Thursday, July 11, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 2, 2019

This former A- list mostly television actress showed that what she really cares about is publicity and credit, rather than bringing attention to the #MeToo problem. She is now taking that frustration public and wants to be lauded by the world.

Rose McGowan


TeeHee@U said...

Same as Evan Rachel Wood and attacking Stranger Things for publicity.

Seriously, just come out and say Marylin Manson abused you both and you are utterly insane because of him and being whored out at the age of 18. THey are both just batshit and have my sympathies, but, the dancing around and not calling out their actual abuser makes them enablers in my book.

Todd said...

I can honestly say that I even before the #MeToo movement blew wide open, I have never cared for Rose McGowan. She came across as just a run of the mill actress with no great talent.

f handles said...

Nobody Cares

tinydancer61 said...

Throw Alyssa Milano into that same bucket too.

alan said...

it takes two to tango, and i put more blame on roberto rodriguez, but she contributed to the break up of that marriage

J said...

You can like or dislike her prodigious acting talent, but I won't stand by why people say bad things about Rose in her role as the #empowered #truthtelling #brave #leader of the #metoo movement.

Did I say #brave?

flyingtiger said...

To Alan,
I afree. It is Rodriquez that ruined her and destroyed her confidence and self esteem.

JT0130 said...

Evan Rachel Wood's issue with stranger things is so stupid, because she knows it was make believe. There is this trend of being PC with fictional stories that I can't understand. Now I understand if the creators of these stories have a record of being problematic, but if not then why say anything. If you don't like fictional stories that contain racist, sexist, controlling, or manipulative characters then don't watch them. Hollywood would stop funding these stories if people stop consuming them.

I do believe when actors/actress are no longer considered in demand, they have a lot of time on their hands to think of how they were mistreated in the past and use that to make them more marketable somehow. You can tell when there is a lack of intersection in their cause. It is mostly about them. Milano and McGowan are so transparent when it comes to this.

TeeHee@U said... on, 100%. ERW is on Westworld right now, but, she could never make it outside of the HBO world really. Instead, she had to project her past sexual abuse with MM unto a fictional TV alpha male in the 80s who adopted and protected a girl he loved to pieces but was also gruff.

I am a woman and men are allowed to express their feelings. Even anger as long as it not violently.

Truthfully, it is like when the roles start drying up, these actresses claim "victimhood," but never seemed to have issues when they were younger and demand and riding the casting couch.

The question is when do these women accept they were also enablers as 97% of all actors do not work at any given time..mainly, not because they suck but because they refused to take a ride on the couch.

The 40+ actresses still working have not really said much on MeToo: Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Naomi Campbell, etc...because they benefitted from the fucked up system...when many actresses simply said : NO.

The true victims are the ones who were kicked out Hollywood for not giving in.

Sunkist said...

Once you get Alyssa Milano in that bucket, could you please kick that bucket down the stairs? Thanks ;-)

Count Jerkula said...

Some day there will be cures for AIDS, Cancer and Stupid, but Crazy will live on forever.

TeeHee@U said...

haha true that...."You can't fix stupid...or crazy."

BRAD PITT said...

#MeToo founder Tarana Burke was asked why has the MeToo movement ignores Bill Clinton's victims

she replied 'Who did you vote for?'

meg said...

Everyone is so right about Mcgowan and Evan Rachel Wood project their issues. EVERYONE knows Marilyn Manson is fucked up. I'm shocked he hasn't been officially called out yet. Either they're terrified or he has an incredible legal team. It's disgusting to me that he cheated on a woman he was with for like 7 years with an 18 year old that looked like she was 16.

Boo said...

@Meg - Exactly. I'm sorry, but they have zero sympathy from me and I'm a woman. I understand women that date a man that seems all that and then turns into an abusive asshole that they think will change, etc, etc. These bitches WALKED INTO a relationship with that asshole creature Manson KNOWING he's a big time loser abuser and then cried about how he did this and that later. Bitches please. I don't even know the guy and even I know he's a monster, DUH.

As for Rose, Asia, etc, and this #METOO movement, I believe in that movement, BUT these chicks completely ruined it and turned this very serious issue into a joke, a bad name, liars, not to be trusted, etc. There are REAL women out there who need their voices to be heard and with these two Luciferian assholes in "charge" they didn't care about fucking for roles, they WANTED the attention to resurrect their washed up careers. They saw the chance and ran with it. You have to be VERY naive and fresh off the bus in Hollywood to not know that its one of the most cesspool industries in the world. You want in? You pay the price. You think as a powerful woman you're going to have control over these men? Its a MAN'S WORLD in H'wood. Always has been, always will.

We've known about Weinstein for years. Why couldn't these women band together and make his sorry ass pay for it then? You can't tell me that back then these chicks didn't talk on the down low. Even Brad Pitt wanted to kick his ass. So why didn't the BF/Husbands band together and do something about it? Ah, because they didn't want to lose roles, be blackballed, etc. Well, if you feel that way about it, and STILL want to fuck that disgusting pig, then don't go crying to the press later when things explode. How are we supposed to feel sorry for you? When all you wanted is bigger roles and that damn statue? If that's what it took, stand behind it and be the whore you are. Same goes with the men. So sick of this "movement" and these "stars" banging on about it. Easy to do when you're living large and flush while us peons suffer in silence. Give me a break.

syanide said...

Marilyn Manson never abused Rose McGowan. Evan Rachel Wood? Possible. But his ex wife Dita Von Teese is still very close friends with him.

Either way they’re both (Evan and Rose) attention seeking assclowns.

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LucidDreams said...

I cant believe this site is still trashing her


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