Friday, December 24, 2021

Four For Friday - Best Guesses

This album (#1) was huge for this at the time A- list singer (#2) and still not yet a murder suspect. There have always been questions about who wrote what on the record. #2 and her significant other (#3) were both really strung out, so perhaps neither wrote as much of it as previously suspected. What about someone (#4) that #2 used to write with. One producer said that #3  wasn't familiar with songs when adding background vocals. #4 would just smile when asked with a big smile if he wrote it and would never deny it.    #2 would come out to visit #4 and try to sober up a bit in his town.  Yes they were hooking up.  He was never into drug scene and #3's death scared him off from any further relationship with #2.      #4 truly loved #2 and would never admit anything publicly to hurt the legend of #2 or #3. He also didn't want #3's fans to come after him as a home wrecker.  #4 had a hard enough time keeping his fans from breaking into his home.  #3 was too strung out to care what #2 did and who she slept with for songs. #4 has denied other collaborations instantly when asked if they were false.  #4's band was in competition with #3's band and his hometown fans would give him a hard time if it came out that he helped her at that time.  #3 is still friends with her and sits back with quiet satisfaction knowing he wrote way more than #3. 

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