Monday, March 04, 2019

Blind Item #5

This past weekend her husband was sleeping with his long time mistress, but today that alliterate talk show host was shouting out her love for him. 


Sd Auntie said...

Wendy Williams?? Oh no

Tricia13 said...


This and That said...

Ugh I really hoped she wouldn’t come out today and defend him.

I really hope she has something up her sleeve that she can’t talk about publicly. I’m going to hold out hope that’s the deal.

Trapped said...

Wendy Williams needs help, she stuck on getting her butt beat from a man that don't like her at all..

E said...

Home due to the snow so thanks for the heads up I just turned it on

Brayson87 said...

Ugh either these blinds are completely wrong or Wendy's got problems. Or he's got dirt on her.

Vita said...

Yep..Wendy just gave loving "shout out" to her man of 28 years...most she acknowledged was "ebbs and flows," but until you see her without ring, there's nothing to report. Hmmmmmm, odd... Now she's calling Finding Neverland all lies...😒

lightgirl said...

Personally, I think Finding Neverland IS a bunch of lies, the power structure wanted MJ shut down and destroyed because he talked about what really goes down in the music industry and elsewhere. He was so beloved that they knew people would listen to him.
For a long time I bought that he was a pedo, but whenever the power structure tries so hard to bring someone down/destroy their name and standing, look for who profits, who is behind it.
They are so obvious too, if you look at the history, and with them black is white, and everything they push so hard is actually upside down and opposite.
I think Michael was an abused, sad, messed up, sad and fragile boy, but not a sexual predator.

Vita said...

Id love for you to be right, Lightgirl. I worry that the sad, abused, messed up fragile bit is precisely why he may have been guilty, yet not even have perceived it as wrong. Like, bc he had been the victim in the aggressive, abusive ways, BUT, bc he was desperate for connection, felt lovingly toward his "companions," etc, he did not equate one to the other? I honestly dont know, and would somehow, some way like the objective, uncompromised truth to once and for all be revealed.
What do you make of the housekeeper seeing his and child underpants floating in hot tub, him sleeping in bed with them (if you must have innocent sleepovers with other people's children, how about separate sleeping bags on the floor...esp when you know accusations of inappropriate behavior swirl around you?) much smoke

lightgirl said...

Vita, I hear you. And that's what I thought too, when i believed MJ WAS a pedo, that it was almost innocent with him.\
As for the housekeeper, major alarm bells for me with her story. I think she has been and will continue to be well remunerated for her lies and silence to the truth.
She presents to me as one tough cookie, probably has her family and friends set up for life. I think she is lying for sure.
But another thing that started me thinking this pedo crap was untrue was the fact of his very close relationship with Elizabeth Taylor.
I have read a lot about her including books, over the years, and I highly doubt she would have protected him as she did if he was a predator.
Whatever Liz went through on her way to the very top seemingly did not turn her into a tool for the pedo power structure.
I feel that once she died Micheal was defenseless.

Brayson87 said...
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Brayson87 said...

Oh FFS, it's exhausting just watching the mental gymnastics other people have to do to defend MJ's openly seriously f*cked up behavior, not to mention the sheer denial of every new piece of evidence that comes out year after year. Sometimes if looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and moonwalks like a duck, it's a pedo duck.
Like there were never any red flags about a guy giving strangers' kids wine and sleeping in the same bed as them? Everyone let a f*cking a pedo build his own damned theme park for kids in his backyard and nobody wanted to say a word because the truth was too terrible to believe. Disgusting. Children need to be defended from idiot adults as much as from the predators.

R in NYC said...

Wendy is too weak to leave that man.

:| raven |: said...

Brayson +1 million

Count Jerkula said...

Racheal Ray, because I am tired of Wendy Williams always being the answer.

daneff said...

@Count: I too, am REALLY tired of Wendy Williams' name and face!

Jooles said...

Amen @Brayson87. How anyone can still, after everything we know, claim MJ is not a pedo is absolutely horrifying to me. If someone told you fools that a random 40 year old man wanted to sleep in bed with your 7-year old son would you not immediately assume pedo? Just because he’s famous, people act like the obvious is not staring them in the face. Ridiculous. You should be embarrassed to defend him.

Aaaah88L said...

So disappointed in Wendy. She really defended that man on tv today I've been a fan of hers since her radio days but she lost all credibility today with me. I don't have an interest in watching her show.

I didn't expect her to give all details, but her to defend Kevin and act like everything is great... Smh

A. said...

I, too, was very disappointed with Wendy today. I don't know what I was necessarily expecting her to do...but it wasn't THAT. I was hoping to come away from it with some renewed respect for her...but I'm cringing instead.

Layla said...

The longer she stays with him the more she will have to pay out. He can't get future earnings. But this show is going to tank after this morning's laughable disaster.

lightgirl said...

@everybody, exactly! If it looks like a duck etc. I agree.
And the people that wanted to squash MJ have unlimited resources and contacts to make it look real too. And have a looong history of villifying/killing, paying off people in ways that the casual reader of mainstream lies finds impossible to believe.
If I believed that he gave kids wine, etc then I would likely see him as a pedo again.
But I don't.
And you may notice that I still have an opinion, but did not need to resort to name-calling like, well, everybody else who spit their beer out in rage at my little ol' opinion.

Brayson87 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brayson87 said...

@lightgirl, Fair enough, can you share more of your point of view? Such as why does this power structure as you call it feel the need to keep trying to shutdown and destroy MJ years after his death? How was he trying to communicate his truth to people before and after his death? After death I'm assuming recordings or documents not like a ghost thing.
Can you share just those details, at least to start? I'm sure the power structure and their methods would take pages and pages to describe.

lightgirl said...

@Brayson, I'm referring to Sony music there, and at the time head honcho Tommy Mottola. MJ was leaving Sony and TM was NOT a happy camper, he has been described as evil more than once. The kids that came forward before this I believe was just purely about exploiting MJ for bucks. Mottola had the money and power and friends to take MJ down. But Michael I believe was also sexually abused from a young age. And was probably passed around to all the bigwig pedos. Like many others. So he may have been about to spill the beans about it at the time, although I'm not aware of anything specific with that, other than second or third hand reports. And like a lot of survivors of childhood sexual abuse, he probably had unclear boundaries, or poor boundaries, until maybe he truly saw what he was up against.
Hahaha, no I'm not saying he communicated to me or anyone from the grave lol, although I don't object to other people doing so!
Here is a quote from Liz Taylor that I find very revealing as to MJ's character: “He is honesty personified, painfully honest and vulnerable to the point of pain. He is so giving of himself that at times he leaves very little to protect that beautiful core that is the essence of him. That is the thing that I love so much about him and that makes the world identify with him the way it does.”
Liz was said by many people to be a hearty, loving, honest (with herself too, none of that "how great I am" stuff) individual. True blue and no bullshit. And very savvy.
So if she can say these things about MJ, and love him so much, and with what I have learned from tons of research, I believe that the narrative is false and vindictive, and used to keep people from investigating just what underpins the film and music industries.
Especially how prevalent pedos in power are there, and the more fringe but nonetheless I am convinced true, human sacrifice, cannibalism and blood drinking among the elite of the industries.
I would love for more people to wake up and see how we are being manipulated, family values destroyed, etc. by these industries and that is why I say what I say, no matter the vitriol or ridicule.
I can't unknow what I have learned.
If people are interested in the info, there is lots of stuff, out of the mainstream of course, that they can research.
I might post some websites soon if anyone wants me too.
@Brayson, nice to see someone react decently to decency. Hurray for us!!

lightgirl said...

@Brayson, forgot to fully address one of your questions.
Why are they still after MJ many years after his death--I suspect it's because of all the stuff coming out like with Weinstein, Singer, et al. They NEED to keep the lid on or it ALL comes tumbling down. No more access to children, money and power.
And I feel it's also a warning to those who might talk.

Tally said...

@ lightgirl. I agree with you regarding MJ being passed around. He detested his father, whom I believe allowed the predators access to him. How many times did he say he didn't have a childhood? He hated his father so much that he left him nothing along with leaving nothing to his siblings, who rode his coattails. He was exposing Mottola as an evil person and said that Mariah called him and told him that Mottola was so evil. There is a video of him stating this.
MJ probably drank wine with the kids while he pretended to be young with them. He lived in a fantasy world and the children around him never seemed to be afraid of him. Children that are abused NEVER want to be around their abuser and are uncomfortable around them.

rosie riveter said...

Lightgirl might be on to something

Aoife said...

Interesting comment about the late Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson.

lightgirl said...

@Tally, I believe you about Joe Jackson and I have read this too.
Childhood sexual abuse often leads to very poor boundaries, plus MJ was reported to be so fey and innocent also.
So actually I guess I could see him drinking the wine too but on the other hand, could just be part of the bought and paid for narrative. So easy to fake evidence.

@rosie and Aoife, thanks, interesting subject.


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