Sunday, October 13, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

October 4, 2019

The four named actress is now soliciting for drugs and prostitution right in the open on social media. I called the police for a welfare check, but those who are closest to her need to get her help immediately or she will be dead.

Paz de la Huerta


J said...

How's stardom treatin' ya?

sandybrook said...

Of course you did Enty because we all know you feed the authorities info every, single time you get some don't you👏?

Notagoodscreenname said...

She’s deleted her IG. Is she soliciting on FB?

Thia said...

She's also not on Twitter (no checkmark).

herbert arnold said...

heres a good article from oct 1 that explains her situation in more detail.

Thia said...

I just finished reading that @Herbert. It looks like she had just deleted her account prior to this article being published.

A.Claire said...

I just read that today @Herbert. Very sad situation. Hollywood is so evil.

Vita said...

Ugh, hopefully someone in her life is keeping an eye out for her

sandybrook said...

She lives next door to her mother on the upper west side of Manhattan. She does this willingly, so she's got someone.

Freebird said...

I saw a report earlier in the week that she was admitted into a psych ward. I believe it was a “5150” type of deal.

Boo said...

Honestly, she needs to be committed. She's been a hot mess since Boardwalk Empire! That was some time ago. I don't think I've ever seen her not blasted.

I hope she gets the help she desperately needs. If she hasn't been 5150, then she could very well be using private IG/Twit/FB/Insta accounts.

In her own way, she reminds me a LOT like Anna Nicole Smith. A lost soul surrounded by vultures intent to put her into the ground after using her up.

Could someone PLEASE run over Weinstein with their car?! Even a bicycle would do, anything to potentially cut his puss-infected wiener off. Or else she's going to end up with a "Spacey Double-Tap Special".

MissDavie said...

She was a party girl prostitute then and she's a party girl prostitute now. Who would hire her for anything knowing she's going to flip it into abuse?

Count Jerkula said...

Rates, menu items available and contact info, please.

Count Jerkula said...

Come on, Harvey didnt make her a mental junkie. Being a mental junkie made her a target.

JerkStore said...

That's a shame

Angela said...

Could Enty put together a list of the blind items he posted about her being a trainwreck until 2017, you know when everybody(*) assumed she was just partying too much, and that there was no trauma, like the aftermath of being raped, involved?

I'm pretty sure it would make for an informative read, especially given that Enty has taken pride for being a major source of "info" on Harvey Weinstein before the scandal broke out. Paz de la Huerta was just regarded here as a laughingstock, basically a younger version of Bai Ling, an ethnic actress with little talent besides being really comfortable with nudity. It's just when news spread out that she had claimed that Harvey Weinstein had raped her that we suddenly saw some friendly concern about her.

(*) And by "everybody", I include myself. Like some other people, I had taken at face value the posts from a few years ago at 4Chan by some anonymous crew member from Boardwalk Empire, which dwelled on her onset tantrums and body odor (the guy was actually right on many other accounts). I even talked directly to people who wanted to work with her on some other project, but had to give up, given how much of a mess she was, one of the few times in my life I had some direct Hollywood gossip. Nobody had any idea of what she had gone through, and there was this ongoing narrative that she was just some party girl who had become a meth head.
Still, I wasn't interested in really spreading such "news" on her. But it's true that I endorsed and regarded as true, without any second thoughts, any story posted about her being an unredeemable junkie. She was just a magnet for mockery to my eyes.
All this to say that some degree of self-criticism by Enty would make this sudden outburst of empathy on Paz de la Huerta slightly more plausible and slightly less of an opportunistic operation.

AtlantAnne said...
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AtlantAnne said...

@Angela, why don’t you do a search and compile the blinds yourself?

AtlantAnne said...

Has anyone seen her bizarre & desperate cameo stalking Louis Theroux when he was making a Scientology documentary? That kind of gave me insight into who she is... a highly manipulative woman who uses her sexuality & “crazy” as a means to an end. I don’t buy what she is selling.... but i still don’t wish her harm.

Angela said...


The tampon story was first mentioned by Lainey's Gossip in 2011.

Then de la Huerta first appeared on CDAN in June 2012 a side character in a long blind item about Mandy Moore. Mandy Moore was the good girl, de la Huerta was described as an actress who "generally has to resort to getting naked to get cast", which later turned into the generic "loves to get naked" description.

July 2012: blind item about her drunken blackouts, that shows some degree of concern (mentions her friends and the new boyfriend who is a bad influence)

October 2012. Now, that's where it gets interesting. She's famous for having a threesome with a reality star and her boyfriend, and for being a meth head. The overall tone is negative.

November 2012. Turning tricks in exchange for meth in Miami.

December 2012. Cokehead, was sleeping with four different guys, got pregnant (hence some gain weight), had a miscarriage after 14 weeks, now back to coke with a vengeance.
If it were true, it would have been a good time for a concerned Enty to "call the police for a welfare check"...

April 2013. Sequel to the previous one. She's upset that she can't afford to pay for some Adderall to lose the weight from her pregnancy. What a loser. And a bitch.

May 2013. Another development. Got pregnant and miscarried twice. Now trying to get pregnant for a third time. Only has herself to blame for the loss of her career. She "had a chance to make it big. She was on one of the best shows on television. She had a great part. Then she started taking drugs and boozing at all hours and lost the show."

October 2013. Offers threesome with a ladyfriend, but is asking too much and finds no takers. Enty teases about a reveal that comes up three months later.

December 2013. Had to sell almost everything she owns, her rates are much too high to get any taker, lives with three roommates in a one-bedroom apartment, supplied by her boyfriend on Oxy and Adderall, but has given up on meth (hey, wasn't she supposed to be on coke too?)
It would have been another good time to "call the police for a welfare check"

Angela said...

March 2014. She has found clients all over the country, who offer her thousands of dollars for sex. Once again a meth smoker.

May 2014. Gave a blowjob behind a potted plant in the garden of a restaurant ten feet from other diners. Got kicked out of the restaurant. (Revealed in August)

September 2014. Was turned for months into the private sex slave of a female director in exchange for a big part in her first film, as she couldn't get offers in other projects due to her issues. Now blackmailing the director and production.

November 2014 (from this point until 2016-2017, the AGC webpages addresses are outdated, as CDAN was using then a different host). Her real problem is pills (not meth or coke?). Got a week long lost weekend in her apartment (apparently not the one with the three roommates). Enty got it from her maid.

In 2015, there were just two blind items. She was sober for a while, then had a relapse during promo for a film she had shot. And she is also revered for the quality of the pot she grows at home.

And, in 2016, there's just one piece, but it's so much of a doozy that I've searched the current link on CDAN:

She was already turning tricks with her teacher in her private high school, along with her friend Alexis Dziena. Both move to Hollywood, where they pose as actresses, but mostly escort. Start doing drugs. Dziena gets her act clean, de la Huerta doesn't. She's a paranoid mess, and the bulk of the BI is about how one time, she stole the gun of her drug dealer, who wouldn't extend her credit, shot rounds in his living room, then threatened her married boyfriend at his place with the gun in front of his family.

Angela said...

Between 2012 and 2016, there is just ONE story collected by AGC on Paz de la Huerta coming from a different site. CDAN was the main online source of gossip on her, and you can see that the tone was most of the time very negative, calling her for all her issues, including the drug addiction. Now, Enty is suddenly concerned about her, in an almost paternal way.

Everybody, especially on the Internet, loved to pile on Paz de la Huerta in those days. Her behavior was erratic, she was a mess, she was regarded as ridiculous. Hey, Michael K from Dlisted loved to call her "Spaz de la Huerta". Now, I don't know how much being raped by Harvey Weinstein in 2010 affected her and contributed to her issues, if that was the source or just a factor. People react differently. But the web definitely didn't make it easier for her to recover from her addictions, and CDAN was in its own way a major reason for that, posting almost every blind item on her during three or four years. That's why I think that doing an unmentioned 180 on her, now putting emphasis on the help she deserves is quite the hypocrite thing.

Totto_ said...

Do you guys really think Paz was a mess just after BE? She was already one before she got that role! You know who was the first famous guy she hooked up with? Scott Weiland, mind you, this was waay before he got married again and fell back on the coke, she has always been a mess and I don't think she'll ever change, when you were born being a mess you don't really know how to behave another way.


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