Sunday, February 28, 2021

Blind Item #3 - Reader Blind - Mr. Ambitious

A number of decades ago, an individual we will call Mr. Ambitious worked under this A+ figure who had a very recognizable and often parodied accent.   Mr. Ambitious came from a good family and was well-educated. At the time, America was involved in a conflict abroad and the figure had a job wherein he was supposed find a way to end it.  Mr. Ambitious was tasked to make contact with a neighbor to the conflict and see if he could cut off support to the people America was fighting with and find partners to work with.

Mr. Ambitious developed a working relationship with an insurgent leader, a charismatic intellectual former history teacher. Many official photos were taken of the two of them together - shaking hands, eating together, and even once embracing.  These were prepped for eventual release when there was success to report.   Mr. Ambitious worked hard to build up this leader and his group. In America, people were looking into the A+ figure’s activities so to throw them off Mr. Ambitious pretended to resign but was still very much working.     

The charismatic former history teacher eventually became a leader and then ensued one of the darkest periods of any country in the last century. Almost a million people died in a very short period. The name of the ex-history teacher became synonymous with evil. Needless to say, the photos were never released.

Forward a couple decades and Mr. Ambitious was once again working for an A+ figure.  This figure was the first one from this state to be at this level and was also known for his activities with the ladies.  Mr. Ambitious had a job that did not require approval from anyone else. A few years in, he was offered a job that did require approval which would have been his biggest position yet.

However, opponents of Mr. Ambitious made sure the A+ figure saw the photos of him and the ex-history teacher who was even more infamous now as what happened had become more fully known due to books, movies, etc.  They threatened to release them to the public and  Mr. Ambitious was forced to drop out of contention for the position.

None of this stopped Mr. Ambitious however from working for this charitable organization some time later.

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