Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Real First

This now deceased A list poet/author would give interviews or tell people she didn't really know, what the date of her first suicide attempt was. There was even a well told anecdote about it and where she was when she tried to kill herself. Did she try and kill herself that day? Definitely. It wasn't her first though. You have to rewind a few months to find her first suicide attempt. It was earlier that summer and she was horribly depressed. Her dream job was horrible and she wasn't getting the attention or recognition she thought she deserved. She was crushed. This had been her dream. She made a decision. She was going to end her life. She started by removing all the clothes she bought for this dream job and threw them off the roof of the building where she had been staying for the summer. She went back down to her room to look for more clothes she may have missed and realized she was wearing some. She took them off and walked down the hallway completely naked, headed for the roof. A woman she barely knew saw her and started asking what was wrong and what she was doing. This woman later became a very very well known actress. She followed out poet up to the roof and watched in amazement as the clothes were thrown off the roof. The poet then looked down and seemed to be willing herself to jump. She was talking out loud and decided that running start would be best and if she got moving quickly, she wouldn't be able to stop and it would be over. She walked away from the edge of the roof and was just starting to run when the actress jumped on the poet and tackled her and refused to get up. She stayed there on top of the poet for a good hour, before the poet finally agreed to go back inside.

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