Friday, April 02, 2021

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind

In the years after this classic sitcom with a supernatural theme went off the air, the female main character, the actress who played her mother, and the actor who played the main character's husband for the second half of the series run all died of cancer.  The actor who played the female main character's husband during the first half of the series was sick already with different ailments but got worse once he joined the show and eventually had to quit.  Then there's the crew - many of them developed cancer and other serious illnesses. Too many to be a coincidence.  The answer is a very obvious one - the quickly built house on a back lot that served as the main set for the series was filled with asbestos.  Relatives of the crew members have over the years received some hush money payments in return for keeping quiet.  Some might ask why didn't the very out there camp comedic actor and/or the authoritative British character actor get sick?  Go back and watch the show.  Their characters were recurring and they were not in every episode and therefore not required to be on set as much.

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