Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Protect The Blackmail

A few years ago, something remarkable happened. The grip on power for so many was gone for an instant. At the center of it, was this foreign born B+ list actress. She was tired of owing her career to people who controlled naked photos and videos of her in very compromising positions. She knew if they were made public, she would be free of those bonds. She would be able to choose her own path. It could also mean the end of her career, and looking back now, it didn't quite end it, but the years between good gigs were very very lean. The problem that faced her was she knew all of them existed, but didn't know how to access them. The story made up after the fact about individual phones being hacked was just that, a story. It was a whole lot easier for the person hired to break into one cloud server than 25 different phones. People just accepted that ridiculous premise because it was fed to them and they were too busy looking at photos of dozens of naked celebrities, all of whom who were under the control of the people who possessed them. Think about the careers of those women since it happened. Also, notice it was only women, and not men who were exposed. None of this is any different from what happens to Asian female pop stars and actresses. Tapes and photos are made. You stay in line and do what you are told and nothing happens. You keep getting to be a star. Same thing happens with cults here in town. They get dirt on you whether as an own goal or something they discover. You do what you are told and give 100% support and your secrets are safe. If not, then bye bye career.

The actress completely taking it upon herself to free herself was unprecedented. She also ended up freeing lots of others too with her actions. As I said, most of their careers have suffered too, and maybe some of them would have preferred their careers and could handle someone controlling everything as long as it kept them a star.

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