Friday, November 29, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Anniversary Month

August 15, 2018

He was there that night. No one knew that before. Oh sure, they knew he was in town, but not actually there there. It was a lead followed by the man simply known as The Investigator. Apparently he was hired by a life insurance company because of a policy taken out in the name of our deceased singer. That policy was for $15M. It was taken out about six months before the singer died. The beneficiary was someone very close to him. Apparently The Investigator discovered the singer was aware of the policy because he had a medical exam for it. Apparently, the singer thought the policy was just a $500K policy for covering short term expenses in the event of his death.

The insurance company has not paid the claim yet. They have been dragging their feet, but the beneficiary, after complaining for several months, suddenly got quiet. Too many complaints was leading to lots of questions. The Investigator was a Secret Service agent back in the day who focused solely on financial crimes. He knows what he is doing.

He has spoken to well over 50 people who were present that last day and night of life. The most important piece of evidence he discovered was also the most deadly. Earlier this Spring, he spent two hours talking to a former actress who is probably a B+ list celebrity now. She named a name of a person no one had thought to talk to before. That person was A list in their corner of what they did in the entertainment world and one of the best friends of the B+ lister.

The Investigator found out that this person spoke with the deceased singer alone for nearly an hour at about 6pm. They had a history together and trusted each other because of some experiences they shared in the past. The B+ lister also told The Investigator that the hour long conversation was a prelude to a meeting that was going to take place at breakfast the next day. The singer never made it. The B+ lister said the A lister told several people he was supposed to meet the singer the next morning to discuss something very important. Nothing other than that.

The B+ lister told several people she has spoken to The Investigator and that he was going to talk to the A lister about what was said. The meeting never happened. Instead, a day or two after the B+ list told people, the A lister was dead. Forced off the road and killed. What did he know? What was he going to meet the singer about? Someone knew there was going to be a meeting the next morning. That same someone knew he couldn't be allowed to meet with The Investigator.

Chris Cornell/Taylor Momsen/Kato Khandwala


Whitney said...

I cannot wait for this house of cards of the pedo elite to come crashing down.

Thia said...

@Whitney, if that ever happens, I think we will be shocked by some of the people involved.

David Andrews said...

What's the pedo angle in the Cornell affair?

Mom said...

Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington were looking into elite child sex trafficking, got too close to the truth and were subsequently suicided

longtimereader said...

Geffen, alluded in previous blinds which ties into a whole lotta billionaires.

David Andrews said...

Thanks, Mom - you never steered me wrong.

David Andrews said...

Why is Chester Bennington dead? Is there a good link?

Mom said...

Hi David. Not sure if I can post links here but I will try.

If it doesn't work go to neonrevolt dot com and search "Chester" in the search box

That'll be a good starting place. I recommend anything from Neon Revolt, who also these blinds... hi Neon :)

Mom said...

Neon *reads these blinds

Simon Jenkin said...

fanfiction is fun, huh

Fuchsia said...

Ooh, I forgot about this one. Still not sure how much of the Cornell blinds are true, but what I do know is Vicky and her disgusting family need to be exposed.

Kayki said...

So, after some heavy googling, and connecting some dots, I’m prepared to offer up a theory:
I think Vicky (the wife) took out the $15 million insurance policy on Chris Cornell. Because of the 3 year Suicide clause, she couldn’t carry out her plan until at least late 2019, because the policy was taken out mid-December 2016.

Chris threw a wrench in his wife’s plan by actually committing suicide on May 18th 2017. Kato comes into play because Vicky was an opportunist, and decided to try and get the life insurance money anyway. This is why and how Kato ends up dead. You see, rumors were swirling right after Chris’s death about how Vicky was leaving him. She had wanted a divorce. Close friends of Chris has made public statements in the weeks following his passing. The problem was that if this little rid bit about the divorce had gone mainstream, it would have given Chris a motive for his suicide, something Bicky was vehemently contesting, as part of her plot to acquire the $15 million life insurance policy. And kato knew about the impending divorce, because he was in Detroit the night Chris killed himself, and spoke to him before his concert. Vicky couldn’t risk Kato going public with this knowledge, or it would have been detrimental towards her efforts to get Chris’s life insurance.

See, from the beginning, Vicky was lying about her last phone call with her husband. She lied about what was said. It’s much more likely the phone call went something like Chris telling her calling vicky to say his peace, before committing suicide... he called his wife to say goodbye.

Vicky embellished the fact that Chris seemed to be severely impaired & under the influence, because it went along with her narrative that Chris suffered an accidental overdose, rather than committed suicide..... because, remember, there is a suicide clause in the life insurance policy.... so Vicky was saying & doing everything she could to make it sound like Chris suffered an accidental overdose, instead of a suicide, so she could cash in. She even contested the court ruling, and sued Chris’s doctor, in hopes of changing Chris’s cause of death to “accidental overdose”. The courts denied her requests, but had they granted them, she could have collected the $15 million. This is why Vicky has always made it sound like Chris wasn’t in his right mind that night.... she was trying to manipulate the investigation. Kato was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and knew potentially damning information regarding Vicky wanting a divorce (remember a divorce would have provided motive for Chris to commit suicide, and Vicky couldn’t have his cause of death listed as a suicide because of the suicide clause in the life insurance policy). I know this all sounds jumbled together, but I didn’t know quite where to start. I hope I was able to paint a clear picture of the people involved, and what might have gone down. What’s ironic, is that Chris killed himself, before his wife could kill him. With a plot like that, the poor bloke didn’t stand a chance; he didn’t have a prayer.

pickyvegetarian said...

chester is pedestal son... they look just alike and cornell and chester were definitely about to expose too much , i really think they were both murdered


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