Friday, November 29, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Anniversary Month

September 17, 2018

What do you do when you have reached maximum saturation on your attempt to scam all your fans? You have to find new fans. With no chance of that happening in the numbers he needs to keep his spending habits afloat, he went and found a chump. A pawn if you will, A pawn who happens to have way more fans and fans that have not heard the donation message before.

The thing is, just like in most long cons, you have to have some kind of bait. The bait in this case is a never ending supply of drugs and sex with any gender he wants. It is limitless. He has to do nothing but make himself available for pictures and then the all important social media begging for money. Oh, sure, it will be framed that he wants to be a part of the crusade, but he only wants to be a part of it because he thinks there will be money in it for him too. There won't be. Oh sure, he was promised a whole bunch, but it will never be seen. He should run away right now, but he won't. He took that bait. Hard.

Corey Feldman/Aaron Carter


Flashy Vic said...

The Bonfire podcast and Sirius XM radio show hilariously rips the piss out of Feldman and all his scams. Worth a listen.

Also but O)T congratulations to the Met police in London for the way they delivered true justice to a 'religion of peace' advocate who murdered two people on London Bridge this afternoon. It's just a pity innocents had to die before this scum sucking dogshit was despatched to join his pals in Hell. The police response is videoed on twitter.

Elvis Belushi said...

Amen to that, Flashy Vic.

Frederick said...

So is Aaron the one being used?

pickyvegetarian said...

they're both idiots

Habibti said...

Aaron is always being used. By his family,friends and managers. I dont see this ending well.


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