Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Blind Item #3

It is not shocking that this actress was the only main part of the cast who was blackballed from the reboot. I mean, she was the only one from the tween show to call out the producer for his actions on set. Once again though, people have decided to bury their heads in the sand and collect a paycheck rather than speaking up and saying she was right.


Humor Me said...

Downton Abbey and the Maid?

Rosie riveter said...

You ARE 'the people' Enty.
You have decided to bury your head in the sand to collect a paycheck as well.
"Sometimes we hate in others what we see in ourselves"

Tricia13 said...

Boy Meets World or some Schneider/Nick show?
Danielle Fischel?

Tierney said...

A Tween Downton Abbey? Now that would be something!

Wasn't this what Amanda B was whining about?

Huckleberry said...

There are SO many reboots now, it's gonna be tough to figure this one out.

jane3113 said...

Amanda Bynes and All That?

Pissoff said...

#Metoo is Fake News/Alternative Facts

Cinnamon Sticker said...

Alexa Nikolas' exclusion from the Zoey 101 reunion -https://twitter.com/ExposingDanWarp/status/1156057552570015744?cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjc18y&refsrc=email

Jenni Westside said...


Now! said...

Has anyone seen the photo release from the 90210 reunion show? The one with the original cast, I mean.

It's 50 Shades of Plastic Surgery. Even Andrea Zuckerman has a tight face.

Jenni and Tori look the best - or maybe they got photo approval so they could pick the photo where they looked the best.

Jason Priestly looks like he's wearing a Jason Priestly rubber mask. Ian Ziering looks like he's standing in a wind tunnel.

Count Jerkula said...

How is blackballed.com not an I/R porn site? I guess DogFart was catchier.

Collateral Justice said...

"#Metoo is Fake News/Alternative Facts" @Pissoff
Pound Me Too is simple deflection through miss direction.
It's goal is to minimize media attention of underage sex slaves while making it all about adult prostitutes who become high priced Blackmail whores.
Because Elitist Pedophiles need all the help Hollywood pimps can get away with.

Good thing hero worship is an efficient tool for subliminal perceptions in marketing.
Starting with Walt Disney who with the OSS (at the time) could control talent through blackmail and extortion.
Think of it as mob rule with the puppet masters using emotional triggers on the clueless hero worshiping CHILDREN.

The only way Pound Me Too can succeed as a tool of the pedo-blackmail industry is if enough hero whoreshipers can attack whistle blowers while normalizing perversion.
Hollywood insiders have been doing this before Fatty Arbuckle got away with rape and murder of a child starlet. You sick fucks have gotten much better at protecting perverts since the partnership of the CIA(OSS) and Pedowood in the late forties.

Hell, Pedowood almost makes the DC Swamp look normal.
We now have a self admitted whore representative in our Senate, go figure.
Pedowood sucking off Slick Willy in the nineties was not enough. So you sick fucks start tossing Hillary's salad less than 16 years later.

All I can say is fuck you too.

Chillax said...

Could this be Tiffany Amber theisen? Saved by the bell for the tween show and 90210 for not being invited back?

The 90210 cast def had some work done. High def TVs are brutal. Reminds me of Always sunny cast; they got skinnier, more effort into their look and more polished as the seasons went on.

LunasGma said...

@CollateralJustice...you speak the truth! Good on you.

Take heart. While the Epstein ring is not the Hollywood PEDO Ring...There is enough of an overlap that will let Trump and Barr nail down Pedowood as well. I just CANNOT wait to see these animals go to jail!

Pixie Sticks said...

Jamie Lynn Spears and the Zoey 101 reboot.

Countervail said...

I finally got one.

Tina Majorino in the Hulu reboot of Veronica Mars. What exactly is Rob Thomas accused of?


We Stone Them said...

Truth. How dare he sit in judgment of possible victims of child sexual abuse* who don't want to put themselves at more risk when his exploitative jobby basically consists of mixing people's private traumas with rumours and lies without consent and while remaining anonymous.

Samantha the 1st said...

Rosie or anyone who blames Enty for ongoing abuse - what is Enty supposed to prove with gossip?

If it's an open secret doesn't it occur to anyone people are being threatened and/or paid off?

What's gossip gonna do?

Samantha the 1st said...

CJ why do you have to drag #metoo into it, which did NOT begin on social media and which has helped a lot of people, whether or not it ended with convictions. It rarely does anyway.

What is YOUR agenda with continually calling it 'pound me too' like rape is funny?!

How did your comment saying F YOU get through moderation?

Samantha the 1st said...

We Stone Them I didn't see where he said anything about the other victims - but there are always witnesses.

Enty is NOT a witness yet people here insist he go to - who? With - what? while denouncing him for supposedly saying that to *actual witnesses.*

Samantha the 1st said...

"Pissoff" - MeToo is a movement to support survivors of sexual assault. Many people have been helped by it and found strength in the visible show of support.

Of course that really pisses abusers right off.

Collateral Justice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sh!t4bra!nz said...

Zoey 101. JLS

Collateral Justice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...


Collateral Justice said...

"Truth. How dare he ... (snipped) ... while remaining anonymous.
Since attacking the victim is getting harder to do, going after the messenger is so much easier if pedophile apologist make it look like the asshole is virtue signalling his shit don't stink.

Truth be told this asshole is guilty. We have all in the past paid Pimps and Perverts good money so they could continue to exploit our own star struck children. Some still do, right hypocrite?
This is why I only bootleg quality content from BluRay rips. Borrowed from the local library or exchanged for used box sets for free Home Media server data. Read: your pedo-masters profits and job security.
Business is booming thank you very much.

I will bootleg Pedowood (including conservative content) until the the poorest library makes more than the pedo-protecting industry of elitist baby f#ck3rs. Wish me luck.

Samantha the 1st said...

If you don't like pedos or "pedowood" (avoiding obvious joke there will leave that for others) then support #metoo and other victim rights movements, and victim support movements. Many who were helped by it *were* child abuse victims. Child abuse victims are often re-victimized in adulthood, it's called "blood in the water."

How in the world would anyone claim to be against pedos while crapping all over #metoo.

It's HELPING their victims. Any group that helps adult victims does, too. If the kids keep on living they become adults some day!

Collateral Justice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Collateral Justice said...

#metoo is ONLY about adult whore/actor who wish to charge more after an agreed upon price similar to mutual back scratching.
What PoundMeToo can not include is children under 18.
Hell, it should not include Minors under 21 if drugs or alcohol are used to chemically enslave said minor.
Yet under 18 (and 21 IMHO) who have been exploited with drugs is straight up Human Trafficking because they are too stupid to legally drink/drug, let alone become a "consenting" whore under the influence.
Age of consent removes the PoundMeToo requirement of fucking your way up the ladder.
Which is immoral, but NOT illegal for adults.
A whores got to eat, but to charge more after fucking is bullshit and you know it.
The issue is Pedo-protectors pretending a child under 21 has legal consent to voluntary chemical enslavement. Be they drug pushers or Hollywood apologist working hard as pedo-enablers.

Screw adult victims. They should know better. Yet the punishment should be harsh and brutal if adults use drugs on minors. As in to "loosen them up" and rape them like a consenting adult.
We have no problem with Chemical enslavement by lawful adults.
Self medication with retarded impulse control as suicidal behavior based on poor life choices.
Which is a basic human right...
But. Not. For. Minors.

CDANobsessed said...

Jamie Lynn Spears- Zoey 101

Just saw a photo of the entire cast expect JLS...

Anonymous said...

Tricia I grew up next door to here I still talk to her cousin. Almost positive it’s not Danielle

Astra Worthington said...

If you don’t like pedophiles and don’t want to support them, then don’t pay for their products. Don’t watch movies, tv, don’t support them financially and denounce them at every possible opportunity. It’s really amusing to see all the indignation from preachy assholes about people not doing something, when they themselves don’t do a damn thing other than bitch and complain online. But really, it isn’t surprising in the least. It’s much easier to run your mouth and demand action from others, so you don’t have to do anything like turn off the tv and give up anything you enjoy.

Collateral Justice said...

" ... Don’t watch movies, tv, don’t support them financially and denounce them at every possible opportunity. ..." partial quote @Astra Worthington

Why? Classic's and even programming will always be easy to access thanks to tor and private networks with IP & Mac keys. Hell, box set's of old TV shows are being traded for 5 bucks a disc because used is flooding the market.

Did you know a box set of the first 5 seasons of GOT is just under $120 shipped in almost new condition? Donating the these to my library. They write down the bloody retail price as the donation. 800% profit as a donation plus hours worked. It's like I get paid to bootleg and then some. Weaponized IRS loopholes to steal is another fuck you.

The goal of Bootlegging is not to hurt the Pedophiles and elitist global control freaks anymore. Because they are being protected by suck ups and "good intentions" of decent folks who are considered disposable by Pedowood standards.

Look at this as a bitch slap for the apathetic folks who have been in denial while barely scrapping by. The same ones saying "not me" I'm just a working stiff in the Pedo Industry. Plus the ones who make Pedo-Blackmail work because of poor life choices and then scream the loudest in denial when the truth is exposed.

Just to keep a job propping up the pervert industry.
All I can say learn to code.

Samantha the 1st said...

Oh CJ...you REALLY Lost me here when you said:

"Screw adult victims. They should know better."

Shame on you - but at least you finally said outright you care NOTHING about abuse victims.

You OBVIOUSLY didn't read what I said about child victims BECOME adult victims in many/maybe most cases, so I'll return the favor and stop reading your (badly formatted anyway) rants.

dummypants said...

Ooh that Tina Majorino article is so juicy without saying anything. My guess is he intended to kill Mac off and when Majorino backed out, he had to pivot quickly which is why he killed off (SPOILERS) Logan instead.

This whole reboot has shown me that Rob Thomas thinks he's a lot more talented than he is. No one's going to offer him a real VM series after this debacle.

karma police said...

I too think it.s Veronica Mars. Rob really screwed it with those horrendous and senseless last 10 minutes. I fit.s VM, than good for Tina

mooshki said...

While I hate Rob Thomas as much as the next LoVer, this isn't him. Veronica Mars was not a "tween" show. There have never been rumors of him being a problem on set. It was Tina's decision not to be on the show - she wasn't blackballed.

Unknown said...

The girl who played Nicole, check her Instagram


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