Thursday, December 23, 2021

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The driver drove attractive young ladies all the time. Not yet celebrities. Sometimes he went out with them after he was done working. The problem was that he was married with young children at home. He felt like a rat doing it, but couldn’t resist the beautiful ladies who wanted someone to show them around town. He would take them shooting pool to the Hollywood Athletic Club or dancing at the Roxbury. Places they would likely see celebrities, because that was what the women wanted. If it was leading to sex, he would back off. He couldn’t bring himself to fully cheat yet. He picked up the A-list Academy Award nominated actress (also married at time) at LAX. She was more of a supporting actress than leading lady. The driver and the actress hit it off, and they agreed to go on a lunch date the following day. They walked along the Santa Monica Pier and had lunch there. They laughed a lot. The actress had the most beautiful blue eyes the driver had ever seen. Maybe it could have gone further, but the driver felt like a total heel, because his wife and kids were waiting for him at home. He took the actress back to her hotel and hugged her farewell.

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