Friday, August 02, 2019

Blind Item #3

Apparently the one named foreign born singer didn't have that surgery she spoke about having. She just thought it sounded cool.


Tricia13 said...


Troy Dyer said...

Grimes and the eye surgery

Vita said...

Grimes...something with her eyeballs? Girly is going to find a way to Mars, whether Musk can get her there or not!

Kate said...

Did you seriously think she had part of her eyeballs scraped off and replaced with something she made herself?

That post was such an obvious parody of people who take bio-hacking to crazy extremes.

MeliticusBee said...

NTM - even if she did it...which she didn't - she doesn't know enough to explain it since what she says - would work the opposite way.

Blue light is needed in seasonal affective disorder - to eliminate depression. That is why they say "go out into the sun" in the morning.

An orange eye matter how well made....intended to block blue light will INCREASE the chance for SAD.

Wallis Simpson said...

Grimes is so obsessed with colors and design. She would never have a surgery that would remove the color blue from her vision lol. She's just making shit up. Sounds kind of fun.

Samantha the 1st said...

They've been selling those indoors UV lamps or whatever, to battle 'seasonal affective disorder,' for years. Do they not work?

SAD if anyone dunno, is thought to be a genetic legacy of nordic ancestry. Generations of low sunlight levels, causing depression somehow in the winter time when people are indoors more often.

Never really made sense to me...But they did find a correlation between depression and lack of vitamin D. The sun gives vitamin D. Centuries ago there were no Vitamin D supplements.

Wouldn't taking Vitamin D be a lot easier than getting orange in your eyelid or whatever. Or is she about drama.

SlimKeith said...

There are a lot of stupid but also sick, deepressed/suicidal people out there, it was really irresponsible of her to tell people she actually had the surgery and it was successful. What an asshat.


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