Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Who? - Old Hollywood

This actor/entertainer was probably A list at his peak. The thing is though, he isn't really known for his acting on screen. He had other talents which got him to A list and after those talents went out of fashion, he then became a hugely prolific voice actor for characters all of you know. He hated one of his wives with a passion even though it was because of her that he had his greatest success on television. After the divorced, her forbade anyone from mentioning her or the child he had with her. 

That child, when she was about 10, and her parents were going through this marital stress was at home alone with her dad. Out of the blue that day, our A lister goes up to his 10 year old daughter and said he'd just had a phone call telling him that her mom had been killed in a traffic accident. Then he showed her how he'd turned the living room into a memorial for the departed mother, with various possessions the mom owned set out in surreal geometric patterns. The girl knew the phone had not rung, and she'd already learned to go on normally under abnormal circumstances. So she nodded and mentally shrugged.

After the divorce, her dad never spoke to her again for the rest of his life.

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