Monday, December 20, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Management

The management of the biggest foreign group on the planet is already trying to make the members sign another renewal contract before they start serving in the army. This is likely to happen because the last time their main singer tried to leave and sue the company two years ago, his private life was exposed after bot accounts and several media were paid to start controversies about him and stalk him, his family and friends. He was coerced into staying by his management and was also fined for the negative press encouraged by the agency itself. The dispute almost got revealed by one of the biggest local tv channels, however, they too were paid off, and consequently they stayed quiet and apologized. Several attempts had been made by him to quit the label since 2017. In June 2020 he finally gave up. The member said in an interview this month that the past few years were a nightmare for him. Meanwhile the members who seem to show more loyalty towards the label, get their solo projects approved.

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