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Today's Blind Items - The Birthday Gift

It all started with the decorator. There is a misconception as to where the trio came from. They went through the country they were said to have originated from, but in reality it was their second or even third stop. The decorator was talking to his best client, a ruler of a Middle Eastern country. The subject was the pedophile. The decorator started discussing the birthday of the pedophile and how he was going to be unable to attend a birthday party, but that a fellow countryman would be there. This particular person is an entrepreneur. Until certain forms of printing took off, every company used this guy's invention. Every company. Wealthy. Very wealthy. He and his girlfriend at the time were wonderful friends of the madam/procurer and often attended her parties. They especially enjoyed threesomes with the madam. As I was researching all of this, the girlfriend, who is a well known artist deleted all of her social media. It looks as if they split, but she had very close ties to the pedophile and madam and apparently doesn't want that to affect business. She also has hooked up with the pedophile Prince from time to time.

The designer, who is trying to distance himself in a hurry from the situation I am about to describe, was certainly happy to help a little over a decade ago. The ruler of the country knew of the pedophile. Knew him very well. Knowing him so well, the ruler wanted to send a gift. A gift which turned out to be three tween girls. How to get them from point A to point B? Enter the brother of the current President of the home country of our designer. The brother who shares many of the same predilections of the pedophile even though, his seem to be centered around roleplaying rather than actual pedophilia. That brother is probably more known to you than the former President of the country. The brother made some calls. This was a government that loved underage sex. A cabinet member admitted to having sex with many boys, but still served. This is a man who has always come out in defense of underage sex, including that of the disgraced director.

In any event, visas were obtained through the help of multiple government officials, including a female cabinet member who always seemed to turn up in sex scandals within the country. Our entrepreneur accompanied the girls from this country to the birthday party of the pedophile. No questions were asked at immigration in the US because the highest level of multiple governments made calls to make sure there would be no issues. The trio was delivered to the pedophile. No one is sure exactly what became of two of them, but one of them is still in the employ of the pedophile and, until his imprisonment was the person who had replaced the madam as head procurer.


Tricia13 said...

Epstein and the Sarkozy brothers (France) and..?

sandybrook said...

Are the decorator and designer the same person?
Anyway Epstein/Ghislane/Randy Andy and whoever leads Saudi Arabia?

Tricia13 said...

Anyway-Ghislaine and maybe Azzedine Alaia for the designer? Printing guy/entrepreneur-? Hewitt?

MontanaMarriott said...

Ghislaine Maxwell-Madam
and ????

Moose said...

Karl Lagerfeld/ Laurent Macron?

MDAnderson said...

The brother of the leader Oliver.Sarkozy, brother of Nicholas Sarkozy and married Mary Kate Olsen.
Cabinet member was Frédéric Mitterrand

Count Jerkula said...

Another reason to dislike the French.

Monkeyweather said...

Pedophile prince...
Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud, imprisoned with other family members since their attempted murder of MBS, which occurred in Las Vegas 666 days before the recent Gilroy shooting.

MyDogSmiles said...

Epstein/Maxwell/Prince Andrew/Prince Alwaleed bin Talal aka "Dopey"

Alf Landon said...

Nada Marcinkova the procurer
Also Brian Vickers' wife Sarah involved somehow

Alf Landon said...


Mark Andy said...

Remember folks , Trumps brother has been dead a long time.

Alf Landon said...

Epstein has a deformed penis. According to testimony it is egg shaped (whatever that looks like)

Guesser said...

Olivier Sarkozy Mary Kate Olsen's husband for French President 's brother,Epstein Pedo, first madam Gissille? Maxwell, need help for the others., No group solve with moderated comments.

Boldblonde said...

Martyn Lawrence Bullard?

Dane said...

Rachel Chandler as the madam’s replacement.

James Howlett said...

Alf you know what they say about omelettes.


Benny Landa

Dane said...

Rachel Chandler as the madam’s replacement.

VikingSong said...

Is Epstein another reason to hate Americans, @Jerkula?

Grow up.

Count Jerkula said...

Google Shorty Mac Porn, that may be egg shaped.

Or did they mean it looks like a robins egg in a nest?

Rosie riveter said...

Oh, gross.

mooshki said...

Could be worse; could be shaped like Toad. #PresidentMushroom

Gollum's Wing Man said...

Has anyone seen a plain gold ring with the inscription "precious?" Asking for a friend.

Badsaw said...

You need to elaborate

codyave said...

1. decorator/designer = ?
2. Middle East ruler = ?
3. pedophile = Jeffrey Epstein
4. entrepreneur = ?
5. entrepreneur's gf/well-known artist = ?
6. madam/procurer = Ghislaine Maxwell
7. pedophile Prince = Prince Andrew
8. former president of a foreign country = ?
9. former president's well-known brother = ?
10. foreign male cabinet member = ?
11. disgraced director = Bryan Singer
12. foreign female cabinet member = ?
13. Maxwell's replacement = Rachel Chandler

m said...

well-known artist: Tracy Emin

P keel said...

Jean-Luc Brunel is one of Epstein main procurers

MDAnderson said...

Disgraced director is Polanski.

Count Jerkula said...

He was a Mossad asset, so if you are hating America for his actions, you would be showing your ignorance.

And "hate" is a strong word, which i did not use. Again, you inability to recognize nuance puts your ignorance on display. Hate is a term saved for Canadians, because they couldnt drive the French out of our hemisphere. Haitians got it done with no support, using shovels and machetes.

Samantha the 1st said...

Doesn't it seem like the victims who make too much fuss or do not 'adapt' well are either killed or traded endlessly and (either way) disappear? The ones who adapt all too well and become part of the game wind up as abusers or complicit silent employees.

SDaly said...

Buidling on codyave and others above:

1. decorator/designer = Phillipe Stark
2. Middle East ruler = ?
3. pedophile = Jeffrey Epstein
4. entrepreneur = ?
5. entrepreneur's gf/well-known artist = Sarah Lucas?
6. madam/procurer = Ghislaine Maxwell
7. pedophile Prince = Prince Andrew
8. former president of a foreign country = Nicolas Sarkozy?
9. former president's well-known brother = Oliver Sarkozy?
10. foreign male cabinet member = Frédéric Mitterrand?
11. disgraced director = Roman Polanski
12. foreign female cabinet member = Rachida Dati
13. Maxwell's replacement = Nada Marcinkova

Samantha the 1st said...

m, do you think so? I wondered who would buy her 3 months' old lain in filthy bed, and why, and why she's so famous, and well patronized.

Count Jerkula said...

Dont like that black hog, Rosie? Shorty Mac signature series not going on yer wishlist?

Count Jerkula said...

Try Wesley Pipes then.

Lucky13 said...

Would the leader be the guy from the UAE who's taking his ex-wife to court after she took her kids and fled to London before she could be murdered for leaving him?

FrenchGirl said...


m said...

Samantha - Tracy Emin seems to be friends with Prince Andrew's daughter, plus seems like a freak.

"Until certain forms of printing took off, every company used this guy's invention. Every company." What came before 3D printing?

codyave said...

...did Larry Herbert ever have a girlfriend who was a well-known artist?

Pantone creator Larry Herbert to divorce wife of 30 years
New York Post
May 18, 2017

"The wealthy former chairman of color giant Pantone, Larry Herbert, 88, is divorcing his society fixture wife, Michele, after 30 years.Larry, who invented the world-renowned Pantone [Color] Matching System, has had “something of a late-life crisis” and has asked Michele, an attractive former dancer, actress and talk show host, for a divorce, multiple sources told Page Six.

The couple have been regulars on the social scenes of New York and Palm Beach, Fla., after Pantone sold to X-Rite Inc. for $180 million in 2007.

They shared a sprawling Park Avenue apartment and a lavish Palm Beach mansion.

One source told Page Six, “After 30 years of marriage, Larry suddenly told Michele that he wanted a divorce. She is devastated. He is keeping the Palm Beach mansion, and their Park Avenue apartment is on the market.”

The source added that the couple has a prenup, which “protects Larry’s millions very well, but isn’t so great for Michele.”

Michele is famed for spending Larry’s money on philanthropy and high fashion. At a 2015 Rita Hayworth Gala for Alzheimer’s research, Michele told the Waldorf Astoria crowd — including Yasmin Aga Khan and Brooke Shields — “I put my husband’s money where my mouth is.”

She has reportedly given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the organization and served as the gala’s chairman.

Michele also threw a lavish 80th birthday party for Larry at the Breakers, which was attended by the likes of Denise Rich, Ivana Trump and US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and planned by Harriette Rose Katz."


KnitWit said...

Have seen one with glow in the dark elvish script...

Alf Landon said...


Alf Landon said...

the egg-shape description is in an affidavit if anyone wants to look for it. Then there it this -this sicko has issues.
"He took off the towel,” Mary told Pagan. “He was a really built guy. But his wee-wee was very tiny.”

Notagoodscreenname said...

I think most of the excessive detail can be omitted. It’s just confusing.

SDaly said...

Changing the artist guess to Emin. Her former "partner" Scott Douglas a/k/a Scott McNee seems to have a lot of money and is very sketchy.

BlindAsTheNextGuesser said...

Except for the fact that he died in 2012 would make currently distancing himself as fast as he can from this incident rather difficult, famous decorator Alberto Pinto was listed on Epstein flight logs and in his black book. Pinto worked all over the world including the Middle East from his base in Paris. His work includes yachts and luxury hotels. He is alleged to have been involved with the design or decor for the buildings on Little St James. Pinto was of Moroccan-Argentine descent with a Sephardic Jewish heritage. He was very cozy with the rich and famous including Middle Eastern royals. His work was noteworthy for "Orientalist"/Middle Eastern designs.

Working on the Entrepreneur. Every company in the world had a Xerox copier or a Dot-Matrix Printer before Digital Printing Technologies such as laser and inkjet became more popular, but I can't quite establish an entrepreneur/inventor with a well-known artist girlfriend (not a wife?) yet. I like the Barry Landa bio, but his equipment seems beyond what "every company" would need, and is probably still current technology.

For the Artist: Tracey Emin seems like one of a half dozen sufficiently wild-child types, but very hard to pin down her relationships other than Scott Douglas, and he does not fit for the inventor. Interestingly, she once claimed to have been sexually assaulted at a party by a much more famous female artist whom she did not name.

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

Not you, FrenchGirl, you're delightful.

EponymousAnonymoud said...

Lol - Question 1 at his deposition. https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/7d39j2/jeffrey_epstein_deposition_sir_is_it_true_you/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

EponymousAnonymoud said...

Heres the 2006 statement ofprobable cause. It’s probably in there. I don’t want to sign up for it or read that mess, but thought I’d share in case anyone here was interested.

codyave said...

1. decorator/designer = Phillipe Starck
2. ruler of a Middle Eastern country = Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
3. pedophile = Jeffrey Epstein
4. entrepreneur = ?
5. entrepreneur's gf/well-known artist = ?
6. madam/procurer = Ghislaine Maxwell
7. pedophile Prince = Prince Andrew
8. former president of a foreign country = Nicolas Sarkozy
9. former president's well-known brother = Olivier Sarkozy
10. foreign male cabinet member = Frédéric Mitterrand
11. disgraced director = Roman Polanski
12. foreign female cabinet member = Rachida Dati
13. Maxwell's replacement = Nada Marcinkova

codyave said...

YOO by Starck makes first venture into the Gulf
Arabian Business
Nov 7, 2006

YOO, the brainchild of world renowned designer Philippe Starck and property developer John Hitchcox, is to make its first venture into the GCC through, a partnership with Dubai’s Galadari Investment Office (GIO).

YOO by Starck, which will provide complete concept design for the interiors of the G Tower — including all the apartments and amenity spaces as well as landscaping the pool area — has designed properties in London, Sydney, Buenos Aries, Hong Kong, New York, Toronto, Copenhagen and Miami. “Dubai is undoubtedly one of the world’s fastest growing and therefore most fascinating cities,” said Hitchcox.

“However, as someone with an acute visual awareness, I have noticed that many of the new buildings here lack a genuine aesthetic value and developers are therefore relying on marketing gimmicks and cut-price sales to lure investors. Philippe [Starck] and I didn’t want to settle for anything less than the best and the commitment and professionalism of the GIO team assured us that the G-tower was the right choice.”

Rashid Galadari, chairman of Galadari Investment Office, added: “I believe that upon completion the G Tower will truly be one of the Middle East’s most appreciated architectural marvels. Through working with Vacha and YOO, GIO is redefining the art of living in the UAE, incorporating a ground breaking design ethos with a level of finish that is as yet unheard of here,” Galadari added.


Xo said...

@BlindAsTheNextGuesser Albert Pinto is a great guess. His sister took over his business when he died. See Page Six: https://pagesix.com/2015/01/08/epstein-rendezvoused-with-sex-slave-before-pimping-her-out/.

Maybe this will help us solve the riddles, Epstein's little black book: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/07/jeffrey-epstein-high-society-contacts.html.

SDaly said...

Found this on Scott Douglas a/k/a McNee:

“Unlike Emin, Douglas is not a working-class overachiever. Friends say his father was in the oil industry, based in the Gulf.”

Haven’t found out what business he was in or the supposed technological invention. But, like Epstein, even his friends seem to know little about him.

Bathoree said...


justme again said...

replacement, Ray Chandler.

codyave said...

"This particular person is an entrepreneur. Until certain forms of printing took off, every company used this guy's invention. Every company. Wealthy. Very wealthy."

Entrepreneur = ...counterfeit money operations manager?

"Security Thread and Microprinting (1990): A security thread and microprinting are introduced in Federal Reserve notes to deter counterfeiting by copiers and printers. The features first appear in Series 1990 $100 notes. By Series 1993, the features appeared on all denominations except $1 and $2 notes."


Gladys Kravitz said...

Decorator Alberto Pinto

codyave said...

Etymology: en·tre·pre·neur — from French 'entreprende', to undertake

Entrepreneur = French counterfeiter/Frank Abagnale?

Wikipedia says he had dual U.S./French citizenship.


Collateral Justice said...

"He (Epstein) was a Mossad asset, so if you are hating America for his actions, you would be showing your ignorance." end of (edited) quote @Count Jerkula
Jeff was groomed and "controlled" by the CIA. He was entrenched in BCCI to the end. Which was a US Government run Bank for Clinton/Bush doing the Iran(drugs)/Contra(guns) gig. These same OSS/CIA swamp rats used Pedo-Blackmail on both foreign and domestic power brokers and A list celebrities.
So you are saying the CIA is weaker (and poorer) than Israel? As in less funds and man power? Hell, our spooks have more field agents and slaves than there are Jews in Israel. By a long margin if what I hear from North Korea. That ain't the Jews, that's all Skull and Bones doing the Blackmail thing.

And you blame a tiny country in the Mid East and/or Elected officials with dual citizenship.
USA does not have a Mossad problem, we have Treason and Espionage problem with US citizens who only a fraction of a fraction own dual citizenship with Israel.

Astra Worthington said...

Well well well! We’ve got a Hasbara here now. You’re big time now, Enty!

I also loved the lame dig at Trump, amazing how some people’s TDS seems to pervade every aspect of their lives. Seek help!

Samantha the 1st said...

So is the art world just as 'dirty' as the showbiz world?

Is that how questionable talent gets exalted?

Dirty bedfellows?

Flashy Vic said...


A very high percentage of art in galleries, museums and in wealthy collections is totally fake. This has always been the case.

The main reason for the art market to exist these days is money laundering. Just like the movie business.

not a libtard said...

It's not Azzedine, he's dead.

I agree with collateral justice. It's pretty obvious that Mossad has bigger fish to fry than kiddie fiddlers, otherwise, Israel probably wouldn't exist anymore.

Leave the legal and religiously authorised pedophilia to muslims...it's thinly thing they're obviously great at.
Unless you can name me another one..............

molly said...

not a libtard......actually Mossad is into kiddie fiddlers and much much more. But the pedophilia is the best way to blackmail our "elected officials". Nobody wants that label. That way they vote for corporations not US. Do you remember a recent law that was passed out of DC that helped people? I don't. Anyway...here are some more connections to kiddie fiddlers besides Mossad...good company they keep.? https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1156307202728026112.html?refreshed=yes&fbclid=IwAR1XMcFEgriYPnxxgdV2q0_U8Im1gO8L7H

gauloise said...

is the entreprenuer someone from the photocopier industry? desktop printing kind of killed that off

Samantha the 1st said...

Thanks Vic...

Another illusion shattered! *tear falls*

"A very high percentage of art in galleries, museums and in wealthy collections is totally fake. This has always been the case.

The main reason for the art market to exist these days is money laundering. Just like the movie business."

Samantha the 1st said...

My 2nd question would be how do I sell crappy art to people who need to get rid of a few mil?

Only half kidding.

With my weird karma my 1st time taking graft would be the day they bust the caper wide open, and I'd be the patsy splashed across the headlines.

Why am I talking like a 1940s gangster movie...

Guesser said...

@Flashy Vic and @Samantha the first, Geffen sold two of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

Count Jerkula said...

Samatha, first you start a charity, then people donate art that you auction off. After that you pay yourself a gaudy salary to run the charity, while throwing a few shekels to breast cancer research or one legged blind rescue cats or a school for girls in a country no one heard of or to victims of sex trafficking.

Samantha the 1st said...

Guesser - Interesting.

CJ - Ahh is that how it's done. Thank you.

Some_Analysis said...

@ Samantha yup Vic is right. I moved to NYC to get my MFA in painting and I was beyond naive. The contemporary art world here is so totally fucked. After graduation, I gave up painting and now work on a small organic farm----at least no one is stashing their ill-gotten $$$ in kale! I still love art but it was too much of a bummer to be part of that world. Unchecked capitalism has a tendency to eventually ruin everything it touches.

designace001 said...

Buidling on codyave and others above:
Agreement on guesser are starred

1. decorator/designer = Edward Tuttle, Seattle native who resides in Paris did Little St. James with Aman Resorts (big in Malaysia), typically builds exclusive Island resorts you never have ever heard of, for less than 55 guests and has 1st degree ties to Marc Rich and iirc Soros. Interestingly in the past week all corporate info has been scrubbed from majot financial sites like Bloomberg <--this is worth an entire dig on it's own merit

2. Middle East ruler = Al Waleed bin Talal*
3. pedophile = Jeffrey Epstein*

4. entrepreneur = no clue
5. entrepreneur's gf/well-known artist =

6. madam/procurer = Ghislaine Maxwell*
7. pedophile Prince = Prince Andrew*
8. former president of a foreign country = Nicolas Sarkozy*
9. former president's well-known brother = Oliver Sarkozy*

10. foreign male cabinet member = This one


11. disgraced director = Roman Polanski
12. foreign female cabinet member = Grace Mugabe?

13. Maxwell's replacement = Nada Marcinkova*

doood said...

i really hope i'm wrong, but
"a fellow countryman would be there. This particular person is an entrepreneur. Until certain forms of printing took off, every company used this guy's invention. Every company. Wealthy. Very wealthy."
that's either al gore's internet, or paypal.

doood said...

maybe bezos and amazon web services fit the description better.

NoHopeLeft said...

A couple shots in the dark, but...

Entrepreneur: Michael Vasilantone

"As t-shirts became popular, screen printing was being ever more improved. American entrepreneur, artist and inventor Michael Vasilantone began to develop, use, and sell a rotary multicolor garment screen printing machine in 1960. This quickly became the most popular garment printing machine (and still is today), and garment printing also became the most popular form of screen printing."


Rainer Maria Latzke

"In the late 1980s Rainer Maria Latzke began to develop new techniques for the production of murals, which led to the invention of the Frescography and the CAM Software. This patented technique consists of a computer programme, the Dreamworlds Design Studio,[5] which allows the user to assemble individual mural designs using a large selection of cut-out images. Prior to starting a design the dimensions of the wall are entered into the software to create a workspace reflecting the project wall. The designs are then transferred in the artist's studio onto a single canvas in wall size and then attached on site using a similar procedure as with wallpaper. Frescographies take only a few hours to design on the computer, and are produced and delivered within a short period of time (2– 4 weeks). Retailers advertise that the product is as close as possible to a perfect mural. It is currently being sold by over 300 franchisees in Europe. Frescographies can be seen in public buildings such as the Vienna Rathaus (Vienna Town Hall) or the world's largest sailboat, the Royal Clipper. There are currently around 300 dealers in Europe distributing Latzke's Frescographies under the brand name Frescomaster."

codyave said...

Entrepreneur: Michael Bloomberg
Invention: Bloomberg Terminal
Girlfriend: Mary McFadden

designace001 said...

No, it's this one. Where is Schneiderisnext? Bacon +++ for Enty


codyave said...

Designer: Francois Catroux?


patz said...

You all forgot Naomie Campbell and her Boyfriend architect??


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