Sunday, February 28, 2021

Blind Item #4 - Reader Blind

This foreign TV show is not known in the United States but is very popular in its home country and in particular in the geographic area where people speak the language used in the show.  It is also popular among ex-pats from that country  residing abroad. The show could be described as part music program/part game show.

The show makes a lot of money in advertising revenue but also spends a lot of money. These expenditures  could be described as a passive form of blackmail paid out to big multimedia companies so they won’t write about the hostess of the show. She is a well-built woman youngish whose popularity has risen with the show. She is not the original host of the show.

Awhile ago, she was forced into a marriage but the truth was leaking out.  She is a lesbian who has been with the same partner since her high school days. She does not live with the husband but in fact lives with her parents but has a place she shares with the girlfriend on weekends.

Homosexuality is still looked at in a negative way in this country. Some independent blogs have written about this but is has not gained traction. This is because the hostess is very careful never to be seen in public with her girlfriend.

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