Thursday, April 01, 2021

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind - Old Hollywood - Kindness

Aside from charitable endeavors, these two actors have two other things in common – 1.) They both played immediately recognizable characters on that very famous ensemble sitcom with the theme song everyone knows 2.) They both died in the same year.

Actor #1 was a noted comedic and serious actor who specialized in playing characters of a certain income level.  He was equally famous for voicing a popular cartoon character.  In his spare time, he served on a number of boards of philanthropic organizations.  In particular, literacy became a passion of his and he worked on a number of projects to bring books to underprivileged inner city kids.   He and his wife left all their money to charity as well.

Actor #2 was in primarily adventure movies prior to the sitcom role.  His father was also an actor.  He was active in raising funds for those afflicted with the disease that also killed him.  Towards the ends of his life, he performed in children’s wards for the terminally ill dressed as the character from the sitcom.  He did this even as he was very ill and dying.   

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