Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 2, 2019

This foreign born A list singer who frequently works with this A+ list singer hasn't publicly supported her because he is trying to work with a different A+/A list singer who works with someone else and doesn't want to upset them.

Ed Sheeran/Taylor Swift/Ariana Grande


Lucky13 said...

Until I was forced to listen to one of his songs on a long car ride with a family member, I'd never heard any of his music.

Having heard that one song ("Shape Of You", I believe) and other since, I can only wonder how he's such a huge star when his music seems to appeal mostly to those who like the blandest, shittiest excuse for whatever "music" is these days.

I just don't understand it. Give me some rock and/or roll, or some great metal music any day of the week. Shit, the newest Rammstein album's had catchier hits than Sheeran's entire back catalog put together.

Anonymous said...

+1 Lucky. I don't get his appeal.

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

Give me Rammstein any day.

That sounded vaguely naughty. It wasn't meant to be.

sandybrook said...

Du Hast

Red Velvet Boots said...

Same. But I did like his collaboration with Andrea Bocelli.

Heather said...

Lucky-I agree! However, I do like his new one with Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars. You barely hear Ed in it LOL.

Field must not be blank said...

He just screams "I'm just trying to get my pickle tickled"

TeeHee@U said...

LOL all three mentioned in this reveal have bland music. I thought AG's last album was a lot catchier (for gym workouts) than he latest stuff. I kind want both her and TS to go away out of the limelight...FOREVER.

Classic Rock/ Some Alternative Rock/ and Classic Country here.

Ed Sheeran is married though to the girl he dated for years and years. He seems decent in that sense.

Freebird said...

It’s so weird to me how people so severely cut down someone else’s taste in music. Music taste is so subjective. Most of it is based on emotion. It’s pretty childish to verbally assault others, just because they don’t have the same taste in music as you do. 🙄

Flashy Vic said...

What the fuck happened to just doing your own damned music?

Flashy Vic said...


One of the most beautiful women I've ever seen was the Snow White on the video for Sonne.

orangesoda said...

I'm partial to a bit of Mongolian Throat Singing myself. Now that really gets you going at the gym.

YummyBoogers said...

If Sonne is the song I think it is by Rammstein, then its haunting. *runs off to YouTube to confirm*

Krissie said...

lol Ed Sheeran's music is hit or miss like anyone else. No one needs to get their panties in a twist

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Boo said...

@orange soda - ROFL!!

As for Sheeran, zzzzzzzzzzz. Bastard got into GoT. The song was cool, but seeing him in that scene took me out of it. That was Ed, not a character.

If Ed didn't cheat on his girl after dating her all this time, then yeah, I like him. Hard to find that now-a-days.


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