Saturday, April 03, 2021

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind

Many many years ago there were two men of note in a foreign country.

One primarily became famous for creating an iconic group of characters especially a character modeled after his son and another not real character which was compared in recent years to a current world leader.

The other man was an infamous figure known for all manner of dark teachings and scandalous behavior.  His writing and life were later influential on an A+ musician. 

These two men had two things in common 1.) They both did clandestine intelligence work for the government of their country 2.) They both belonged to a secret dark arts group of wealthy influential men which has existed for several centuries.

One of the things this group enjoyed was sex with children.  The creator had a clean reputation but he kept a boy imprisoned for sexual purposes in the basement of the groups' headquarters.  When the boy died due to rough treatment, the creator had his body preserved and kept in a glass case.

The infamous figure thought this was hilarious and liked to show it to visitors to the groups' headquarters. 

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