Friday, July 31, 2020

Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior

#1 - This foreign born permanent A++ list group who has never really had anyone go solo, used to tie groupies to hotel beds or a bunk on the bus and would keep them like that for 24 hours or so until everyone had their "fun." Then they would be released and a new victim/victims would be found.

#2 - This third rate boy band who managed to spawn some decently popular celebrities from within it, would get upset if there were any women of color given backstage passes.

#3 - In the early 80's when Vacation was a thing and the dead woman gets tied to the top of the car, this 80's hair band with only a couple of hits, would take new roadies and tie them to the top of the bus and make them stay like that for 20 miles.

#4 - This foreign born A+ list group that no longer exists because family members can't get along, didn't like an opening act they had one night. So, they destroyed all the instruments between soundcheck and the show and the group couldn't play.

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