Thursday, March 24, 2022

Blind Item #7 - Murder In New England - Part Ten

As a reminder, the tipster's first language is not English.

The Jury decides

It is now time for the defense to state their case. The television cameras were turned off so the general public never heard it.

Now it was time for the jury to decide. The first vote was two for conviction, two for acquittal, and eight undecided. One jury member was paid to convict her. He was selected for the jury duty because he was out of the country when the murder happened. Hence, he had to be the one to be bribed. He could have reported the bribe attempt to the lawful authorities. That would be the right thing to do. Instead he accepted the modern equivalent of 30 pieces of silver and convicted an innocent woman. It is not known the exact amount.  Some say it is $200 while others say it is $20,000.

Another jury member would record her notes at the end of the day while lying in a bathtub. She expected to be paid big bucks for her notes.

The newspaper who paid the jury member is based in the hub city. They were owned by the newspaper of record.  It is presumed that the newspaper of record approved of the decision to buy a court verdict.  This is not the most serious crime they have committed.  In the 1930s they covered up a horrendous crime against humanity  in an area that is in the news lately. They did this to win favor with the most evil humans that ever lived. If the reports were truthful, millions of lives would have been saved.  With this in your background, buying court verdicts to put an innocent into prison for the rest of your life is so minor. Some organizations need to be shut down.

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