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