Thursday, December 23, 2021

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind

A low profile couple - one spouse is A list, the other isn't on a list - will officially announce a divorce in the new year. There have been more than two trial separations over the years and the start of awards season isn't panning out as hoped so they're getting through the holidays and then pulling the plug rather than limp through for the sake of an awards campaign.

He has a couple of factions of pretty crazy fans who aren't going to react well - there's going to be a section who will be crowing about this like they're psychics who predicted everything and spitting in the fandom's faces, another who will basically lose their minds about 'mom and dad' breaking up, and the rest who will shrug and say 'that sucks' and move on with their day like well adjusted adults.

There are probably going to be a bunch of made up rumors flying around, like hooking up with costars and dramatic scandals but the simple matter is much more boring - two people who aren't suited to each other aren't in love anymore.

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