Saturday, March 26, 2022

Blind Item #1 - The Edit

There is a show currently airing on a cable channel that normally shows a lot of married women. It is not quite halfway through the season. The final pickups have just been filmed in Los Angeles and the cast members have been sent on their merry way back to the corners of the planet where they reside. What is quite obvious from the pickups is that the producers plan to lie to the general public. 

There is a cast member who does not make it through the season. The producers will make it very clear either through a statement or through an edit, that she quit due to mental health reasons. Not true. What is true is that the star of the spinoff told the racially mixed cast member that her hair reminded the star of a "porcupine." There were other racist remarks directed to the cast member who left, but you will never see any of them because it would damage the star, the show and the brand. What is one person when you have all that? The producers have no plan to fire their star and have already decided to give the racist a raise.

Now, there is a twist to all of this. There is a cast member who also cooks. He says the reason that the cast member was told she should leave was not out of any concern for the fact that she was on the receiving end of racial slurs or her mental health, but because the executive producer of this spinoff was very jealous of the cast member because the cook wanted to sleep with the cast member. Why was the executive producer jealous? The executive producer sleeps with the cook/cast member and has made it very clear that she will push out anyone who she thinks is a threat to that relationship. 

The cable channel really should focus on cleaning up this toxic dumpster fire of a show. If I were the attorney ( I am not) for the cast member who is no longer on the show, I would advise her to sue and bring all of this to light. 

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