Friday, November 29, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

October 19, 2018

Oh, well you look at the deal this A- list mostly television actress from two very hit shows airing simultaneously has managed to achieve. Not only has she managed to get a sibling hired by the network show she is on, she is using that credit to steal money from even more parents.

You see, the sibling runs a "workshop" for young actors. It is a scam. It preys on parents who want to get their kids in the business. They use the name of our actress and her big hits to get people to pay money. That money is for "workshops," but never amounts to anything that was promised or implied to the parents about the success their kids will have. There is an organization that alerts parents to scams like this and has tried to warn people about the sibling scam. One specific organization that has been at the forefront of stopping them has been trashed everywhere online by a bot farm which was retained by the sibling and her partner. At the same time, the bot farm generates comments and articles on fake websites that praise the "workshops."

It is really distressing that the awful showrunner of the network hit is allowing this to go on with what looks like his approval.

A- list actress: Ariel Winter
Shows: "Modern Family" and "Sofia the First"
Sibling: Shanelle Workman
"Workshop": "Gray Studios" 
Organization: A Minor Consideration


Anonymous said...

So what. It’s not she invented the scam. There’s still guys out there offering paid classes on how to apply for post office employment

Count Jerkula said...

No different than all the Baseball Camps that have a past part time major leaguer show up for a session that bleed out delusional parents. Fools, money, parted. They deserve to get ripped off.

Andi said...

Well, her sister is a failed actress, got fired over Raven Simone for the show that was renamed "That's So Raven", she the sister has got to make bank somewhere.

The thing is, they just are doing "workshops" that they used to attend with their mom when she was a desperate stage mom.

Brayson87 said...

Should be fun when Ariel Winter starts doing depraved sh!t on HBO.


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