Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 18, 2019

The multiple Oscar winner turned Emmy winner/nominee threw some shade at the showrunner for the show which got her win/nomination. She knows he is screwing over the cast he used for years to line his own wallet.

Jessica Lange/Ryan Murphy


longtimereader said...

Ryan Murphy a douche? well colour me surprised.

Angela said...

Revealed, but still not true.

Jessica Lange is involved in his new Netflix show, The Politician. That's not "throwing some shade at the showrunner".

Besides, the previous stories about Murphy having a new contract for American Horror Story granting him three times the money are simply not true. AHS 1984 will only have nine episodes, while the initial order was ten, which means LESS money compared to the contract, whatever it is (TV contracts are based on a per episode fee). And FX wouldn't give him such a deal, given that the audiences are dwindling (it's the ninth season) and that he wouldn't bring them any potential new hit, given he has an exclusive development deal with Netflix.

CDAN piling on the same stories over and over doesn't give them any foundation. Sarah Paulson was also supposedly mad at him, which is why she didn't return to AHS. Truth is she's starring in a Netflix miniseries he produces.

Marie said...

She hated working on AHS. Not surprised.

Do Tell said...

Patiently waiting for another season of Feud. I have a feeling I will be waiting for years.

MJ said...

i haven't seen AHS and i will NEVER ever again see another Ryan Murphy show, but by what i read around it is a low level season

Angela said...

@Marie Well, she didn't. She said last month that there was some camaraderie among the original troupe of actors, and that she really loved doing season after season, as they were all different characters. Then, the cast slowly changed and she isn't interested in connecting with the current cast.


@MJ AHS is basically some hate watch apart from the occasionally compelling episode. This season is no exception. It toys with the clichés, but after a while, it's just clichés and people stabbing each other in the woods in the middle with some supernatural mumbo jumbo.

Habibti said...

He probably did the same to the Glee Cast.

MJ said...

Angel, but you believe anything that actors say?

Audacity17 said...

Jessica Lange was absolutely brilliant on this show. So much for art Ryan.

notthisagain said...

he's also buddy buddy with bryan singer...somehow he's been able to keep that underwraps....

I always got sociopath vibes from murphy

Krabapples said...

AHS has always been absolute hack rubbish.

Brayson87 said...

I get the impression that Jessica Lange can throw shade with just a glance. ;)

Season 1 Murder House of AHS is a must watch, everyone was bringing their A game. Other seasons varied, as is typical with a show with many seasons. If you like witches then you'll like season 3 Coven and season 8 Apocalypse, old Hollywood and ghosts then season 1 Murder House and season 5 Hotel, freaks season 4 Freak Show, etc. Cult was great after the 2016 election. I didn't care much for season 2 Asylum or season 6 Roanoke, but they had their moments.

I'm glad they're reducing the number of episodes, sometimes there's a bit of filler or convolution that aren't necessary. It's a streaming world now bro, no more piece work pay, no need for unnecessary episodes.

Angela said...

@MJ Her full answer is articulate and makes sense. The show was often made watchable because of the performances of the regulars. Denny O'Hare was always a blast, but he single-handedly made Hotel tolerable, Frances Conroy could chew some good script, etc. And it's normal, due to the anthology nature of the show, that there would be some shuffle among the cast. After eight years, it can get repetitive, and the different actors are not attached with options, the way they can be on a regular show. That was part of the reason for which they got people such as Angela Bassett or Kathy Bates.

And yes, I'll take her word over some anonymous report that she can't stand her old boss and that fails to mention that he's also her current, and future, boss, given that The Politician is renewed. That's a sloppy blind, which mostly shows that readers here will believe any crap.

TeeHee@U said...

I liked AHS season 1 and 3, but, for the most part, all of Ryan Murphy's stuff is way too campy for me despite all the talent in the cast (minus Emma Roberts of course).

I do agree that you would not keep working with someone over and over again if you think you/ other around are being screwed over and you do not have to.

MJ said...

" I'll take her word over some anonymous report that she can't stand her old boss and that fails to mention that he's also her current, and future, boss, "

What you fail to understand , is NOT that she" cannot stand her boss", she saw ( according to Enty, that Ryan took most of the money for the serie, saw that the serie would have lacked quality and so, bailed.Then , Ryan offered her a NEW ( not old like AHS) , interesting role, put enough money in it, and she accepted.
People are ok with known pedophile, in Hollywood, but you cannot believe that someone wouldn't work again with someone that perhaps took some money one time, but then put enough money in another project?

P:S we may even say that" i saw there weren't the actors i have worked with anymore, so, i wasn't interested " = "there wasn't enough money to pay the ctors with whom i liked to work, the product wouldn't have been of quality, to me, so i wasn't interested" she just used others words, bc of course, she couldn't say the truth

Angela said...


I gave you the short version, but if you need a very basic explanation, no TV show has ever suddenly tripled its budget just because the producer decided to ask for more money for himself, especially in its ninth season, as it is claimed by a whole series of blind items here. The network knows the ratings, the production costs, the contracts with the cast, etc. They're also under new ownership because of Disney. And Ryan Murphy couldn't try to strong-arm the network for a huge raise in exchange for some new project expected to be a hit, because his new development deal is with Netflix. FX, at this point, has absolutely zero reason to care about paying favors to Murphy.

Then, who is in the cast of the ninth season that Lange would care for? Besides Emma Roberts and John Carroll Lynch, she hasn't worked with anybody from the current cast.

Nosy newbie lurker said...


MJ said...

@Angela,i don't want to know what would have een the LONG version

anyway THIS answer of your makes sense, and was my perplexity as well, not Jessica working again with Murphy, bc that was ridicolous

but about this, you forget that Ryan STILL has others shows on FX and FOx, such as 911, Feud , etc, so, yes , FX STILL has interest to keep Murphy" happy" or, as you sayy " care about paying favours to Murphy"

it has..i assure you that it has

Angela said...

FX was sold to Disney, FOX still belongs to the Murdoch family like the rest of Fox Corporation (as Disney couldn't buy some of the 21st Century Fox assets because of competition concerns and the Murdochs wanting to keep Fox News). These are two totally different groups. So, we're off to a somewhat bad start if some of the basic facts are wrong.

FX may want to keep on the air shows such as American Crime Story, Feud and Pose (which is far form being a huge ratings draw by the way) plus American Horror Story, but they've tried for a couple of years to become less reliant on his shows, especially since they know that he won't bring them anything new as Netflix would get the exclusivity of any project produced by Murphy. And most of these shows are still covered by existing contracts where all the parties involved just have to sign the option for a new season rather than do a full renegotiation, as it happens after five or six seasons or when the network tries to keep the costs down.

That's also a point that the series of blinds conveniently forgets. Murphy signed last year a record contract with Netflix for $300m. Why the hell would he spend time trying to bleed dry FX for AHS? He would be this guy who removes a little butter on the toasts some company still buys him, to save a few cents for himself on each toast, while he charges a premium to his new main client for some bubbly wine.
It looks like the author of these blinds hasn't even heard of the deal or read the series about the "money laundering streaming service" here, because it would have been so much easier to imply that Murphy was embezzling money from Netflix.

By the way, a whole season of American Horror Story costs in the $35-$45m range, including the current one. FX wouldn't let the budget rise to $120m, especially for a show with declining ratings. It would be higher than a whole season of Game of Thrones, Westworld or American Gods... No executive could stay in place after such a decision. And every other producer would ask FX for similar terms on their own shows.


MJ said...

" FX was sold to Disney, FOX still belongs to the Murdoch family like the rest of Fox Corporation (as Disney couldn't buy some of the 21st Century Fox assets because of competition concerns and the Murdochs wanting to keep Fox News). These are two totally different groups. So, we're off to a somewhat bad start if some of the basic facts are wrong.

and who said that they are not two different groups?? I just brought Fox AND Fx bc you said " FX, at this point, has absolutely zero reason to care about paying favors to Murphy."( since now he has a deal with Netflix ) which is true but he STILL has deal for others shows of his, such as Pose, 911,Feud, PERHAPS new seasons of ACS etc, so, yes, FX might STILL have reasons to please Ryan..don't try to do the teacher, if you don't understand what others say

for the rest, having seen what Fox let Murphy do with glee, i would be more caautious about what a network can allow Murphy to do, even going against its own ( network ) interests, the dude is a sick bastard that gets what he wants

MJ said...

" which is true but he STILL has deal for others shows of his, such as Pose, 911,Feud, " i meant for others networks ( bc apparently you have to specify, otherwise people don't understand ) is not like the deal with Netflix stopped these shows, and Netflix has no exclusivity

Fuchsia said...

The best part of 1984 is Cody Fern. He is such a talent.

Boo Kitty said...

Current season doesn't even feel like his influence is on it, like it's being phoned in.

Angela said...


No, no, no, this is not how development deals work.

Ryan Murphy Productions has an overall deal with Netflix Studios, which includes an exclusive development deal. Every time he has a new idea for a show, Netflix Studios will pay him and a crew to develop the idea until it's a fully fleshed project (not necessarily a pilot, but more than just two sentences scribbled down on a piece of paper tablecloth). That's the whole development phase. It's between creative people (who often have their own company) and a studio, to give the creatives enough resources to develop an idea. Then, if the heads of programming at Netflix (different division compared to the studio, but very close) are interested by the project, it reaches pilot phase or they directly order a whole season of a show to Netflix Studios, and the two Netflix divisions have a production deal, with Ryan Murphy Productions being attached to it.
Netflix Studios has absolutely no reason to find another broadcaster if they don't greenlight the project or if they decide to cancel it after a single season, because they compete with regular television and wouldn't give some of their own assets to them.
The $300m from the Netflix contract are just an estimation, not figures written in stone. They'll come from:
- the money that Netflix Studios will invest into ideas by Murphy to turn them into viable shows, whether they're ultimately produced or not
- the fees owed to Ryan Murphy Production for each episode ordered by Netflix to their in-house studio (or Fox, as we'll see it)

But there's a bunch of shows still produced by Ryan Murphy at his old studio, 20th Century Fox Television (now a division of ABC Studios/Disney Television), that still air on Fox or FX. These ones are unaffected by the new deal (because they got out of the development phase years ago), and they're covered by regular production contracts and options between studios and broadcasters for potential new seasons. If they want it, Ryan Murphy and his associates may spend a couple of weeks every year coming down with the story and themes of a new American Horror Story season (being a showrunner is not development in production terms), but they can also let the other people from the writing team do the job, as it's already the case for American Crime Story or 9-1-1.
Actually, both The Politician and Ratched were bought by Netflix before the development deal was signed. They carry a Fox logo as they were developed with (and now produced by) 20th Century Fox TV. Netflix don't fully own these shows.

There was the same situation when JJ Abrams' Bad Robot had its development deal move from ABC Studios to Warner Bros. They didn't cancel Lost because of that, but after the deal was signed the new shows carry a Warner Bros logo (and Warner has sold them to Fox, NBC, CBS, or HBO, etc. They've even sold shows to Hulu and Apple TV+).
Or when Shondaland entered a deal with Netflix Studios. Grey's Anatomy is still being produced by ABC Studios and Shondaland. But any idea by Shonda Rhimes for a new show will be developed with Netflix Studios, and they won't consider any outlet other than Netflix to release it.

All of this to say once again that Murphy couldn't magically decide to triple the budget for American Horror Story at FX, just to pocket the difference. There are contracts in place that establish guidelines (just like with any longterm deal between regular providers and suppliers) and Murphy couldn't even lure them with the promise of a new hit show, as Netflix gets the exclusive rights on any new idea.

Jeez, there's nobody here familiar with film or TV production... Shouldn't there be hundreds of "insiders" given the number of blinds posted here that could be of some interest to them?


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