Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Don't Take A Drink

When this one comes out and it will in a story right after the holidays, it will be big. Think about one of the biggest stars on a children's network who drugs his fans and then sleeps with them. Our actor who is old enough to drink will invite fans who he has met to come hang out or join him at a party. If they don't act like they are going to sleep with him on their own, he spikes their drink and then has sex with them. This has happened dozens of times. This is not GHB that he is slipping in their drinks either, apparently het got his hands on the same drug the CIA agent was using on his victims. When you wake up, you don't think you have been drugged, you think you just drank too much and passed out and will often apologize for doing so. That works just fine for people who have had too many drinks. The problem our actor didn't consider is that many of these women he is assaulting have never had anything to drink, let alone pass out from drinking. The other thing that worked against him is many of the girls are 16 or 17 and live at home and their parents asked a lot of questions about why they didn't come home. 

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