Friday, November 29, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Anniversary Month

December 13, 2018

I find it ironic that the person he tried to frame for murder is actually the one that helped him become a star. Several decades ago now, there was a fairly popular late night show that was part of a late night lineup on a cable network that kind of faded away. One of the stars of this show was beloved and was set to be on to bigger and better things. The thing is though, one of his co-stars wanted the spotlight all to himself. What to do? Kill your co-star. So, he did. Before he did though, he arranged for his co-star to have an affair with the wife of this A list writer/director. So, when the star was murdered, the police immediately looked to the A list writer/director as the culprit which gave enough time for the murderer to hold a vigil at the crime scene and invited thousands of people to attend. Thousands didn't show up, but enough did to make any hope of ever getting evidence impossible. Later, the A list writer/director helped the murderer land his own show never knowing the truth.

"New Wave Theatre"/Peter Ivers/David Jove/Harold Ramis/"The Top"


IndieRaga said...

Just discovered these guys...this was years before I was born !
The perpetrator died of Pancreatic Cancer according to Wiki, I hope it was very painful for him !

zerooptions said...

This has been floated before! What I haven't figured out is how a black belt got bludgeoned to death. I've wondered if he was drugged by someone then killed.
I'm pretty sure this is in his biography.
I miss that show on USA cable network / Nightflight
Anyone remember that corny "Ned Weber" investigator show?

Notagoodscreenname said...

Anybody can be bested in a fight. Not all black belts are like Bruce lee or something. I took karate. Harold Ramis is thought to have had this guy killed? Ramis seemed like such a nice guy! I was confused at first and thought he was the one killed at first. He also had an affair with another directors wife.

AIP said...

No, it’s David Jove they’re suggesting was the murderer, but tried to frame Ramis. It is confusingly written.


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