Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 29, 2019

Just as I told you a few weeks ago and already revealed, this former A-/B+ list actor from an acting family where he never was the biggest doesn't have enough money to get divorced, let alone, get married. The girlfriend he was supposed to marry is starting to realize it too and their relationship is on the rocks.

Kevin Dillon


Troy Dyer said...

*cue another Entourage movie*

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HushHush said...

Come-on Vinnie I really need this.
Maybe you should talk to Turtle.
I have, he says it'll be great. Aside from that he's out of ideas.
What about that Sunday rap service thing?
Eric got drunk and let that slip, now Kanye doin it. Friggin Ari's even talent casting and packaging for him!
Well there's always the Banana shack!

sandybrook said...

I think the Entourage movie was so bad, they buried it under sixteen tons of sand on the beach.

Boo said...

Why his GF/Fiancé thought he was flush to begin with since Entourage was long ago and I doubt he even made THAT much money is beyond me. He's better off any way if that chick was after what little he had. If he told her he was the millionaire of the world, one she's stupid for believing him and two, again, she's a gold digging loser. Dillon, I think he's a loser. He doesn't strike me as a dude with a full pack. If in fact he's a nice guy, my apologies.


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