Sunday, January 12, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 5, 2020

The permanent A list singer/diva isn't going to have any empty crowds when she performs her residency. This is why she wanted a residency and not a tour. The company that is paying her had to guarantee a sell out every single night so they will give the not selling very well at all tickets away for free to fill it up.

Mariah Carey


sandybrook said...

Casinos normally comp their high rollers different goodies so this ain’t no big deal. And I’m sure radio stations will be giving stacks away as prizes too

Do Tell said...

I just don't believe Mariah will ever have problems selling tickets.

Sofie said...

She's been having trouble selling out for years now. She never was a touring force to begin with.

Unknown said...

Duh. This has been going on since the beginning of Las Vegas. Don't act like it's solely a Mariah thing.

Freebird said...

I wouldn’t even go see her for free.

HouellebecqGurl said...

I'd rather go see Jeff Dunham's puppets or Penn & Teller for the 5th time,than go see Mimi,even with freebie tix.

Count Jerkula said...

Britney Spears not having any onstage meltdowns during her residency probably hurt Mariah's ticket sales.

If they wanna pop the sales, 3rd show freak out/meltdown/tirade, then say it was due to meds & high fever from flu. Cancel next 3 shows, then game on. Map out the year residency like WWF used to map out a year of wrestling angles to get to Wrestlemania.

17Steps said...

@CountJerkula for the win. 10 years or so ago I was given 4 comp tickets to see the solo act of a member of a famous group.

The singer was of zero interest to me, but free tix are free tix. OMG it was the best night of our lives. The singer was a mess
all evening long. Stopped songs to complain about band mates or tell another scandalous story. Including a juicy tidbit about
their triumphant seduction of the barely legal child of other famous person X. In revenge for...something..the slurring took over,

So, there you go Las Vegas. Meltdowns are the way forward!

Bruno15 said...

@Do Tell All you have to do is look at the seat map and see that none of the dates is over 50% sold

And she's not even using the whole theater, apparently being the queen of Christmas means nothing before Thanksgiving or after the 26th

w0mbat said...

"empty crowds"


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