Saturday, July 13, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 3, 2019

The parental unit of this foreign born A lister in his corner of the music world made his closest statement to date that he is starting to break from the party line the foreign government wants told as it relates to the death of the A lister.



sandybrook said...
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Tricia13 said...

I hope they find a way to get the truth out.

Rosie riveter said...

You mean **The Murderrrrreeer**

Collateral Justice said...

What good is reporting organized pedophile Blackmail operations or the government under belly who manipulate it?
Run by our very own National Security assets as if a weaponized IRS is not a clue.
Just ask Seth Rich if whistle blowing can be fatal.

His premature death was not witness tampering.
Seth's sacrifice was a global message that Deep State does not F#(K around.
Yes Mr Podesta, we heard you loud and clear!

Say, think Epstein has all his assets linked to the Deep State? Follow the money and the bodies are near by.

Entertain Me, Pleb! said...

So 28-year-old Swedish alcoholic DJ & music producer, Tim Bergling, didn't traipse off to Oman (Islamic: no booze, no music, apart from some tourist-ish exceptions) to off himself? But that story has always struck me as 100% logical.

Doesn't it just "feel" real?

The only other explanation might be that he got drunk in a hotel, then went out, drunk, and was accosted for being drunk, and for carrying a wine bottle around. (And by "accosted," I mean cut and let to bleed out--possibly even beheaded. He did die of blood loss, apparently.) Perish the thought!

Badsaw said...


Yaccub said...

Russian troll

tehbird said...


And for all those that can’t handle the truth at this time, I get it, but it’s all going to come out soon, so open your mind and get ready. Nothing is what it seems, not even history. Nothing.

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Dreaming said...

Who the hell goes to Muscat, Oman on vacation?


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