Thursday, July 11, 2019

Blind Item #6

One kiss and apparently the alliterate talk show host has a guy living with her and ready to get married. She wants the world to know she has move on but this is kind of ridiculous.


Tricia13 said...

Oh Wendy

Count Jerkula said...

I like that she knows her limitations and is just bouncing from pimp to pimp.

Jimbonius said...

She's all shades of screwy. Damn girl, get a hold of yourself.

Aquagirl said...

He’s already publicly said that he’s not into her. She must love public humiliation! Stay single for awhile, Wendy, and try to develop some self esteem.

JL said...

She’s just having fun with her newfound freedom. An upbeat Wendy is so much more fun than a subjugated, drugged up, possibly poisoned one. Peoplr are giving her lots of love these days. Her friends and son will keep her grounded. Plus she’s pretty shrewd. She’s a lot of talk.

B626 said...

She’s in Menopause
Do ya really think she moved him in
to bump uglies 24/7?

tinydancer61 said...

+1 @Aquagirl.

Rosie riveter said...

How embarassing

J said...

Those ankles... hope she's cutting big checks.

SnarkyAngel said...

Her meds need adjusted. I can't even handle her effusive giggling ATM. Where's the Snark Wendy?!

Trapped said...

Poor Wendy trying to prove to the world that she can get a man.. Please take care of yourself

Aquagirl said...

@Trapped: Anybody can ‘get a man’. The question is, what issues are you willing to put up with regarding said man. Having a husband who cheats on you, steals your money, and gets his mistress pregnant? Dating an ex-con? Telling the public that you’re so happy with a new guy when he’s publicly said he’s not into you?

The last thing Wendy needs at the moment is a man. She needs to focus on herself & her physical and mental well-being. Maybe she should stop hanging with the K’s, and find some real friends to help her through this difficult time.

Troy Dyer said...

🎵one kiss is all it takes
Fallin’ in love with me🎵

Anonymous said...

I look like all you need

Sing it baby

Krgl420 said...

she's full of it.
I love wendy, but the charade needs to stop.
she probably still cries herself to sleep every night :/

Mahogany1 said...

I think she is having a real breakdown her husband was drugging her or had her addicted to

Vita said...

Preach, Aquagirl!

I enjoy Wendy, even though I was gagging during her Kardashian droolfest😜.

She says the ankles were diagnosed edema that is being treated with a circulation machine

Thankfully the young'un was just a friend that she was Mother Hen-ning, and she'll get herself more rational about the doc.

Still pulling for her!

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