Friday, September 03, 2021

Four For Friday - Four Crazy Things

#1 - This one hit wonder movie wise is still known around the world because of that movie. No, not Sharon Stone. Earlier. The one who recently got married to the serial cheater. Anyway, she shot a porn movie on film when she was probably 14 or 15 and copies of it sell for six figures. 

#2 - This former model/reality star who calls herself the first supermodel once hooked up with this foreign born A- list action movie actor who is in that action movie franchise with all the other old action stars. Oh, and also involved in this hookup was this foreign born actress/singer who usually wears her hair short or shaved.

#3 - Even after all these years, there is a reward for anyone who can find the head/skull of this former A list singer. The family wants it. One of his songs is used frequently in a horror franchise.

#4 - One person who will not be sticking up for the "singer" is this permanent A list actress. It probably has something to do with the fact that her A list actor husband at the time hooked up with the singer and then bragged about it to the actress not knowing the actress was married to the actor.

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