Thursday, July 11, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 2, 2019

This Southeast Housewife wants a raise that doubles the next closest Housewife in any of the franchises.

Nene Leakes


Thorne said...

She has to let Kenya know who's boss

AvignonVagabond said...

Kenya already knows-they came begging for her after last seasons viewership dropped by almost half...



Trapped said...

I thought she was already the highest paid housewife..
Their show is the highest rating of all the housewives shows
So those figures Bravo puts out are BS

Troy Dyer said...

I think NeNe was highest paid on ATL, but other franchises (NY, BH, OC) pay higher. She probably just wanted to be aligned with the other OG’s

Jimbonius said...

Anyone who allows themselves to be called NeNe deserves to be paid $0.00

Boldblonde said...

Yessss @DontQuitYourDayJob Twirl on them haters.

AvignonVagabond said...

@Bb-You KNOW IT Babe! Haha Xx

CrabClaw said...

I wish they would give the world a break and fire all those skanks.

Thorne said...

OF COURSE Don't Quit is a Kenya fan.

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