Saturday, April 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 31, 2020

This serial cheating A list mostly movie actor has been hooking up with several women over the past couple of weeks so, is it because he didn't want to buy a birthday present for the foreign born A-/B+ list singer or just because he cheats or because they broke up? He told one hookup they split, but then said she shouldn't probably tell anyone about the hookup.

Channing Tatum/Jessie J (and three days after reading the blind item, made the split announcement)


Trapped said...

I can’t wait until his little nickel dick falls off

Unknown said...

Wasn't he gay not so long ago?
He gets a lot of pussy in that closet of his.

Unknown said...


Vita said...

Lol on the emoji work, Unknown!

"Because he didn't want to buy her a birthday present" lol! Greatest passive-aggressive (albeit hypothetical) cheating excuse ever!😂

Unknown said...

Schanks Vita.
If he's that mean with presents they should call him Tragic Mike.

Habibti said...

Jenna dodged a bullet and got herself a real man. Channing is just another fuckboy player.

Yaccub said...

Jessie J is C- list at best. No hits, no platinum records, no tours, no Grammys.

TwoDots said...

He’s so unattractive to me

BoltOfLightning said...

How tf is she A-/B+ ? She's literally known for one crappy song.


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