Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Serial Killer

This reality star didn't last long on a very popular network reality show. I put network because I don't want everyone guessing Ryan Jenkins, although it has never been proven he killed more than one. Rumors, but not proven. I don't know how many murders it takes to qualify as a serial killer, but in this case there are at least two. They happened a good decade before he was on the reality show. One of the murders was of a guy our reality star accused of hitting on the girlfriend of the reality star. He followed the guy home and the next morning beat the guy to death in an alley. Six or seven months later, he accused the same girlfriend of cheating on him and strangled her to death. Our reality star was actually interviewed about the death of the woman. Because police were not sure how long she had been dead, they couldn't shake his alibi. 

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