Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Cutter

About a decade ago, this at the time A- list mostly movie actor was watching porn and he saw an actress that was doing her first scene. She never did one after. She is a ghost. Our actor noticed she had scars on her arms from cutting herself. This was his thing. He only liked going out with women who had a history of cutting themselves. He would walk through clubs and only be looking at arms for those tell tale scars. He knew he could control them and they would be impressed with his celebrity. When he had to deal with women as equals he was horrible and no one liked him, rightfully so.

Our actor reached out to the production company for the name and contact for the actress. He tried to get her video take down by making an offer, but they refused. Apparently it is not a long video. Only a clip. About five minutes. The actor tracked her down. He flew her out to Los Angeles and spent a week wining and dining her and making her feel like a star. He also horribly used her and humiliated her and was big on that. She didn't want to disappoint him and loved the lifestyle so, did what he wanted. After a week he sent her home with promises to see her again. After two weeks of her calling him and him not responding until he finally told her one day to leave him alone and that he had moved on. A few days later she killed herself. Our actor treated it as if it were a problem solved. The family of the woman got in touch with the actor which is how we know he knew of the death and he offered no sympathies and no cards and no flowers. Simply, a "too bad." 

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