Friday, April 02, 2021

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The driver was assigned to drive the East Coast Rapper for two days and take him to appointments around LA, etc. The driver and rapper talked freely and seemed like old friends when driving alone together. When associates of the rapper got into the car it was a different story. The rapper verbally abused the driver. “Why are you driving so slow, get on this bitch!” the rapper barked. “I’m a little gun shy, I just got into a bad accident last week (mentioned before here),” the driver said. “Get on this motherfu*kin’ horse and ride,” the rapper demanded. The driver punched it and was driving well above the speed limit on Burton Way, past the Beverly Hills Police Station. Years later, the driver heard the rapper met an untimely death. The driver shed no tears.

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