Thursday, April 01, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Drawings

Way back in the day prior to this movie studio becoming much more than just a studio, they had a lot of artists. The artists needed training. The male artists kept pushing they wanted to draw live nude females. Eventually permission was given, and it became a free for all zone of debauchery. Even though the head of the studio had initially said no to the requests, most afternoons he would be there watching and staring and then afterwards go wash his hands for a solid 30 minutes. When it became known how much the pay was for modeling and how it could lead to other jobs at the studio, the person in charge, other than the studio head, he had to put some type of filters on the whole thing. It was decided you could not be older than 23. It was preferred for you to be blonde, but the occasional brunette was fine. They had to be willing to go for "cocktails" after the modeling session with whatever artist won the random drawing that day. If they did those things, then they could come back for more modeling and eventually get a full time job at the studio. Were there ever models underage? Of course. They had to learn how to draw young women too right? The head of the studio was there for that too.

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