Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Blind Item #4 - Reader Blind - Old Hollywood

This Oscar winning/Oscar nominated A++ in his lifetime actor who could play both toughs and in musicals and who was much imitated was extremely discreet which is why rumors were not so widespread about his private life.

His wife was a long term business partner, his manager much of his career. Their children were not biologically theirs.

The truth was the actor was gay and always kept at least one young man around him as an assistant and when he got older a caregiver. His partner of the moment was always well compensated financially. 

He was the shadow collaborator in a supposedly tell-all biography written in his lifetime.  He did this to head off rumors later in his life about his orientation. In the book, there is described a one night stand with this foreign born Oscar nominated actress who herself told a lot of tall tales about her life.  The story is completely fictional.

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